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Woolworths Mobile Phone Plans Review

Woolworths is a giant of the Australian grocery sector, and now it’s also proving to be a big challenger to the status quo in the mobile phone plan and SIM-Only landscape. Woolies relaunched its mobile phone business in 2015, piggybacking on the Telstra 4G Network to offer unrivalled coverage across Australia. The supermarket giant’s previous arrangement with Optus ceased in 2013 and it took a two-year hiatus from providing phone services.

Now Woolworths Mobile is back in a big way. Competing at the low-cost end of the mobile market, Woolworths Mobile now offers several competitively-priced prepaid plans to tempt you away from the bigger low-cost carriers, while also providing some solid-value bundled handset plans with the latest Samsung Galaxy phones. So what exactly does old Woolies have to offer? Read on for details or jump straight into our plan comparison tool.

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Woolworths Mobile Phone Plans

Woolworths Mobile is one of many mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) and its phone and data plans sit towards the budget end of the spectrum. But the supermarket powerhouse certainly utilises the advantages of its huge corporate empire to make life easy for its mobile customers and provide solid value, whether you’re looking for a prepaid or postpaid plan, including new handsets.

  • Four prepaid plans from $15
  • Three SIM only plans from $30
  • Three handset phone plans from $30

Benefits of Woolworths Mobile

There are several benefits to be had when you sign up to a Woolies mobile plan. These can be applied online, but recharges are also available in-store if you so choose.

  • Perhaps the biggest is the fact customers stand to receive 10% off their recharge with their Woolworths Rewards card.
  • Cheap data add-ons from only $4.
  • Two Woolworths Rewards points for every dollar spent

International credit also applies to many plans, with set amounts of minutes been given to ‘top ten’ countries. Countries are then broken up into six zones – Zone 1 being the cheapest and Zone 6 being the dearest. Most western and western European countries are in Zone 1. This includes Canada, USA, UK, Germany, France, Ireland, and New Zealand among many others. These perks are handy little extras and may be deal makers for you.

Woolworths Mobile Prepaid Plans

There are four prepaid plans to choose from – each of which requires you to purchase a $2 SIM card (one of the cheapest SIM fees out there, mind you) from your local Woolies, or other Woolies-owned store. The huge number of retail outlets you can buy from is a convenience few other mobile providers can match – most competitors provide next-day SIM delivery at best. Chuck one in your trolley the next time you do the groceries, and boom – new phone plan. Of course, Woolworths Mobile also lets you buy a SIM card from their online store for an additional $2 postage fee.

  • As for the prepaid plans, there are four to choose from – an online-only $15 recharge, $20 recharge, $30 recharge or $45 recharge, the latter two of which can also be bought as SIM starter packs in store
  • All four prepaid plans come with unlimited texts, meaning they would be perfect if you send lots of messages, while the $20, $30 and $45 options also include unlimited calls
  • All plans also bring unlimited calls to other Woolworths Mobile customers – the sort of feature that is pretty common, but shouldn’t be taken for granted

These are the basics, but also keep an eye out for bonus extras. Woolies has a habit of throwing in extra data from time to time. Here is how the plans look:

Woolworths Postpaid SIM-Only Plans

Woolworths Mobile also offers three postpaid SIM-only plans. These plans are available on a 12 month contract. The benefit is all three plans come with unlimited calls & texts as standard.

  • $30 – 5GB data with 200 international SMS
  • $40 – 10GB data with unlimited international SMS
  • $50 – 15GB data with unlimited international SMS

Monthly add-ons are also available, namely in the way of international inclusions. International call packs start at $4, and this figure gets you 50 minutes to 36 selected countries, while spending $10 will get you 300 minutes and so on. This is how the SIM only deals line up:

Woolworths Postpaid Handset Plans

Woolworths has transformed its plans to ‘unmarry’ the plan from the phone repayment – phone repayments can be made over 24 or 36 months, while you can change the plan itself within the first month, or after 12 months. There are three plans and they can be paired with your choice of a new top Samsung or OPPO smartphone – although the repayments for your phone will cost extra. All come with unlimited calls and texts as standard, with variations in international credit and data.

