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Optus is one of the biggest telcos in Australia, and therefore has one of the most comprehensive ranges of iPhone plans in Australia. Plans for the latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max start at over $100 a month, but there’s a lot of content beneath these digits. Expect extras like included Optus Sport, data bonuses and unlimited national calls and texts. However, how much are you willing to pay to get the latest tech? Find out as we compare Optus iPhone plans.

Optus Plans for iPhone

Whether you’re choosing the latest iPhone model or one of the older devices, you’ll have a selection of phone plans to bundle with your new phone. Plans start at $45 with 4GB of data and go up to $125 with 200GB of data per month, plus international call and roaming extras. These plan prices don’t include the monthly handset costs, as the payment of your handset depends on the model and storage size. Read on for more information about plans and prices for the various iPhone models that are available from Optus.

Optus iPhone XS Plans

The iPhone XS was undoubtedly one of the biggest phone releases in 2018. While this device is one of the most expensive phones on the market, opting for a phone plan with Optus could be a more affordable option for buying this device. The following table lists all published Optus 64GB iPhone XS plans from Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost, from the lowest to highest. Use our comparison tool to see a wider range of plans from other providers.

If you want more storage, prices for the 256GB device start at $120 per month, which includes the $45 plan price, going up to $170 per month for the $125 plan bundled with the device. The 512GB phone will set you back even more, starting at $130 including the $45 plan and up to $180 for the phone with the $125 plan.

The iPhone XS doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re looking for a long-lasting premium smartphone it could be worth the investment. Optus is one of the three major telcos to offer the newest iPhones on two-year contract plans. Optus throws in a bunch of extra goodies on its postpaid plans, including data-free sport and international extras — more info on Optus’ iPhone XS plans is available here.

Optus iPhone XS Max Plans

Want a bigger screen? The iPhone XS Max is the bigger version of the XS and comes with the bigger price tag to match. You’ll have the same plans to choose from but your monthly payments will be a bit more than what you’ll pay for the XS.

The XS Max also comes in 256GB and 512GB storage sizes. Prices for the 256GB model start at $130 per month bundled with the $45 plan and goes up to $180 per month on the $125 plan. For the 512GB phone, you’ll be paying $143 for the phone on the $45 plan, and if you want the premium phone on the premium $125 plan, it will set you back $195 per month.

Plans for the XS Max include data of 4GB per month and up to 200GB, plus streaming extras and overseas calling and roaming. More info on Optus’ iPhone XS Max deals can be found here.

Optus iPhone XR Plans

If the prices for the iPhone XS and XS Max are a bit steep for you, the iPhone XR is still a premium phone but at a slightly more affordable price when you bundle with an Optus plan.

Whether you choose the 64GB, 128GB or 256GB phone will determine your monthly handset repayment in addition to your plan choice. The 128GB model starts at $99 when bundled with the $45 plan, going up to $147 with the $125 plan. For the 256GB model prices start at $106 for your phone and the $45 plan, going up to $157 when bundled with the $125 plan.

Plans include all the extras you’ll find on Optus’ iPhone XS options, including bonus data, sports and entertainment streaming and international features.

iPhone X

Optus iPhone X Plans

  • 64GB ‘Plus’ plans from $106 a month ($45 plan + $61 phone payment)
  • Data allowances from 4GB to 200GB.

The iPhone X is the crown jewel in the Apple iPhone line-up, however this device has been discontinued by Apple. If you want to pick up this device, Optus only had 64GB models still available.

Optus iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Plans

  • 64GB iPhone 8 plans start at $85 a month ($45 plan + $40 phone payment)
  • 64GB iPhone 8 Plus plans start from $90 a month ($45 plan + $45 phone payment)
  • Data allowances from 4GB to 200GB.

If you choose the $125 plan for either phone, you won’t have pay any handset repayments. As these are older iPhone devices, there are limited stocks and only 64GB models available from Optus.

Optus iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Plans

  • 32GB model from $49 a month ($45 plan + $4 phone payment)
  • Data allowances from 4GB to 200GB.

As these devices are a few years old, its a harder device to come by. Optus no longer has the 7 Plus available. If you’re dedicated to this device bundled with an Optus plan, you’ll need to buy the device outright from a retailer, or secondhand, and bundle with a SIM-only plan.

There are still stocks of the 7 and its only available with 32GB of storage. If you’re not big on taking a lot of photos, 32GB might be enough storage for your needs. Plans with the iPhone 7 start at $49 with a $45 plan — that’s only $4 in phone repayments over 24 months. The $65 plan and upwards don’t charge additional handset costs as this device is a much older model now.

Optus iPhone 6S Plans

  • 32GB model from $70 a month ($45 plan + $25 phone payment)
  • Data allowances from 4GB to 200GB.

The iPhone 6S is still a popular phone, even though it’s several generations old. This could be due to the fact it still has a 3.5mm headphone jack – something later series lack. Like plans paired with more expensive iPhone models, the options for the 6s still include extras such as Optus Sport.

200GB plans start at about $105 a month. Users looking to save a buck or two and retain their headphone jack may like the look of a 6S plan.

Should I get an Optus iPhone plan?

Optus is one of the premier providers of iPhone plans in Australia – and its base prices are some of the cheapest in the country as well. You can pick up the iPhone XS for just over $100, but the higher plan cost (and internal device storage), the more you’ll be paying.

However, for the price you pay, Optus throws in quite a lot, such as Optus Sport, National Geographic, unlimited international calls & texts and other goodies from time to time. Against its main rival Telstra, Optus often works out slightly cheaper for an equivalent plan.

Optus pretty much has it all – from data to streaming, to generous international calls & texts. For a competitive iPhone phone plan, Optus is well worth a look into.

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