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Since hitting the scene in Australia in the year 2000, Boost Mobile has become a unique and somewhat revolutionary mobile phone service provider. As far as mobile phone plans are concerned, Boost Mobile was one of the first to offer SIM Only, prepaid plans away from the big three providers – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Boost Mobile paved the way for a market that is now exploding with competition as more people want more bang for buck. And as branding goes, they don’t come much more young, free and single as Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile uses the Telstra 4G Network, which is the most expansive in Australia, so you know you’re getting great coverage. Boost is also one of the few to use the full Telstra network, meaning you get the same coverage as if you were with Telstra. You may recognise Boost from its numerous publicity efforts over the years, such as ‘scented’ phones and extreme sports, which have seen Boost win over its fair share of customers at the cheaper end of the mobile market.

Of course, it’s not just its clever marketing campaigns that have attracted young people to Boost Mobile. Its prepaid phone plan products are seriously good value, at an affordable price. Following the launch of its ‘UNLTD’ unlimited plans a few years back, Boost has been a trailblazer for providing what customers want most – lots of data at cheap prices. Read on for details of Boost Mobile plans or jump straight into our plan comparison tool.

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Boost Mobile Phone Plans

Boost Mobile offers five distinct prepaid mobile plans, at five key price points in the market. There is the option for a monthly auto-recharge so it can feel like you’re not on a prepaid service at all. These plans all feature unlimited calls and texts, only differing in data inclusions.

  • $10: 1GB data (7 day recharge)
  • $20: 2.5GB data
  • $30: 5GB data
  • $40: 15GB data
  • $50: 20GB data

All plans except the cheapest $10 plan come with a 28 day expiry period, so you’re recharging every four weeks. These may be good for budgeting, but does mean you’re getting a 13th billing period every year.

Boost International Calls & Bonuses

Boost offers international minutes on its latter three plans. Customers receive 100 minutes to 50 destinations, including popular countries such as China, India, New Zealand, US, UK, Canada and more. Data rollover also applies to these Boost plans and is available to use for the next recharge, meaning it does not continuously rollover. Data-free music streaming is also available through Apple Music. Here are how the plans look:

How does Boost Mobile compare to other providers?

When laid out next to its main competition, Boost Mobile’s plans still hold their own in terms of value for money. The trailblazing telco holds its own in a sea full of competitive newcomers, but a few may provide better ‘bang for buck’. Let’s see how its plans stack up!

Boost Mobile $10 Plan Compared

The $10 plan is interesting in that its short billing period knocks out most of the competition. However, there are a couple of providers offering similar deals. Take for example Coles Mobile, which provides the same but on the Optus network, and over 10 days. Telstra also provides a starter pack with 1GB data – same as Boost. In this segment there is actually not a lot to choose from, and Boost is a leader here. If you’re after a short term plan, these three may be worth a look into.

Boost Mobile $20 Plan Compared

The $20 Boost plan is the first 28 day plan in the list, but the question remains – can you find a better deal elsewhere? There are a lot of providers out there offering similar plans. Amaysim is a leader here with the same kind of deal, albeit on the Optus network. Kogan is one on the Vodafone network that offers a competitive plan, and Yomojo offers a similar plan but over 30 days. All are available as prepaid options, so there’s a lot of choice out there. If you’re a stickler for the Telstra network, Boost still wins out, however.

Boost Mobile $30 Plan Compared

At this price point, Boost Mobile competes against a huge range of service providers as 5GB of data for around $30 tends to be a very popular combination.  $30 for 5GB seems to be about the ‘standard’ these days. If you cast your eyes to postpaid plans, leaders in this segment are SpinTel and Jeenee Mobile, with Amaysim again providing a solid option. Jeenee Mobile provides incentives for signing up for 12 months, but its month-to-month plans are also competitive.

Boost Mobile $40 Plan Compared

Moving up to the $40 plan sees Boost competing with a sea full of bigger fish who offer some hefty inclusions, but 15GB is tough to beat.  Plans to look out for around this price include ones from Jeenee Mobile, Kogan and Moose Mobile. Moose Mobile is one of the cheapest to offer 10GB data, but for a couple dollars extra you can hop into a Kogan plan with 11GB. There is strong competition in both the prepaid and postpaid circles, and at the $40 price point Boost is tough to beat.

Boost Mobile $50 Plan Compared

Boost’s most expensive plan competes with players that offer hefty data inclusions, but with 20GB on board it’s well equipped to take on the MVNO market. In this price range, 20GB standard data isn’t unseen, however! Boost Mobile competes with providers such as Think Mobile, which offers a massive 20GB on the Vodafone network. Kogan is also competitive, as is Telstra MVNO Belong Mobile.

Are Boost Mobile’s plans worth the money?

The trailblazing MVNO still holds its own against the younger bucks of the telco world. Boost offers a concise range of five prepaid plans, which do compete well on a lot of fronts, but sometimes fall behind because other providers offer:

  • Slightly more data in some cases for a similar price
  • And a 30 day recharge instead of 28 days

These are Boost Mobile’s main weaknesses as providers are frequently scrambling for more data inclusions to entice you to their plans. Boost’s 28 day recharge is also a letdown as this means an extra recharge in a year. One thing that significantly boosts Boost’s value, however, is the fact it uses the full Telstra network. This often makes Boost stand out in a lot of categories and means Telstra quality at MVNO prices. This makes it harder to compare to other MVNOs that only use some of the network. You’ll have to weigh up if that expansive network is worth sacrificing a bit of data – or paying a bit more – for.

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