Amaysim vs Vaya: How Do They Compare?

Amaysim and Vaya are two of Australia’s most trendy telcos, providing a great alternative to the big carriers with some amazing-value SIM only plans. So popular are they that in 2016, Amaysim completed a takeover of Vaya, although the two brands remain separate and their plans vary, with Vaya in particular offering some of the cheapest BYO phone deals on the market.

Vaya was launched just a few months after Amaysim, with a firm focus on providing cheap and cheerful mobile plans. In the intervening years, however, the two brands were met with a rather different reception by Aussie mobile users. Amaysim has consistently performed very well in Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction ratings for phone plan providers. In fact, it is the most successful brand in the history of these awards.

Vaya, on the other hand, received only a three-star overall rating last time out, with its cheap plans let down by poor customer service and overall satisfaction. A year earlier Vaya received just two stars in the ratings. Now, however, Vaya’s acquisition by Amaysim seems to have resulted in improved customer service performance and overall mobile customer happiness, which is good to hear.

Amaysim plans to keep Vaya separate from its own operation and said it would be “business as usual” for the two companies. So what are the differences between them? Amaysim and Vaya may both sell monthly plans on the Optus 4G network, but they offer different plans targeted at different users. So, which should you go with? Read our review and you’ll have a better idea about which telco is best for your needs.

Amaysim vs Vaya: What’s on offer?

Vaya and Amaysim provide a large range of BYO phone plans, so let’s start by laying out the facts in black and white. As you’ll see, unlimited calls and texts is the bare minimum with these two:

Provider Price Per Billing Period Plan inclusions
Amaysim $24.90 Unlimited calls and texts, 1.5GB data, unlimited calls to 10 countries
$29.90 Unlimited calls and texts, 3GB data, unlimited calls to 10 countries
$39.90 Unlimited calls and texts, 7GB data, unlimited calls to 10 countries
$44.90 Unlimited calls and texts, 7GB data, unlimited calls to 10 countries plus extra international bonuses
$49.90 Unlimited calls and texts, 9GB data, unlimited calls to 10 countries, 300 minutes to 22 other countries
Vaya $16 Unlimited calls and texts, 1GB data
$22 Unlimited calls and texts, 2GB data
$26 Unlimited calls and texts, 3GB data
$36 Unlimited calls and texts, 9GB data
Source: Respective provider websites

A big bonus with Amaysim – and something that arguably gives it the edge over Vaya – is that its plans are all available on both prepaid and postpaid terms. This gives you the freedom to choose which type of plans you’d prefer, with prepaid naturally providing greater flexibility.  Prepaid plans have traditionally lacked the value of postpaid plans, but with Amaysim this is clearly not the case. Vaya’s plans are available on a postpaid basis only.

So without further ado, let’s see how the big brother and little brother compare in this fight for your SIM only bucks.

Plans under $30 compared

This section of plans is where Vaya shines brightest. Vaya current provides the cheapest unlimited, full-term mobile plan in Australia. At just $16 a month, you’ll get unlimited calls and texts as well as 1GB of data. For $6 more a month, the allowance is bumped up to 2GB data. Plans obviously get better in value the higher in price you go.

Amaysim’s cheapest plan comes in at just under $25, with which you’ll get 1.5GB of data with unlimited calls and texts. Another huge bonus is that you’ll get unlimited international calls to 10 selected countries. So if your desired country is on that list, then you’ll love Amaysim’s plans.

This international inclusion carries over to its dearer plans too. For just under $30, you’ll get the same but with 3GB of data, which means $5 extra doubles your data. However, one thing to note is that Amaysim’s plans are billed every 28 days, instead of 30 with Vaya. This adds up to an extra billing period each year!

The most closely-compared plans are Vaya’s large plan and Amaysim’s 3GB plan. Vaya’s deal is $3.90 cheaper, but Amaysim’s offer has those international call minutes – so we’re starting to identify the difference here.

Plans under $40 compared

There is one plan from each provider in this price bracket, so this makes it very easy to compare.

  • Vaya’s plan is $36 a month for 9GB of data, with unlimited calls and texts
  • Amaysim’s plan is $39.90 over 28 days, with unlimited calls and texts, 7GB of data, plus unlimited texts to 32 selected countries and unlimited calls to 10 countries. They are: China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, UK, USA

While Vaya beats out its bigger brother on price and included data, you may find more value in Amaysim’s plan with its international inclusions. International calls and texts can add up immensely, so it’s very helpful to have this on board. If your desired country is on the list then we suspect Amaysim’s plan provides superior value, even though Vaya offers one more gigabyte. Once again, you’ll have to consider the cost implications of a 28 day billing period versus a monthly one.

Plans over $40 compared

At the business end of SIM only plans, it’s Amaysim that dominates. Simply put, Vaya has no plans at all here, which gives credence to the point that it’s a budget-oriented carrier. In this price range you can choose between two of Amaysim’s plans:

  • $44.90 gets you the ‘Plus’ plan, with 300 standard international minutes (to 22 countries) plus unlimited texts to 32 countries, as well as 7GB of data and unlimited national calls and texts
  • $49.90 gets you unlimited calls and texts with 9GB data, plus the extended international allowances

If you’re not calling internationally, it’s a struggle to see why you’d opt for the $44.90 plan over the $39.90 one, but those extra international minutes could be the boost you need. For just $5 more, you’ll get extra value with 9GB of data. The $44.90 plan exists in a bit of a chasm in the value stakes, with both plans either side of it seemingly being the picks of the bunch.

Should I go with Vaya or Amaysim?

Amaysim has managed to strike a winning balance between plan value and customer service, with a glowing reputation on both counts. Once you add in the international call features, Amaysim’s appeal starts to become obvious. However, it is let down slightly by its 28 day billing periods, as opposed to 30 days. Vaya, on the other hand, is a case of what you see is what you get – great data inclusions at often hard to beat prices.

The two telcos obviously have their similarities – both deal exclusively in monthly plans on the same network, and both provide exceptional value which only seems to be improving. The key difference between the two, illustrated below, is their target markets.

  • Vaya’s products target the cheapest end of the spectrum, making it ideal for entry-level or cost-conscious customers
  • Amaysim’s cover the mid-range market where international call features become the main point of difference

They may both be ‘low-cost’ service providers, but Amaysim and Vaya are competing for different customers – you just need to decide which type you are. The flagship Amaysim brand will continue to chip away at the big three telcos, while the cut-price Vaya proposition will compete at the cheap end of the market, against emerging players such as Kogan Mobile and the supermarkets.

Amaysim’s purchase of Vaya seems to be particularly good news for Vaya customers as Amaysim’s focus on quality customer service will surely rub off. If both Amaysim and Vaya can effectively combine their quality service and great value plans, then Aussie customers should be onto a winner whichever one they go with.

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