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12 month phone plans are the bread and butter of telco companies, meaning that it’s a competitive marketplace and a consumer’s playground. With enough options and variances to suit everyone’s needs and wants, finding a plan is the easy part. The hard part comes from deciding which is the best choice for you, as many phone plans come with extra goodies if you know where to look. Check out some of the 12 month offers below. Hit the link to jump to your favourite provider:

Who Offers 12 Month Phone Plans?

Telstra 12 Month Phone Plans

Despite only offering the BYO phone option, Telstra’s 12 month phone plans are competitive and varied enough to suit most needs. Starting at $39/month, Telstra offers unlimited texts and $500 of international calls, along with 2GB of data. If you ramp that up to the biggest option, $99/month, not only do you get 30GB data and unlimited talk and text options to both national and international numbers, but you’ll also receive two Foxtel starter packs with 12 month subscriptions.

  • Telstra only offers SIM only 12 month plans, with phone packages only available on 24 or 36 month plans.
  • Telstra phone plans also include a six month Apple Music membership, including data-free music streaming, along with AFL, NRL and Netball streaming services, in addition to free Wi-Fi with Telstra Air. Going with Australia’s biggest telco company has its perks, after all.

Here is a selection of the latest Telstra 12 month plans for your consideration:

Optus 12 Month Phone Plans

Offering the 12 Month SIM Plan, Optus delivers similar deals to its main rival, Telstra. Its cheapest option, the $30/month plan, comes with 3GB of data and unlimited local calls and texts. However, despite the immediate appeal, this option does not include any international calls or texts, meaning you’ll have to pay extra if you have friends and family overseas.

  • Other options include the $40, $50 and $60 plans, all increasing in data packages and international calling capabilities, allowing you to choose a plan to suit your lifestyle.
  • All of the Optus plans include data free extras, including the use of Optus Sport, National Geographic and Spotify, perfect for days off or the daily commute.

Check out the selection of Optus 12 month plans below:

Vodafone 12 Month Phone Plans

Vodafone offers the most diverse variety of options, allowing consumers to choose which SIM plan best suits. With options focusing on data or international calls, Vodafone is very much for the traveler, although there’s enough for those who stay at home too.

  • Generally offering only the more expensive plans, Vodafone is big on bonus inclusions, including Qantas Points, which no doubt will come in handy for those frequent flyers.

Starting at $30/month, Vodafone offers unlimited text to both national and international numbers, as well as unlimited talk to Australian numbers. Bumping up the data plan to 4GB when consumers sign up, Vodafone offers a strong starter pack for the casual user. From there, Vodafone diversifies its plans to focus on select markets, concentrating on huge data plans and international calls.

  • For those who are looking for a family plan, Vodafone also allows up to five SIM only plans on the one bill, allowing families to pool and share data across Australia.
  • Vodafone is offering additional data and extra deals when consumers sign up, so be sure to grab those freebies.

Vodafone’s latest 12 month deals are listed here:

Virgin Mobile 12 Month Phone Plans

Following in the footsteps of Telstra and Optus, Virgin Mobile offers more basic deals, ranging between $30 to $60 plans. The $30/month entry plan offers customers 5GB of data as well as unlimited standard call and text to national numbers. $50 of international calls and texts are also included in the deal, making it a good all-round option. The $60 monthly plan provides a massive 45GB of data to get you through those long days, along with $500 of international talk and text and unlimited local calls and text.

  • Virgin Mobile is currently offering 20% discounts on all 12 month SIM only plans, so be quick in order to snag a deal.
  • Virgin also allows for data rollover, as well as data-free streaming on Spotify and Google Play Music, making it a very user-friendly service.

Consider the following Virgin Mobile 12 month plans:

TeleChoice 12 Month Phone Plans

TeleChoice offers one of the cheapest ranges of 12 month phone plans, starting at $19/month. The entry level plan offers 2GB of data, as well as unlimited local talk and text. While nothing to get excited about, if you don’t use your phone very often, it would be one of the most financially sound options. TeleChoice’s most expensive option cuts off at $48/month, making it a top contender for those on a tight budget.

  • Overseas talk and text is limited with TeleChoice, with only a few of its 12 month phone plans offering the service. So if you’re big on being in the international scene, it may not be the best fit for you.

TeleChoice’s latest 12 month offers are below:

Dodo 12 Month Phone Plans

While it doesn’t offer a lot of options, Dodo looks to be a viable option for those looking for a quick and easy phone plan. Starting at $19.90/month, consumers get unlimited local calls and texts along with 3GB of data. However, like TeleChoice, international calls and texts aren’t available until you get to the expensive options. It’s not as scary as it sounds though, with Dodo’s expensive option coming out to $39.90/month, meaning that you won’t be breaking the bank in comparison to other telcos.

  • For a 12 month plan with Dodo, you’ll have to provide your own 4G phone, meaning you’ll have to make sure you’re up to date before locking in a contract.

Dodo’s line up of 12 month deals is right here:

12 Month Phone Plans from Other Telcos

Despite the big telcos offering appealing plans, smaller telcos may actually have the best deals for you, with no shortage of options on the market. Woolworths Mobile offers a $40/month SIM Plan, including bonus Woolworths Rewards points as the main incentive, while other providers such as Jeenee Mobile and Exetel offer plans starting from just $9.90, one of the cheapest options on the market.

  • Smaller telcos will often work best for those who don’t use their phone much, or don’t need all the extras. Be sure to shop around, as there will often be a few hidden gems.

Check out the latest deals below:

12 Month iPhone Plans

For those looking to claim the latest iPhone on a 12 month plan, the options are unfortunately scarce, as most telcos only provide new phones on a minimum 24 month contract. Despite this, Vodafone has gone against the grain and offers the iPhone X on a 12 month plan, although it isn’t exactly cheap as you’ll be paying off the handset in half the time. As with its regular phone plans, Vodafone offers a variety of plans to suit a wide audience, meaning that if you want the latest and greatest, Vodafone might be your best option.

  • With the phone itself around $130/month, the cheapest option would set you back $171/month, so it’s not for the faint of heart.
  • Most telcos only offer ‘phone and plan’ contracts over 24 or 36 month deals, so do your research if you’re keen for a new phone.

This is how Vodafone’s 12 month iPhone deals shape up:

Should I get a 12 Month Phone Plan?

Phone plans are a bit of a commitment, so be sure to find a plan that best suits your style – and your budget. The big telcos may be better if you’re looking for a standard plan, but smaller telcos may surprise you with how much value for money they can provide. It’s always a good idea to shop around, as the savings over 12 months can be worth the effort.

However, keep in mind that 12 month phone plans come with a contract, so you can’t dodge the monthly payments. If you’re on a tight budget and prefer the option of not using your phone from one month to the next, a good prepaid deal might be your best bet. But if you’re confident that you can make the monthly payments each time, telcos will often reward you for your 12 month loyalty.

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