Review of Daikin Air Conditioners

Having manufactured and sold air conditioners in Australia for more than 40 years, it’s safe to say that Daikin probably knows a fair bit about what goes into a high-quality air conditioner. Its products have received many awards over the years for things including energy-efficiency and customer satisfaction, and the company places emphasis on the innovation found in its top of the range air conditioners.

Daikin’s range is comprised of three main types of air conditioners: split-system, multi split-system and ducted – so we’ve looked at the differences between them.

Daikin’s split-system air conditioners

It makes sense that when it comes to the most common type of air conditioner, Daikin offers more variety than in its other ranges. The brand offers six different split system models, the US7, the Zena, the Cora, the L-Series, the Nexura, and Floor-Standing units.

The US7 is the most energy-efficient air conditioner in Australia right now, with an incredible 7-star ‘super efficiency’ energy rating, whereas the Zena is a sleek, more aesthetically pleasing model with what Daikin describes as a ‘contemporary design’. The Cora and L-Series models are more standard units, whereas the Nexura and Floor-Standing models are quite similar, both units capable of both cooling and heating.

Daikin’s multi split-system air conditioners

Daikin offers two models within its range of multi split system air conditioners, the Super Multi NX and the Super Multi Plus. The former appears to be the flashier of the two, with a self-diagnosis function along with auto fan speed and auto restart functions. However, both models come with dehumidifying capabilities and can be purchased as cooling-only units. Daikin’s multi split system units come in a wide range of wattages and power levels, meaning that there’s a unit suitable for every room and area in your home.

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Daikin’s ducted air conditioners

Daikin offers ducted air conditioning, but due to the nature of this type of air conditioning there isn’t much to discuss in terms of different ranges or models. Daikin’s ducted systems are comprised of three elements: an indoor unit, an outdoor unit and the ducting. Both the indoor unit and the ducting are concealed within your house, generally in the ceiling, while the outdoor unit is placed somewhere appropriate outside. All of Daikin’s ducted systems exceed the requirements of the Minimum Energy Performance Standards.

In summary

Daikin may appear to have a slightly more condensed range of air conditioner than some of its competitors, however that doesn’t appear to be hindering it, as the company’s success comes from manufacturing and selling the air conditioners it does produce, rather than the models it doesn’t.

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