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Tangerine Telecom NBN Plans Review

Sweetly-named Tangerine Telecom is an Australian internet service provider dedicated to connecting Aussies to the NBN. Tangerine offers both standalone plans and bundles on Australia’s ever-developing superfast broadband network. It also has a concise range of SIM only mobile phone plans to complete the package.

With low prices and unlimited data the big draw with its NBN plans, Tangerine Telecom sure represents a tempting alternative to the mainstream broadband providers. But does it have the best NBN deal for you? Compare Tangerine Telecom’s internet plans with this review from Canstar Blue.

Tangerine Telecom NBN Plans

Tangerine has a fairly concise set of NBN plans on either a standalone basis, or bundled with calling packages. NBN plans start at $59.90 per month, and all feature unlimited data, with all NBN plans coupled to a six month discount. Tangerine offers both fibre NBN plans as well as fixed wireless plans, so rural and urban fringe customers are covered too.

Three NBN speed tiers are available: Standard Evening Speed (NBN 25), Standard Plus Evening Speed (NBN 50), and Premium Evening Speed (NBN 100). Tangerine labels these plans as Speed Boost, XL Speed Boost, and XXL Speed Boost respectively.

There are no contracts and no setup fees, and if you need a modem you can purchase a pre-configured device from Tangerine starting at $129.90 upfront. An upgraded 4G backup modem is also available for $189.90 (plus $15 per month for 4G network access). Alternatively, you can bring your own modem.

Customers can also add an unlimited phone plan for $10 per month, featuring unlimited local, national, and mobile calls in Australia. Tangerine also provides customers with a 14-day NBN trial, 7-day tech support, no setup fees and no lock-in contracts.

The below table features all published Tangerine NBN plans from Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost from lowest to highest. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a wider range of providers. These are products with links to a referral partner.

What does Tangerine Telecom offer?

Tangerine NBN Plans

Unlimited data

Top-speed NBN Plan



Call packs

Choice of contract


Included modem


Available across FTTP, FTTB, FTTN

Tangerine Telecom NBN Coverage

Tangerine NBN coverage is subject to that of the national broadband network. The NBN Co is responsible for the network – the company that wholesales the network to providers such as Tangerine.

93% of the Australian population is covered by fibre NBN connections, with the remaining 7% in range of fixed wireless or satellite service. As of now coverage extends to most capital cities and major regional hubs.

Tangerine Telecom Features & Bonuses

Tangerine Telecom sheds a lot of the excess baggage and instead focuses on straightforward broadband at an accessible price. There are just three base plans, with unlimited data on  NBN 25, NBN 50, and NBN 100.

  • Home Phone: Add local, national & mobile calls for an extra $10 a month.
  • Discounts: Get $10 off plan fees for the first six months.
  • Modem: Bundle in a Wi-Fi modem with prices starting at $129.90 upfront.
  • Setup Fees: There are no setup fees unless you want to pay upfront for a modem – however, you can BYO.

Tangerine also offers new customers a 14-day NBN trial. If you’re not satisfied with your Tangerine plan during the first 14 days of connection, the company will fully refund your plan fee. This is a great way for unsure customers to test out Tangerine’s plans, without the worry of financial commitments or losses – however, be aware that this refund does not include the cost of any modems purchased in the 14-day trial period.

Currently, new customers can also enjoy promotional pricing for the first six months of their plan. This offer sees your monthly plan price drop by $10 per month for your first six months.

Tangerine Standard NBN

If you need something a little faster than NBN 12, Tangerine offers Standard Evening Speed plans on the NBN 25 tier. Unlimited data is priced at $44.90 for the first six months and $59.90 each month thereafter. This plan includes typical evening speeds of 25Mbps.

Tangerine Standard Plus NBN

Tangerine offers the Standard Plus Evening Speed tier (NBN 50) with unlimited data for $54.90 per month for the first six months, then $69.90 per month ongoing. This plan yields evening speeds of 50Mbps.

Tangerine Premium NBN

If you’re looking for fast-as-you-can-get NBN, Tangerine offers the Premium Evening Speed tier (NBN 100) with unlimited data for $74.90 per month for the first six months, then $89.90 per month ongoing. Typical evening speeds on this plan are 92Mbps.

Tangerine Superfast NBN

If you’re after an internet speed a bit faster than NBN 100, Tangerine also offers NBN 250 to FTTP and select HFC customers (you can check your eligibility via the Tangerine address checker).

Tangerine’s XXXL Speed Boost plan (NBN 250) includes unlimited data for $109.90 per month, or $94.90 per month for the first six months.

Tangerine Wireless Broadband

If you’re not able to connect to the NBN, Tangerine also offers three home wireless plans to keep your home connected via the Optus 3G and 4G mobile networks.

Plans begin at $69.90 per month for 200GB of data, $79.90 for 500GB, and $99.90 for 1000GB. All plans are contract-free with easy setup, and optional modems are available from $259.90 upfront, although you’re free to bring your own compatible hardware.

Currently, new customers can save $10 per month on any of Tangerine’s wireless plans for their first six months.

Tangerine Wireless Broadband Plans

The following table shows a selection of published Tangerine wireless broadband plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost, from the lowest to highest and then by data allowance, largest to smallest. This is a selection of products with links to referral partners.

Brand Features Max Data**/billing period Advertised Cost^^/billing period
Tangerine Logo

200GB Plan

  • Optus 4G Plus Network coverage
  • Optional modem from $259.90 upfront
  • Special offer: $59.90 per month for first 6 months, then $69.90 ongoing

min. cost $59.90 over first month

200GBMax Data**/billing period $69.90Advertised Cost^^/billing period

Link to provider unavailable

Tangerine Logo

500GB Plan

  • Optus 4G Plus Network coverage
  • Optional modem from $259.90 upfront
  • Special offer: $69.90 per month for first 6 months, then $79.90 ongoing

min. cost $69.90 over first month

500GBMax Data**/billing period $79.90Advertised Cost^^/billing period

Link to provider unavailable

Tangerine Logo

1000GB Plan

  • Optus 4G Plus Network coverage
  • Optional modem from $259.90 upfront
  • Special offer: $89.90 per month for first 6 months, then $99.90 ongoing

min. cost $99.90 over first month

1000GBMax Data**/billing period $99.90Advertised Cost^^/billing period

Link to provider unavailable

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Tangerine Telecom Customer Service & Support

Tangerine has technical support 7 days a week, 365 days a year – even over Christmas. The telco also claims industry-leading call wait times into their contact centres. The centre is based in Manila, with an escalation team in Melbourne.

  • Tangerine Telecom’s support number is 1800 211 112

The technical support centre is open from 8am to 10pm on weekdays and 9am to 6pm on weekends. Other than that, the telco has an online form and call back system.

How does Tangerine NBN compare to other providers?

As a whole, Tangerine compares pretty well against a stacked competition, where there are many providers jostling for your dollars. However there are a few providers giving Tangerine a run for its money – compare other cheap providers below:

Overall, these telcos and Tangerine tend to shy away from entertainment bundles and other extra ‘stuff’, instead just focusing on unlimited broadband. However, you will have to keep an eye out for things like contract lengths, setup fees, upfront modem costs and more.

Is Tangerine NBN good value for money?

True to its mission statement, Tangerine offers some pretty straightforward and cheap NBN plans. With the $10 discount per month for the first six months, Tangerine exists as one of the cheapest plans across all four speed tiers. Couple that with no lock-in contracts, no setup fees, and a 14-day NBN trial, and you’re onto a winner. But always compare a wide range of offers, because there are many, many more providers also desperate for your business.

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