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They say never go back, but when it comes to mobile phones, why the hell not? Nokia, one of the world’s most-loved mobile brands, has relaunched its famous 3310 handset in Australia – generally considered one of the most durable and best-value phones of its generation, or indeed any generation. But if you’re ready for a Nokia upgrade, you can also get your hands on one of its 21st century Android smartphones, including the very appealing Nokia 8, or the cheaper Nokia 6.

So, what are your options if you want to get your hands on the Nokia 8, or one of its smaller brothers, the Nokia 6, 5 or 3? Well, you can sign up with a contract phone plan and pay off the cost of the handset over a couple of years – along with your preferred plan inclusions – or you can buy your new phone outright and sign up with a good SIM-only phone plan. This is what the phones cost if you want to buy them outright:

  • Nokia 8: $899
  • Nokia 6: $399
  • Nokia 5: $329
  • Nokia 3: $249
  • Nokia 3310: $89.95

As you can see, the cost of the shiny new Nokia 8 is a fair bit cheaper than other new smartphones – including the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 – but at close to $900, it’s still a fair chunk of change for most people. So if you would rather pay the cost off monthly than upfront, what are Australia’s telcos offering by way of bundled phone plans? As it stands, Vodafone is the only provider in Australia to offer bundled Nokia phone plans.

Nokia 8 Phone Plans with Vodafone

Vodafone stocks all new Nokia phones at its physical stores, while also offering bundled plans with the flagship device – the Nokia 8. If Vodafone is your mobile network of choice, then you can choose to buy the device outright, or over 12, 24 or 36 months, interest-free on Vodafone’s range of no lock-in contract Red Plans, with the cheapest of the bunch listed below. Be sure to keep an eye on contract length and minimum repayments.

Vodafone has separated the plan from the phone repayment, so the plan itself is on a month-to-month basis. It’s only the phone repayment you’re locked in for. As you’d expect the cheapest monthly plans are found over 36 months, but ask yourself if you really want to be tied in for three years? Standard two year plans apply, and dearer but short-term 12 month options are also available.

  • The cheapest plan comes in at under $65 a month, which comes with 6GB data on a 36 month contract.
  • The cheapest 12 month plan by comparison is just under $115, and a 24 month plan starts at just over $67. The 24 month plan sees your data reduced to 2GB.

As you can see, Vodafone’s Nokia 8 plans over two years come with some fairly modest data inclusions. The telco seems to be tempting customers to choose a three-year contact options instead, with the data doubled in some cases if you sign up for longer… or pay more for shorter.

If you want to bundle your Nokia 8 with some beefy plan inclusions, this is what you will get for your money with Vodafone over two or three years, keeping in mind that 12 month plans are available but at extra cost per month.

Nokia 6 Phone Plans with Vodafone

As well as offering Nokia’s new flagship smartphone with a bundled plan, Vodafone also offers the cheaper Nokia 6. If you like the idea of owning a Nokia phone again but can’t justify the cost, this could be a good option.

Plans start from a little under $47 a month, for which you get a modest 2GB of data along with the obligatory unlimited calls and texts. However, for just a few dollars extra you can seriously beef up your data allowance. Here is how Vodafone’s cheapest Nokia 6 plans look. Keep in mind that the table below shows two and three year contact options. Signing in for three years generally gets you a little extra for your money, while 12 month plans cost more per month but will be paid off much sooner.

Nokia 3310 Phone Plans with Optus

If you’re after a ‘dumbphone’ for the 21st century, the rejuvenated Nokia 3310 may be it. It does feature a colour screen so you can check Facebook if you really have to. It also comes with 3G speeds, and yes, the game Snake. It also comes with a 2mp camera so you can make your face look like a pixelated brick once again.

  • Optus seems to be the only provider to actually ‘bundle’ the phone. With this you still have to pay for it upfront, albeit at a discounted rate, and you can then bundle with a variety of prepaid plans lasting from 28 days to 365 days

This could make it a viable ‘burner phone’ or spare phone in case things go haywire with your main smartphone. The 3310 has ‘just enough’ technology to keep you entertained, but without the bulk and bloat of actual smartphones. One of the major omissions is a Maps function, and one we feel will be sorely missed if giving up the modern smartphone.

Should you sign up for a Nokia phone plan?

Nokia is back with a bang, but be aware that signing up to a Nokia 8 phone plan is still a serious financial commitment. While it works out cheaper than the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8, the minimum you can expect to pay with a bundled Nokia 8 plan is close to $1,000. The Nokia 6 could be a good middle ground, with Vodafone offering some tempting inclusions for fairly low prices. For the Nokia 6, minimum costs are closer to $500, while for the 3310 prices are comfortably under $100.

Vodafone offers great flexibility with its plans as you can effectively switch ‘plan’ providers, but you will still need to keep paying off the handset over your preferred contract period. Like with any phone plan, make sure the device is something you really need and want, and that you can comfortably afford the monthly repayments before diving in.

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