Bridgestone vs Dunlop: Car tyres compared


When it comes to buying new car tyres, you might find yourself asking ‘Bridgestone or Dunlop’? They are two giants of the tyre industry, but which brand is best for your wheels? We’ve taken it upon ourselves to end the dispute once and for all with an objective look at what both of the manufacturers offer to the everyday Aussie motorist.


We all know Dunlop for its Volley shoe, a classic Aussie icon, but you might not know the company was founded in the year 1888 by John Boyd Dunlop, who invented the pneumatic tyre after his son experienced problems riding his bike. This sowed the seeds to become the Dunlop Rubber Company, which in 1999 was bought out by Goodyear Tyres. Dunlop has also enjoyed a lengthy contract with the (V8) Supercars. 

A visit to Dunlop’s website immediately addresses its main consumer targets – “everyday performance”. With a history in elite cycling, it’s little wonder the brand wants to cater towards performance, but how does this fare for the everyday driver? We’ve compared several models by visiting JaxTyres, using the most common tyre size in Australia – 205/65/15. Take a look at the table below for a comparison of Dunlop’s car tyre offerings:

Model Purpose Approx price per tyre
SP Touring T1 Durability and mileage $95
Monza 200R Quieter ride, and ride quality $95
SP Sport LM704 Superior braking, cornering and handling $101
SP Sport 300E Superior handling in wet and dry conditions $119

Dunlop impresses with its relatively solid range, and shows that it has major sides of the market covered – those wanting cheap durable tyres, and those wanting entry-level sports tyres. With the SP Touring T1, for example, you can get a set balanced and fitted for less than $400, which is certainly a bargain. And for performance, both the SP Sport models are sure to impress with their prices suited to almost everyone. Additionally, being owned by a large company such as Goodyear also ensures reliability, and reliability in warranty claims. For the average Aussie passenger car owner, Dunlop is a very viable option.

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It may not have such a lengthy history as Dunlop, but Bridgestone has cemented itself as one of the premier tyre brands in the world. Founded in 1931 in Japan, the company became the largest tyre manufacturer on the planet in 2015, with a US $27.4bn market value.

Bridgestone’s tyres are situated in the mid-high end range, with offerings catering to a variety of different applications, both commercial and passenger. We took a look at its everyday consumer tyres in the 205/65/15 size, thanks to JaxTyres.

Model Purpose Approx price per tyre
RE92 Durability and ride quality $106
Ecopia EP100 Fuel economy, durability $109
RE88 Smooth ride, and handling, cornering and braking $120

While its tyre range is not particularly expansive, Bridgestone knows who its customers are. This is a targeted range, expected from the largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Whether you want more life from your tyres, improved fuel economy, or a well-performing tyre, Bridgestone has these aspects covered.

Priced slightly higher than Dunlop, this is perhaps expected and accepted as Bridgestone is very much established and has proven reliability and trustworthiness in the consumer psyche. With softer-compounded and more ‘performance’ oriented tyres often considered to be safer in the wet, why not spend a little extra on the RE88? If you are concerned about passenger safety, there’s little reason not to choose this tyre. Whichever brand you go with, you’re sure to be in safe hands.

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