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Review of Tangerine Telecom NBN plans

Sweetly-named Tangerine Telecom is an Australian internet service provider dedicated to connecting Aussies to the NBN. Tangerine offers both standalone plans and bundles on Australia’s ever-developing superfast broadband network. It also has a concise range of SIM only mobile phone plans to complete the package. With low prices and unlimited data the big draw with its NBN plans, Tangerine Telecom represents a tempting alternative to the mainstream broadband providers. But does it have the best NBN deal for you? Compare Tangerine Telecom’s internet plans with this review from Canstar Blue.


Tangerine Telecom NBN Plans

Tangerine has a large array of NBN plans on either a standalone basis or bundled with calling packages. Its plans NBN start at about $60 a month, and all have unlimited data. Tangerine also has all speed tiers covered, but expect to pay more for tip-top speeds. It also covers both fibre NBN plans as well as fixed wireless plans, so rural customers are covered too.

Tangerine 12/1 Plans

Prices start at around $60 a month with no extra costs, and for that you’ll have to BYO modem. You can then purchase a modem for an extra $99. Different monthly costs also account for how many extra call packs you need – $69 a month covers local and national landlines, while $79 a month gets you all of this plus calls to mobile. Fixed wireless plans are also available at no extra cost.

Tangerine 25/5 Plans

The first in the line of the NBN-designated ‘Superfast’ plans, these Tangerine 25/5 configurations are a significant step up in terms of speed. Again, fixed wireless can be had for no extra cost, and the cheapest plans come in at $68 per month, for which you’ll have to BYO modem. You won’t be tied into a contract either, and the same goes for all of Tangerine’s plans.

Tangerine 50/20 Plans

Tangerine’s second-fastest speed tier yields a lot of sweet fruit. Generally you can expect the cheapest plans to come in at under $90 per month, while if you want calling packs you’ll have to pay at least $97 a month. With these dearer plans, you’ll also have the added cost of purchasing the $99 modem.

Tangerine 100/40 Plans

For the most unadulterated speeds, you’ll have to be willing to spend a pretty penny. You’ll also sacrifice unlimited data, and be reduced to 1000GB, which is still a lot. Tangerine’s cheapest plan comes just shy of $100 per month, and the dearest plan comes in at $119 a month, and this includes local, national and mobile calls. As usual, these plans are available on a no contract basis, there are no set-up fees and you won’t pay anything else upfront except for the modem cost.

Tangerine Telecom Mobile Phone Plans

Tangerine Telecom also has a range of postpaid mobile phone plans on the Optus 4G Network. All plans come with unlimited calls and texts. The two dearest plans also come with 300 minutes to 56 countries. Excess data costs $10 per gigabyte – which is fairly standard. Below is how much data you’ll get for your money:

  • 1GB – $29.95 a month
  • 3GB – $39.95 a month
  • 5GB – $49.95 a month
  • 7GB – $59.95 a month

How does Tangerine NBN compare to other providers?

As a whole, Tangerine compares pretty well against a stacked competition, where there are many providers jostling for your dollars. However there are a few providers giving Tangerine a run for its money – compare the competition below.

Tangerine 12/1 Plans Compared

  • Unlimited data from $59 a month

As it stands, there are several providers on exactly the same price point, but several others slightly edge out Tangerine. Really, we’re talking dollars and sense here – hardly changing the world – but costs can add up if you keep your plan for a year or more. Luckily, most of these plans are on a no contract basis. Keep an eye out for service providers like SpinTel, Exetel, AusBBS and Inspired Broadband who all offer unlimited 12/1 data for less than $60 a month.


Tangerine 25/5 Plans Compared

For the entry level ‘Superfast’ speed, Tangerine remains very competitive, among the top four cheapest to offer unlimited data. Motion is a newcomer and offers a range of exciting plans, but you will be tied into a 24 month contract, while AusBBS and Inspired also round out the list again. With this speed you’ll be able to comfortably stream HD Netflix and not worry about breaking the bank – leaving more room for Netflix snacks.


Tangerine 50/20 Plans Compared

  • Unlimited data from $87 a month

The second-fastest in terms of speed, Tangerine again is up there with the cheapest providers, offering unlimited data for less than $90 a month. However, a number of providers again tend to outdo it. It’s a growing theme that while Tangerine is definitely no slouch, there are other providers out there slightly nudging it out of top spot. Look out for familiar faces AusBBS, Activ8me and Motion, as well as Teleron.


Tangerine 100/40 Plans Compared

  • 1000GB from $99 a month

Representing the fastest speed tier on offer, 100Mbps download speeds aren’t anything to gloss over. Expect prices to be hovering around the $90-$100 mark, but there are a few providers to look out for. MyRepublic boasts the cheapest top-tier unlimited plan, at under $60 per month. AusBBS, Motion and Activ8me again make an appearance, coming in at under $90 a month. Tangerine is let down somewhat by its 1000GB data limit.

Tangerine Mobile Phone Plans Compared

  • 1GB – $29.95 a month
  • 3GB – $39.95 a month
  • 5GB – $49.95 a month
  • 7GB – $59.95 a month
  • All with unlimited calls and texts
  • 5GB and 7GB plans come 300 minutes to select countries

Perhaps added as a bit of a footnote to its competitive NBN plans, Tangerine somewhat fails to cross over the same value proposition to its mobile phone plans. If it’s unlimited calls and texts and 1GB of data you want, several other Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) offer the same, but at much lower monthly prices. Dodo, Vaya, Yomojo and C Mobile all offer unlimited phone plans for quite a bit cheaper than Tangerine. The same can also be said for Tangerine’s dearer phone plans. However, the bonus of international minutes to more than 50 countries is a nice touch.


Is Tangerine NBN good value for money?

True to its mission statement, Tangerine offers some extremely good value NBN plans. However, while overall rock-solid in value, Tangerine has to keep on its toes as there are many other providers offering slightly cheaper deals. We’re talking about $1-$5 cheaper per month, so nothing groundbreaking, but it is enough to cause a difference over a year or three. Nevertheless, Tangerine Telecom represents good value for money if you’re ready to connect to the National Broadband Network and shopping around for the next greatest NBN plan on the speed tier of your choice. But always compare a wide range of offers, because there are many, many more providers also desperate for your business.

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