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Optus Mobile Phone Plans Review

As the second biggest telco in Australia, Optus has long been a heavyweight in the mobile market. It owns and operates a comprehensive network infrastructure that rivals that of Telstra for coverage and speeds, and makes its network available to mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to also provide phone services.

Optus has not only kept pace with the fast-moving world of mobile phone plans, but is also one of the most innovative companies in Australia. Besides its traditional rivals, it also competes against the new tiny telcos that piggyback off the Optus network. But Optus itself offers some of the biggest and most attractive mobile plans available in Australia today. With competitive offerings in the prepaidSIM Only and handset plan categories, Optus has something for pretty much everyone, including some of the best plan features and added perks around, such as data-free music streaming, data-free Netflix and Stan viewing, as well as access to exclusive sports coverage.

Let’s review the range of plans from Optus and try to determine where you’ll find the best value. You might find yourself saying ‘Yes’ to Optus.


Optus Mobile Phone Plans

As it stands, all Optus plans have unlimited calls and texts as standard, so you are really paying for extra data and perks like international calls and roaming in the case of the two dearest plans. Let’s break this down to plan type and see which plans stand out as offering good value.

Prepaid Plans from $2-$100

Optus has provided an update to its rather large suite of prepaid plans. There are four over-arching categories in the prepaid world – ‘Epic Data’, ‘Epic Value’, ‘Daily Plus’ and Long Expiry.

  • Epic Data: Focuses on the data and would arguably the most popular type of prepaid plan. Prices range from $10 to $100, and contain from 5GB up to 60GB. Epic Data plans also get an additional 10GB JUST for streaming Netflix, Stan and ABC’s iView – what a treat!
  • Epic Value: Extends the expiry date to 42 days, which results in less recharges over the course of a year.
  • Daily Plus: Daily recharges you can activate when you need, which gets you unlimited calls & texts plus $2 for 500mb data. Recharge amounts range from $10 to $100.
  • Long Expiry: The ultimate in no-fuss plans with expiry dates from 45 to 365 days for a set amount of credit with calls from 20c a minute and texts from 20c each.

What avenue you go down depends on what type of user you are. If you’re a regular user who needs regular calls, texts  & data, an ‘Epic Data’ plan may be for you. If you find you’re not using your plan to its limits every month, an Epic Value plan may be what you’re after. If you’re after a more flexible approach, a Daily Plus or Long Expiry plan could be just what the doc… err… mobile phone ordered.

SIM Only, 12 Month Plans from $35-$65

If you fancy yourself as a non-quitter committer, these plans may be more up your alley. There are four plans in total – ranging in price from $30 to $70. At these prices on postpaid terms, you can get some serious data for your money, which is especially apparent when you spend $40 a month or more. You also get a range of international inclusions, with international credit being included on $40 plans and above.

  • Data-free music steaming with Google Play Music, iHeartRadio and Spotify also come as standard on all plans.
  • Optus Sport is also included, which has rights to English Premier League soccer. This ordinarily is a $15/month streaming subscription. Nat Geo also comes included.
  • Data-free TV streaming costs an extra $5 a month.

Note that to get the best deals, you usually have to sign up online. The best deals include things like lots of bonus data and discounted phone plans. If you’re willing to go online and strike while the iron’s hot, Optus’ 12 month SIM plans do offer some enticing deals from time to time.

SIM Only, No Lock-In Plans from $45-$75

These plans are kept short and sweet. They start at $45 a month for unlimited calls and texts, as well as 3GB data. Then you’ll be paying $55 a month for unlimited calls and texts, 15GB data. The dearest plan costs $75 a month and boasts 40GB of data, unlimited calls and texts. Unlike the 12-month plans, music streaming that’s data-free costs an extra $5 a month – same with mobile TV streaming. You’ll have to ask – is the compromise worth it for flexibility?

Phone on a Plan Bundles from $45-$145

Optus bundled plans are a different kettle of fish, with over 10 plans available in total. They differ in price based on what phone you choose to bundle it with. Basically, the plans start at $45 with unlimited calls and texts plus 2GB of data, and work their way up to $145 per month for unlimited calls and texts, plus over 100GB phone data, as well as unlimited international minutes to selected countries.

  • If you bundle these plans with a 64GB iPhone 8, the minimum you can expect to pay is about $70 a month

Keep an eye out for ‘lease’ plans, labelled ‘Flex’ plans that give you access to things like extra data and cheaper plans at the sacrifice of having to hand your phone back at the end of your contract. Bonuses are especially pronounced at the upper end of the price spectrum.

