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Review of Dodo broadband plans

One of Australia’s best-known home services brands, Dodo is a subsidiary of Vocus Communications which also owns another popular broadband provider, iPrimus, among many other companies. Dodo provides not just home internet and mobile phone plans, but also comprehensive insurance and home energy products, making Dodo a standout amongst the competition, with the ability to provide all of a household’s key services on one monthly bill.

Broadband internet is nevertheless Dodo’s core business, offering a comprehensive range of ADSL2+, NBN and mobile internet services. With several unique entertainment bundles available in addition to standard internet-only plans, Dodo offers a product to suit almost every household. Dodo also provides some of the cheapest broadband plans around. We’ve looked into the details of Dodo’s internet plans to give you a rundown of exactly what they offer – and how they stack up next to the competition. Is Dodo best for you, or could another provider offer you a superior deal? Read on to find out.

What broadband plans does Dodo offer?

Dodo offers a range of broadband plans, consisting of:

Dodo seems to have all bases covered, so let’s dive in with more detail. But first, here’s a retro Dodo internet TV ad from 2010. You’ll notice prices haven’t changed much…

Dodo NBN Plans

If the National Broadband Network has been rolled out in your neighbourhood, you can subscribe to one of Dodo’s value-packed NBN plans.

  • Dodo provides three options for included data – 10GB, 50GB and unlimited
  • Three speed tiers are available: NBN 12, 25 and 50.

To upgrade your NBN speed tier using the same amount of data, you can expect to pay about an extra $10 to $15 per month. This structure makes it easy to choose the data amount and speed tier that best suits you. All NBN plans include an NBN Fibre phone connection, allowing you to make cheap PAYG calls. If you exceed your data limit, you’ll be charged at $2 per GB up to a maximum of $20, at which point you can choose to have your service throttled or purchase more data at the same rate. Below is a snapshot of the price differences you can expect with unlimited NBN:

Dodo ADSL2+ Plans

Dodo eschews the traditional structure of offering ‘naked’ broadband plans alongside home phone bundles, and instead combines the two into a pair of flexible base plans. The two plans are both unlimited, and indeed the dearer plan is simply the cheaper plan with some extra cherries on top.

  • $29.90 a month will get you unlimited data. You bring your own modem, but it doesn’t include home phone line rental. One bonus is you have the option of a month-to-month contract.
  • $59.90 a month is the cost for Dodo’s first bundled plan

With Dodo’s ADSL plans, you have the choice of a 24 month, 12 month or no lock-in contract plan. The 24 month option comes with no set-up fee, while the 12 month one comes with a $69 fee and the no lock-in plan incurs a $99 fee. At this low price of under $30, you may find it worth it to lock-in for two years, especially if on a tight budget. If you like shopping around, the no lock-in plan may be a better option.

Dodo Mobile Broadband Plans

If you’re out and about but wanting to stay connected then Dodo’s SIM-only mobile broadband packs may be for you. They are a great option for tablet/iPad users and indeed for laptop users with a dongle wanting to catch up on activities for work or leisure on the move.

The plans start at $10 a month for 1GB of data. Interestingly, you’ll pay more than double for 2GB – $35. However, the value proposition starts to increase as you opt for more data.

  • The difference between 2GB and 4GB is only $10
  • There is a $20 difference between 4GB and 8GB and again from 8GB to 12GB
  • All plans are on a month-to-month contract, so you have the flexibility to re-up for another month or not

Dodo’s Fetch TV Partnership

If straight up internet and home phone bundles do not satisfy your hunger for Dodo products, then the telco’s foray into the pay TV segment may add more meat to your sandwich. Dodo, like other internet providers, has bundled with streaming video on demand and set top box service Fetch TV to provide top-rate entertainment using data that won’t count towards your data cap. However, that shouldn’t matter much as these bundles use unlimited base plans anyway:

  • ADSL2+ Bundles: From $44.90 a month for Fetch Lite or $59.90 a month for Fetch Entertainment Plus. The Fetch TV ‘Mighty’ player is an additional $10 per month. This is for a DSL plan only – a home phone bundled with it costs a minimum $74.90 a month
  • NBN Bundles: Starting at $74.90 a month for Fetch Lite or $89.90 a month for Fetch Entertainment Plus. The Fetch TV ‘Mighty’ player is an additional $10 a month

With these packages, you’ll get access to Fetch TV’s Mini player, which is an easy way to access your streaming subscriptions such as Netflix and Stan. You’ll also get easy access to catch-up TV services like ABC iView and SBS On-Demand. You’ll also get a TV guide as free-to-air TV can be screened through the Fetch TV device. This makes it a viable set top box option for the lounge room, similar to other set top boxes like Tivo.

