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For a student, a phone is an essential tool. Whether it’s for assignments, job hunts or just keeping on top of social media, a phone makes day-to-day life easier. But as useful as it is, phones and phone plans can be a huge expense, making it a potential budget- breaker.

Thankfully for students, phone plans don’t have to be as expensive as originally thought, with many telcos offering student discounts, phone deals or cheaper options to suit all needs and budgets.

  • Looking for a phone plan with cloud storage, data-free music streaming or extra perks may make those cram sessions a bit easier.

Considering how fine a line students often tread when it comes to money and savings, these deals may be worth looking into. Compare what the telcos are offering below.

Telstra Phone Deals for Students

While it offers many benefits for students in terms of internet hotspots and the (generally) widest coverage, Telstra does not currently offer any specific deals for students. Its Student Lounge has unfortunately become a thing of the past.

  • Telstra still offers cheap plans and prepaid options for its customers. Thankfully this means that students don’t miss out, with the social media fiends and the YouTube procrastinators able to find data heavy plans, while those in charge of group plans can opt for a text and call package.
  • Students may find benefit in the extra perks that Telstra can provide, such as included Foxtel packages, extra Telstra Air data, cloud storage, NRL & AFL game passes and data-free music streaming.

For students who are more inclined to stay up to date with the latest smartphones, Telstra also offer a wide range of iPhone X plans, with prices starting at about $100 a month. While not the cheapest provider, Telstra’s list of extra perks could be useful for students studying or chilling out.

Optus Phone Deals for Students

Optus is arguably a bit more student-friendly, offering a few deals in its Student Hub. The only requirement is a current student email address, making it pretty easy to get a discount.

  • Advertised within the hub, Optus has a 10% Promo Code, which allows students to receive a 10% discount at the checkout once they purchase a phone or plan online.
  • Optus also provides discounts on its Monthly Plans, allowing students to receive the latest models along with personalised plans, with 10% knocked off each monthly bill.
  • Optus may also be suited to those that love their sport and music, with the telco offering perks such as data-free Optus Sport and data-free music streaming, giving students another means to put off assignments.

This latter deal will work best for students who don’t have commitments issues, as the deal is only available with the 24 month plan. For those already with a phone, the same 10% discount is available on the SIM Only Plans, helping students to save in the long run.

Vodafone Phone Deals for Students

Vodafone possibly has the widest range of student phone deals, with the company’s Student Central full of tempting offers. Online seems to be the place to go for deals, with the company obviously understanding their market, and keen to do business.

  • Vodafone’s first savings pitch comes in the form of a 10% discount on monthly fees for selected phone plans. Available on $30 and above ‘Red’ Plans, the discount is available regardless of if you need a phone or a SIM.
  • As an additionally incentive, Vodafone also throws in other perks like bonus data to help those lazy days fly by.

In addition to the discounts offered directly, Vodafone has also teamed up with ‘UNiDAYS’ for a limited time offer. By signing up to UNiDAYS, students receive the Vodafone $45 per month SIM plan at a discounted rate of $36 a month, currently making it a very competitive deal.

Phone Plans from Smaller Telcos

As students know, it’s always best to shop around to find the best deals. While the big telco companies often have the best deals for the majority, it can pay to go with a smaller provider.

Providers also incorporate flash sales at specific times, and while you should always read the fine print, these deals can save you money in the long run. For instance, Virgin Mobile often offers up to 20% off its plans, and you don’t necessarily need to be a student to sign up.

Are Student Phone Deals Good Value?

Realistically, to determine if a phone plan is good value is dependent on your situation. How you use your phone is the biggest factor in which provider and what plan you should agree to, so it’s still best to shop around and find the best individual suit for you.

  • Student Plans are definitely worth it for those who do have a tight budget, but it still pays to keep on the lookout for better deals, even if you’re already happy with your provider.
  • It may also be worthwhile looking at telcos that don’t offer ‘student deals’ per se, but rather generous deals for everyone.

For students who are penny pinching and looking for a cheaper phone plan, staying on top of the latest deals can save money in the long run. It’s also worth considering a plan from a telco that can provide unmetered streaming and other perks. Overall it’s a good time to be a student on the hunt for a phone deal – there are so many providers out there with attractive deals that all you have to do is shop around.

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