How does Optus compare to the competition?

As one of Australia’s premier mobile service providers, Optus is targeted by the competition as a brand to beat. Its own plans, therefore, need to be well-priced and competitive, with lots of added features to keep you interested. Let’s take a look at how its plans really stack up against the competition.

Optus Prepaid Plans Compared

In the prepaid circuit, Optus faces stiff competition but fares quite well against a lot of smaller providers. However, the telco giant is beaten to the post by smaller MVNOs such as Boost, Amaysim and OVO Mobile, which all offer at least 3GB of data for $30. Amaysim offers a class-leading 5GB for $30, while OVO offers a similar plan over 30 days and 8GB for just under $35.

Optus SIM Only, 12 Month Plans Compared

Seeing as Optus’ entry into contracted plans is at the $30 mark, we felt it fitting to compare others around this price bracket. For $30 you get 3GB of data with unlimited calls and texts. What’s evident at this price point is that Optus is outdone by other MVNOs on its own network, including Exetel, Jeenee Mobile and Dodo. Though there is still merit to Optus, if you want more than just the standard fare. Data-free music streaming may see your data go further, and things like international minutes that come on dearer plans may also be an incentive to some.

Optus SIM Only, No Lock-In Contract Plans Compared

Optus month to month plans (i.e. no lock-in contract ones) are seeing the fiercest competition in the mobile market. For 5GB phone plans, Optus really struggles to compete against MVNOs that offer the same data for much less money. Here it’s worth comparing providers like Spintel, which is one of the cheapest at under $25, Moose Mobile – among the cheapest with 10GB – and Vaya Mobile, which also offers supremely competitive plans. While Optus does include perks such as data-free streaming and other stuff, if it’s just data-for-dollars it’s tough to beat an MVNO.

Optus Phones on a Plan Compared

Here Optus fits in pretty well, as to bundle the hottest mobile phones on the market, you are pretty much stuck with the ‘Big 3’ providers – Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone For 64GB iPhone 8 plans, Optus does come in as one of the cheapest providers, but keep in mind that these are for ‘lease’ plans.

  • The cheapest plans are generally found on a Vodafone deal, but keep in mind these are likely on 36-month handset repayments – the phone plan itself is month-to-month.
  • Vodafone offers arguably the best flexibility, with no lock-in plans, but 12, 24 or 36 month terms for the phone repayment
  • Telstra also offers lease plans and other perks like big data bonuses and entertainment packs

In this sphere, it all depends what you’re after – a cheap price or all the bells and whistles. Optus manages to straddle the line somewhere in between. Above all, your decision could just go down to which mobile network you prefer.

Big Data, Big Inclusions, Big Price

A special mention should be made for the new plan from Optus with a massive 100GB+ of data that can either by used all for just yourself, or shared in a data pool. It costs $145 a month and you’ll not only get 200GB of 4G data, you’ll also get great international inclusions as well as data-free music streaming, as well as data-free streaming of Netflix and Stan services for the $5 extra. This is an unprecedented level of data in Australia, and the closest plans come from Telstra, which is also worth considering here, albeit at a higher price. Are these massive data inclusions enough to replace your home internet?

Is an Optus phone plan right for me?

As one of the leading telcos in Australia, Optus – perhaps unsurprisingly – has a large range of phone plans to cover all bases. From plans on a contract, to no-contract, to prepaid, to bundled or SIM Only plans, Optus likely has a plan out there that you’re impressed with. The telco that says ‘Yes’ frequently competes and beats out rival companies – Telstra, Vodafone and Virgin – in terms of value included and handy extras.

However, where Optus falls behind is primarily in the no contract and prepaid segments, where new MVNOs are always popping up offering more and more data for a cheaper price. A lot of these MVNOs piggyback off of the Optus network, so it can be hard for Optus to compete on basic inclusions. What it does to, however, is offer some amazing value add-ons. The best of these are only available with a 12 or 24 month contract, so you’ll have to consider if that’s a path you want to go down. Overall, Optus represents a convenient ‘one stop shop’ for your mobile needs, and is one of the largest telcos in Australia. However, if it’s a cheap price and more data you need then it may pay to look at a range of different providers.

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What do customers think about Optus postpaid mobile plans

In 2017, Australian customers gave Optus 4 out of 5 stars for Overall Customer Satisfaction for postpaid mobile plans.

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