However, the fun doesn’t just stop there. At your leisure you can choose from a variety of entertainment packs, so you can watch basketball on ESPN or watch music clips on MTV and so on. These NBN plans all come with pay as you go (PAYG) home phone, which could easily see the plans increase in price yet again depending on how much you use your landline. Either way, the Fetch TV packages are a nice addition to Dodo’s line-up.

How does Dodo broadband compare to other providers?

Dodo’s core broadband plans compare pretty well with the competition. Dodo frequently provides cheaper ADSL2+ and NBN plans than its competitors, so let’s see how the bird with the word stacks up.

Dodo ADSL2+ Plans Compared

As far as all-out budget options are concerned, Dodo is up there with the best of them. Its closest competitor is AusBBS, with Bendigo Bank Telco and Belong Broadband also being pretty competitive. The important thing to note is that none of these providers include call packs in these base plans, however all four are offer month to month contracts with varying degrees of set-up fees.

Dodo NBN Plans Compared

Tier 1 Plans Compared

As for Dodo’s unlimited NBN plans, all-out value is lost slightly, but it still compares pretty well among the competition.

This plan is pretty solid value, however, there are other providers out there bettering Dodo’s plan by around $10 a month in some cases. Many providers also include an NBN phone as part of the deal, as well as included modems and no contracts in some circumstances. Keep an eye out for providers like TPG, Belong and Exetel.

Tier 2 & 3 Plans Compared

Once again, Dodo’s offering is fairly solid value but its plans generally fall behind much of the competition that has sprouted up. In general, keep an eye out for smaller providers like Optus and iiNet, while Amaysim also offers a pretty competitive, no-fuss plan. Keep in mind that many providers have ditched NBN 25 and have gone straight for NBN 50 at no extra charge. Keep an eye out for extra goodies like free modems, no contracts and low or no set-up fees as well. Beyond the initial price per month these are the things that can inflate a plan’s monthly price.

Dodo Mobile Broadband Plans Compared

  • 12GB data for $85 a month

As it stands, Dodo is one of the dearest providers to offer this amount of data. Indeed, you might find this to be the case across all of Dodo’s mobile internet offerings. Other providers like Jeenee Mobile and OVO Mobile offer competitive mobile data for pretty cheap. Even Vodafone and Optus offer competitive plans, but they do want you to sign up for 12 months in a lot of cases.

Dodo Fetch TV Plans Compared

  • Starting at $44.90 per month, but can increase depending on extra inclusions

Dodo’s Fetch TV bundles compare quite well amongst the competition, with Optus and iiNet being the premier providers to bundle with the service. Optus is by far and away the most ‘premium’ provider to bundle Fetch TV with its broadband internet plans.

  • Optus offers the most ‘complete’ entertainment hub as it has rights to the English Premier League football, which is a popular option for many
  • Consequently, Optus packages are also usually the dearest, but Dodo’s most expensive plans aren’t too far behind either
  • Optus is consistently rated as the best ISP for Netflix, while iiNet comes in third, with Dodo coming in second-last place – in front of some telco called Telstra

iiNet’s bundles are the easiest to follow. You can simply add on Fetch TV from $10 per month to any broadband package. Data streamed through Fetch is also not counted towards your data limit, making it possible to hop into a cheaper, data-capped plan and still enjoy the fruits of SVOD. Below is a snapshot of some potential plans that either come with or can be bundled with Fetch TV (noting that Dodo’s plans can quickly skyrocket over $100 a month, while Optus’ and iiNet’s costs are usually more transparent).

Should I get Dodo broadband internet?

Dodo’s offerings consist of a comprehensive suite of both ADSL and NBN plans, which have the flexibility and low entry prices to cater to the needs of many Aussie households. While Dodo has very cheap entry prices, the fact is that monthly costs can skyrocket with adding on home phone and calling packs, as well as entertainment bundles. While the advertised costs seem low, it’s only upon looking into other costs that the overall picture can blow up to be quite expensive. Expect Dodo to send you a bill over $100 a month for the most extravagant plans and set-ups.

Dodo has flipped the bird to many other providers by offering some of the cheapest unlimited plans in Australia. The inclusion of entertainment hardware bundles is a unique selling point which is also likely to appeal to many customers. However, there could be a lot of potential periphery costs associated with your broadband bundle. It pays to have a look at the Critical Information Summaries of each plan to get a better cost analysis. Apart from that, it can pay to compare a range of different service providers, even if their apparent monthly plans are higher in cost.

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What do customers think about Dodo NBN plans?

In 2018, Australian customers gave Dodo 4 out of 5 stars for Overall Customer Satisfaction for NBN plans

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