Bob Jane vs Goodyear: Car tyres compared


They are two popular, trusted tyre brands for motorists all over Australia. But what will they cost you, and which offers the best value? These are questions we seek to answer by comparing Bob Jane and Goodyear tyres.

Bob Jane was named after the famed racer inducted into the V8 Supercars Hall of Fame in 2000. The tyre brand was founded in Melbourne in 1965, and since then has been a popular choice for motorists wanting a fairly-priced Aussie alternative to all the Asian, European and US giants. Previously Bob Jane had naming rights to the V8 Supercars.

Goodyear has a much more steeped history, founded in the US in the late 1800s and named after American Charles Goodyear, who invented vulcanised rubber. Goodyear is also the sole tyre supplier to NASCAR and also serves as a conglomerate for many other well-known tyre companies. With both manufacturers having a great deal of consumer trust and recognition, which manufacturer comes out on top when their tyres are put head to head?

Bob Jane

For Bob Jane tyres, we headed to none other than Bob Jane for a tyre quote using the size of 205/65/15 – the most common size on Aussie roads. Expect this tyre size to come on popular small passenger cars such as the Toyota Corolla. Bob Jane does not sell re-tread tyres, as Bob Jane’s eldest daughter died from a re-tread tyre blowout while driving, and this ethical decision is certainly admirable.

In our latest customer reviews, Bob Jane was rated five stars by Australian motorists for overall tyre-buying satisfaction, and the retailer’s website certainly seems to be catering for the average consumer. The company’s monthly offers are front and centre on the landing page, along with a price-beat guarantee vowing to outdo any competitor by 10 per cent. These are attractive options, but let’s see how the tyres stack up.

Model Purpose Approx price per tyre
All Rounder Plus Low rolling resistance, mileage and fuel economy. $89

With only one match for the given tyre size, we hoped that it would be a targeted, all-rounded offering from Bob Jane and we were not wrong. The price is a very appealing prospect, but we wonder what makes the tyre so cheap? The tyre compound is for mileage and fuel economy, so that most likely means it’s a harder compound at the sacrifice of handling characteristics.

Given that this tyre size is mostly for small cars for city-dwellers, a cheap tyre like this can be forgiven for being the only offering. If your car is mostly for short distances around urban areas, then the Bob Jane All Rounder is an attractive option.

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Goodyear’s slogan is “One Revolution Ahead”, and the brand’s website conjures up images of endless touring and hitting the open road for an adventure – something which Aussies love to do as road trips become increasingly popular. Does this ring true for the everyday driver though?

Model Purpose Approx price per tyre
Assurance TripleMax All-rounder with wet grip, durability and fuel economy. $117

Also with only one tyre size match, Goodyear is similar to Bob Jane, but has captured different sectors of the market. It seems that Goodyear has taken most desirable characteristics wanted in a tyre and combined them into a targeted ‘jack-of-all-trades’ style. With that comes a marked price difference to Bob Jane’s budget tyre option, but a name like ‘Assurance’ further places reliability and trustworthiness in the consumer’s mind.

Goodyear wants you to just put this tyre on your car, and go about your life carefree, whereas Bob Jane wants you to save money and put these on your city-dwelling car with its price as the main drawcard.

Bob Jane vs Goodyear: Which tyre races ahead?

As with most ‘versus’ articles, there is almost never a definite answer as to which is best, and always room for debate about which reigns supreme. Let’s summarise:

Bob Jane All Rounder Plus Goodyear Assurance TripleMax
Great option if on a budget Mid-range price reflected in performance
High mileage, low rolling resistance Handling characteristics like superior wet grip
Harder compound tyre Softer compound tyre

The All Rounder Plus and Assurance TripleMax cater towards different sectors of the tyre market, with the All Rounder Plus aimed at absolute budget-oriented city-dwellers, while the Assurance TripleMax is a strong wet-grip performer which comes at a higher price. Overall, it’s up to you, the driver, as your specific needs will dictate which tyre is king for your car.

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