Dunlop vs Goodyear: Car tyres compared


These two tyre manufacturers are steeped in history and ingrained in motorsports folklore. And for the consumer they are perhaps some of the most recognisable and trusted brands for tyres worldwide. But does Dunlop or Goodyear offer the best overall package for Aussie motorists? We aim to find out.

We all know Dunlop for its Volley shoe – a classic Aussie icon, but you may not be aware that the brand was founded in the late 1800s as part of the Dunlop Rubber Company, which discovered the pneumatic tyre. Dunlop has also enjoyed a long run as the sole tyre supplier for the (V8) Supercars motorsports franchise.

Goodyear has a similar historic profile, being founded in the late 1800s and named after American Charles Goodyear, who invented vulcanised rubber. Goodyear is the sole tyre supplier to NASCAR and in fact bought out Dunlop in 1999. With both manufacturers having an established history and great deal of consumer trust and recognition, which brand comes out on top when their tyres are compared head-on?


A visit to Dunlop’s website quickly makes you aware of its main consumer target – “everyday performance”. With a history in elite cycling, it’s little wonder the brand wants to cater towards performance, but what does this mean for the average Aussie motorist? Thanks to JaxTyres, we’ve compared several models, using the most common tyre size in Australia – 205/65/15. Take a look at the table below for a comparison of Dunlop tyres.

Model Purpose Approx price per tyre
SP Touring T1 Durability and mileage $95
Monza 200R Quieter ride, and ride quality $95
SP Sport LM704 Superior braking, cornering and handling $101
SP Sport 300E Superior handling in wet and dry conditions $119

Dunlop clearly has a solid range, with most corners of the market catered for, particularly those wanting cheap, durable tyres, and those wanting entry-level sports tyres. With the SP Touring T1, for example, you can get a set balanced and fitted for less than $400, which sounds like a real bargain. And for performance, both the SP Sport models are sure to impress with their prices suited to almost everyone.

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Goodyear’s slogan is “One Revolution Ahead”, and its website sure conjures up images of endless touring and hitting the open road for an adventure. So let’s see what tyres Goodyear has to take you there.

Model Purpose Approx price per tyre
Assurance TripleMax All-rounder with wet grip, durability and fuel economy $117

With only the one match for our average tyre size comparison, Goodyear seems to stack up poorly compared to its subsidiary Dunlop. That being said, it seems that Goodyear has taken the main characteristics of those four Dunlop tyres and put them into one tyre that can seemingly do everything.

The price is also similar to Dunlop, though slightly at the upper end – which is perhaps forgivable given that Goodyear is the parent company with a far reaching consumer base. A name like ‘Assurance’ further places reliability and trustworthiness in the consumer’s mind.

Dunlop vs Goodyear: Who’s the winner?

The established history and consumer trust stacks up in both manufacturers’ everyday tyre offerings. Whereas Dunlop offers you a choice – at some compromise – Goodyear seems to want you to just “set and forget” your tyre choice, which is sure to appeal to a lot of customers. You may like the choice of Dunlop, or the assurance of Goodyear. Either way, you will be in safe hands.

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