  • Small: 5GB data, 200 international SMS
  • Medium: 10GB data, unlimited international SMS
  • Large: 15GB data, unlimited international SMS

Remember, these are just the prices of the plans – your new handset will increase what you pay every month. Woolworths promises you absolutely zero bill shock, meaning that if you reach your credit limit, the provider will restrict your service rather than overcharge you. International call packs are also able to be added on, starting at $4. Here’s how the plans look bundled in with a Samsung S8, with repayments over 24 months.

How does Woolworths Mobile compare to other providers?

Woolworths is in quite a unique position in that it can sell the full range of its plans right out of the Woolies empire of ‘bricks and mortar’ stores, which makes for easy accessibility. In fact, you can even buy their SIM starter packs online when you order groceries. Chances are there’s a Woolies near you, or you shop there already so it’s easy if you’re in the market for a new phone plan. Let’s see how the Fresh Food People’s plans stack up.

Woolies Prepaid Plans Compared

Woolworths Mobile has four prepaid plans, each staged at different points in the market. However, the general consensus is that you can find a lot more ‘bang for buck’ elsewhere. With the cheapest phone plan costing $15 and not even coming with 1GB, Woolies falls a bit behind the 8-ball here. Providers such as OVO and Amaysim – on the Optus network – offer 1GB for around $10, while ALDI – a Telstra network stablemate – offers unlimited calls & texts for the same price.

Woolies SIM Only Plans Compared

As we move into the business-end of town, the thought of bundling a great new phone with your plan becomes appealing. Aside from that, how do the Woolies plans stack up? In the 12 month sector, Woolworths stacks up pretty well. Providers in this space to offer the best deals are Bendigo Bank Telco, Exetel and Jeenee Mobile. These three offer cheaper plans with 5GB, but your network preference may have a bearing here; Woolies is one of the cheapest Telstra network MVNO to offer 5GB, but Telechoice is also worth considering.

Woolworths Phones on a Plan Compared

In this space, Woolworths notably offers the Samsung S8, but lacks the chutzpah of other telcos and does not offer the popular iPhone 8. However, it should be noted that you don’t necessarily have to go with the traditional big guys to get a great deal. MVNOs are getting on board the handset phone plan game, so how does Woolies stack up? Woolworths is somewhat competitive, but there are many cheaper providers out there… at least to offer the S8 anyway.

  • Optus and Telstra offer ‘lease’ plans which provide financial and data incentives if you hand your phone back in good working order at the end of your term.
  • Vodafone is the only other provider to separate phone from plan, offering phone repayments over either 12, 24 or 36 months.
  • Bendigo Bank Telco and Southern Phone are MVNOs that offer competitive rates.

There are many providers out there, and all have their own unique selling points. While Woolies does offer an incentive with its Rewards points, the truth is other providers may offer more competitive bonuses. Think data-free music streaming, free Foxtel Now, free Optus Sport and so on.

Should I put a Woolworths Mobile plan in my basket?

Woolworths Mobile has a concise array of both prepaid and postpaid mobile plans. We suspect you’ll be pleased with the value offered on prepaid terms, but Woolies’ prepaid options might leave you feeling a bit underwhelmed.

  • Other providers such as Amaysim, OVO Mobile and ALDI Mobile offer competitive plans that often provide more data for the same – or cheaper – price.

The same can even be said for Woolworths’ handset plans, where other MVNOs, and even big providers such as Optus, offer cheaper plans with similar amounts of data.

However, Woolworths Mobile is at its best in the prepaid segment, with three strong offers across price categories that will meet most people’s data needs. These three are quite competitive in a ‘data for dollars’ sense but are a bit light on extras like international calls and data-free music streaming.

  • If it’s straightforward calls, texts & data you want on the Telstra network, Woolworths performs strongly.

Woolies also has a habit of promotional data offers that will boost the value proposition even further if you get your timing right. Overall, Woolworths is a valued addition to the mobile phone plan space, but if you dig a little deeper, and head online, you’ll find a much wider variety of providers out there that arguably offer better bang for buck.

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