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Review of ALDI Mobile Phone Plans

ALDI is best known for its cheap grocery stores that are chipping away at Coles and Woolies in the battle for your supermarket loyalty. Though, aside from the aisle where you can buy a chainsaw next to cans of tuna, ALDI has created some great-value prepaid mobile phone plans which operate off of the Telstra 4G Network. ALDI is a bit of a mover and shaker in the grocery world, but how do its mobile plans shape up in terms of value? Read on for Canstar Blue’s review and comparison.

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What does ALDI Mobile offer?

ALDI Mobile offers a total of seven prepaid plans, all on the Telstra 4G Network. They cater towards the budget-end of the mobile market, but they pack in a lot of bite for the money. These plans are split into six ‘Value’ plans and two pay-as-you-go (PAYG) alternatives. All SIM only, the Value plans are simply named as Small, Large, XL, XXL and Jumbo – indicating how much value is packed into them respectively. All ALDI Value plans come with unlimited calls & texts as standard. Meanwhile, the PAYG options include a modest amount of credit value. Let’s get a rundown of ALDI Mobile’s plans below:

ALDI Mobile Plans Cost Per Recharge Features
PAYG Plans $15 $15 value included, 365 day recharge
$30 $30 value included, 365 day recharge
 Value Plans Small – $15 1.5GB data, unlimited talk & text
Large – $25 4GB data, unlimited talk & text, 100 international minutes
XL – $35 10GB data, unlimited talk & text, 200 international minutes
XXL – $45 17GB data, unlimited talk & text, 300 international minutes
Jumbo – $55 22GB data, unlimited talk & text, 400 international minutes

(Source: ALDI Mobile Website)

ALDI Mobile Value Plans

Kicking it up a notch, ALDI Mobile’s prepaid Value plans enter more familiar territory when it comes to SIM-only phone plans. They offer some of the cheapest data-versus-price offerings you’re likely to find. However, you will first need to pay $5 for a new SIM card. Let’s see how these plans look in further detail.

Small Value Plan

If PAYG isn’t really your cup of tea, then this $15 monthly plan could be for you. It comes with 1.5GB data and then you have unlimited calls &  texts as standard, so you’re already winning. The main difference though, between this plan and the PAYG options, is that the Value plan’s credit expires in 30 days, which makes it a poorer long-term, low-use option. However, if you’re a light user looking for a monthly plan anyway, then this one could be up your alley.

Large Value Plan

Large in inclusions, but not on cost, ALDI’s large Value plan in its $25 glory has packed yet more value in. This is the first plan to include international minutes. Unlimited calls, texts and 4GB of data make it a well-rounded, mid-range plan for a decent price, with some handy international minutes thrown in.

XL Value Plan

This ALDI plan just might be the pick of the bunch. 10GB for under $40 – yep, that’s right. With this plan, you also get unlimited calls and texts as expected. Really, we say that if you’re paying more than $40 for 10GB then you’re missing out. ALDI nails it perfectly with this plan. For $35, this plan is a great mid-range offering that packs a lot in. 10GB will have you on social media til your heart’s content.

XXL Value Plan

If 10GB isn’t enough data to settle your cravings, then this XXL plan could be for you. For $45 a recharge, you’ll get a meaty chunk of 12GB data along with unlimited calls and texts. An extra 7GB for $10 sounds like a good proposition in our eyes when you consider that most mobile phone carriers charge $10 for every excess GB of data you use. A huge 17GB is likely sufficient for all your social media needs, gaming and some streaming. Really, who could be bored on their train to work ever again?

Jumbo Value Plan

As a relatively new addition to the ALDI Mobile line-up, the Jumbo plan packs in some jumbo amounts of data. You’ll get a massive 22GB of Telstra network 4G data, which can rollover into the next month. You also get a comparatively chunky amount of international minutes – 400 of them. If you can use 22GB in 30 days then hats off to you. This plan costs $55, which makes it a solid high-end plan for the serious data addicts.

