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TeleChoice Mobile Phone Plans Review

TeleChoice is a low-cost Australian mobile phone service provider that utilises the Telstra 4G mobile network. It offers a large range of plans, including monthly, 12 month and 24 month contracts, all of which come in SIM-only guise, but you also have the option to bundle a plan with a handset with the longer options. We’ve taken a look at exactly what TeleChoice offers in the value stakes, and compare its plans to those from other service providers to help you find the best deal for your needs.


TeleChoice Phone Plans

TeleChoice provides a comprehensive suite of postpaid phone plans, with subscriptions available at four different price points. All plans come with unlimited calls & texts PLUS unlimited texts to ANY country in the world.

  • 2GB: $18 or $16 on 12/24 month terms
  • 5GB: $28 or $25 on 12/24 month terms
  • 13GB: $38 or $35 on 12/24 month terms
  • 18GB: $48 or $40 on 12/24 month terms

Plans are available on monthly, 12 month or 24 month contracts, and you can choose from a number of handsets on 24 month options. The company offers other small perks, such as free delivery of a 3-in-1 SIM card suitable for any device, plus excess data at the industry standard rate of $10 per 1GB.

  • As you can see above, if you sign up to a 12 or 24 month plan, plan prices reduce by a few dollars.
  • TeleChoice maintains a series of brick-and-mortar stores throughout Australia. In-store SIM purchases accrue a $15 setup fee; buying online waives this fee.

Beyond domestic use, users can also add on international call packs, with five packs available:

  • Unlimited calls to 10 countries: $5/month
  • Unlimited calls to 15 countries: $12/month
  • $150 calls to any country: $5/month
  • $300 calls to any country: $9/month
  • $600 calls to any country: $15/month

Included countries consist of popular destinations such as New Zealand, Canada, the USA, UK, India, China and more. As for ‘any country’, rates are as low as around 50c a minute (USA, NZ), though some more exotic destinations such as Niger or Madagascar, other African or Middle Eastern nations are as high as $3.99 a minute.

TeleChoice Phones on a Plan

TeleChoice also allows customers to bundle their plan with a mobile phone. With this you’ll be on a 24 month contract. Generally, the latest phones include the Galaxy S9, with not much of a representation from Apple.

  • The Samsung S9 starts at $75 a month, which comprises of the 2GB phone plan plus device repayment.
  • A once-off setup fee of $29 applies to phone plans.
  • Refurbished iPhones are also available, but note they are not ‘new’.

As an alternative to the big guys, TeleChoice may be a good way to go, but keep in mind the range of phones available may be limited compared to other providers.

How does TeleChoice compare to other providers?

TeleChoice’s mobile phone plans compare fairly favourably against others carriers in terms of both price and inclusions. While not particularly a standout in any one category, the TeleChoice range is probably best described as ‘competitive’. It also benefits from having physical shop fronts, no pesky set-up fees, and plan flexibility between contract and no contract bases. Let’s see how each plan compare to a range of others currently available.

TeleChoice Plans with Up To 5GB Compared

For under $30 a month, you can’t expect the world but there is some good value to be found. TeleChoice is not alone in the schism between no lock-in and 12/24 month plans. Other providers that provide incentives for signing up for a 12 month plan include Exetel, Dodo and Southern Phone. Each have their own selling points, and TeleChoice compares pretty favourably, though you may be able to save a dollar or two elsewhere.

TeleChoice Plans with Over 10GB Compared

A significant step up in data, these 13GB and 18GB plans pack a lot in. With the 18GB plan in particular there is strong incentive to sign up for 12 months, as doing so saves $8 a month – a saving of $96 over the course of a year. Of course, TeleChoice isn’t alone in this regard, and you may still find similar deals with either no lock-in or prepaid providers. Other providers worth keeping an eye out for include Vodafone, which tends to offer big data bonuses, Kogan Mobile, and Moose Mobile.

Is TeleChoice right for me?

TeleChoice offers a comprehensive range of plans for those who favour the flexible, monthly approach, as well as those happy to commit for longer to secure improved value. This is a question you’ll have to ask yourself. With SIM-only value increasing almost by the day, locking into a contract may be a short-sighted move. That said, the incentives offered by TeleChoice to do so are extremely tempting. TeleChoice is at its most competitive once you’re willing to spend upwards of $30 a month, but there are several other carriers around that you’ll have to afford equal consideration. Make sure that you the look at the whole big picture – network, contract flexibility and plan inclusions. Once you do, you’ll see that TeleChoice has plenty to offer.

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