ALDI Data Packs

If it’s just data you’re after, you can purchase 2GB for $15, 5GB for $30 – both with 30 day expiry. Or you can purchase 20GB data for $95 upfront, which lasts 365 days – great for light tablet users, or those who think they can manage to only use data with their mobile phone plan. All three are ideal for tablets and those looking to get some business or pleasure done while on the move.

ALDI Mobile Small Plan Compared

The cheapest of ALDI’s Value plans sees it competing at the bargain basement end of the prepaid world. It competes fairly well here against the likes of OVO MobileWoolworths Mobile and Kogan Mobile. All plans offer something for everyone. ALDI is one of the cheapest to offer unlimited calls & texts here. OVO Mobile does offer a plan under $10 though, and Kogan is a good choice as an ‘all-rounder’ plan with 1GB.

ALDI Mobile Large Plan Compared

Step up $5 and you’ll find that value is increased markedly. Here, you’ll get unlimited calls and texts, as well as 4GB of data and 100 minutes of international calls. This calls, text and data combo seems to be about the benchmark these days, and ALDI competes well. Many service providers are still offering dollar amounts for calls and texts, but ALDI’s plan is among the cheapest to provide unlimited calls and texts, as well as 4GB of 4G data in the prepaid field. ALDI competes with Coles Mobile, OVO Mobile and Lebara.

ALDI Mobile XL Plan Compared

Stepping it up a notch, for $35 ALDI has included an impressive amount of data – 10GB. Overall, ALDI is placed as one of the cheapest providers to offer at least 5GB in prepaid land. Though, in this particular price segment, competition is fierce and ALDI manages to do well through its international credit inclusions – something of which is rare among the competition. ALDI also comes with a $5 upfront fee, even at this price point, but that still isn’t as dear as TPG’s $10. Amaysim also offers 5GB for $5 cheaper, which may be a strong contender if you’re counting every cent.

ALDI Mobile XXL Plan Compared

If your shirt is feeling tight from all the extra notes you’re stuffing into your pocket from the money saved on your mobile plans, then you will be pleased to know that ALDI is also a frontrunner in the $45 range of recharges. ALDI is among the top 10 best-value phone plans out there for a plan around $40-$50. It offers a huge 17GB of data here and competes primarily with familiar faces OVO, Kogan and Amaysim. It’s a very tough segment though and ALDI does well to be one of the more noteworthy providers, aided by its big data inclusion and international credit.

ALDI Mobile Jumbo Plan Compared

Providers are always trying to outdo each other in terms of data included, and it’s a race to bargain basement prices. Only a few years ago, 2GB for about $50 was considered normal, nowadays anything over $50 for 10GB is decidedly lacklustre. ALDI offers one of the most exciting plans with big 4G data, with 22GB included for $55. Such providers to offer competitive plans for around $50 are Amaysim, Lebara, and Kogan, which all offer lots of data for the price. You may find it’s well worth putting an ALDI Mobile SIM card in your trolley for this plan, with its big data allowance and international calls. Still, Kogan’s plan is also very enticing.

Is ALDI Mobile right for me?

ALDI Mobile offers some great value prepaid plans. If you want something on the Telstra network then you can’t go far wrong with ALDI. You can choose between a simple range of options at different price points, so there’s likely going to be something for everyone.

However, if you don’t care what network you’re on and simply want the best ‘bang for buck’ then other providers may offer more competitive plans. ALDI is strongly aided by its generous international inclusions, however, so if you often call overseas ALDI is hard to go past. We suspect you’ll be happy with ALDI Mobile overall, but it doesn’t hurt to look around for the best deals going. Things can change quickly, so keep ALDI on your shopping list the next time you’re in the market for a new phone plan.

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In 2017, Australian customers gave ALDI Mobile 5 out of 5 stars for Overall Customer Satisfaction for prepaid mobile plans.

ALDI Mobile was rated five stars across all research categories, including network coverage, customer service, value for money and overall satisfaction.

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