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Exetel claims to be a family-owned Australian internet service provider which prides itself on low prices and a customer-focused approach. The company claims to be Australia’s largest independent ISP, with over 120,000 subscribers, and offers a full range of traditional broadband and NBN internet plans. At Canstar Blue, we’ve looked at all of Exetel’s broadband plans and seen how they compare to other providers, so you can determine which product is right for you.

Exetel ADSL plans

Exetel’s ADSL broadband plans consist of several options to choose from, so that you can tailor your plan to the needs of your household. Exetel offers either 100GB of downloads or unlimited data, along with your choice of three different contract durations – the longer the contract, the less you pay in equipment and installation fees.

Exetel broadband comes ‘naked’ as standard, and you have the option of adding an unlimited VoIP home phone subscription for an extra $10 per month. The home phone package includes unlimited local, national and mobile calls, as well as unlimited international calls to 10 selected countries. As an added bonus, opting for the longest contract will include a free Wi-Fi modem in this monthly subscription. Exetel’s plan options can be summarised as follows:

Data 100GB Unlimited
Cost per month $39.99 $54.99
Contract options Monthly ($99 activation)

12 months ($59.99 activation)

18 months (Free activation)

Wi-Fi Modem $70 upfront
Home Phone package $10/month

Exetel NBN and Fibre plans

Exetel offers a comprehensive selection of plan options for NBN-ready households, and for developments with inbuilt fibre capability. Customers can choose from three options for data allowance, download speeds and contract length, with similar VoIP phone and modem options to the standard ADSL plans. Check out the options below:

Data 100GB 500GB Unlimited
Cost per month $39.99 $49.99 $54.99
Download speed options 12/1 Mbps (standard)

25/5 Mbps (+$10/month)

100/40 Mbps (+$30/month)

Contract options Monthly ($99 activation)

12 months ($59.99 activation)

18 months (Free activation)

Wi-Fi Modem $59 upfront
Home Phone package $10/month

Exetel Mobile broadband

For customers who are constantly out and about, mobile broadband is often far more convenient than fixed-line broadband. Exetel’s mobile broadband utilises the Optus 4G network for excellent coverage and speeds for over 98% of Australians. You can choose from six different data plans, all of which come on month to month contracts with anytime uploads and downloads:

Data allowance Cost per month
1.5GB $9.99
5GB $19.99
8GB $29.99
15GB $44.99
20GB $59.99
30GB $79.99

How does Exetel compare to other broadband providers?


Exetel prides itself on providing competitive prices as part of its customer-focused business model, and their current plan range certainly reflects than philosophy. The entry-level 100GB ADSL plan starts at just under $40/month – one of the cheapest ADSL plans on the market, similar in price and data to the likes of TPG and Belong. That said, other providers such as Dodo and AusBBS offer unlimited data at a similar price point.

Exetel’s Unlimited ADSL plan offers similarly good value –even when bundled with the $10 home phone package, their top level monthly plan is one of the cheapest deals on the market, packing in unlimited data and phone calls for a single monthly fee. This plan is also among the cheapest overall over a 24 month period, reflecting Exetel’s commitment to value in both the short- and long-term. You can check out a sample comparison of similar plans below:


When it comes to NBN broadband offerings, Exetel pulls off an impressive coup by offering one of the cheapest NBN plans on the market. With 100GB of anytime data, the company’s $39.99/month entry-level plan is a full $10 per month cheaper than the next plan with as much data, and costs little more than other budget plans offering half as much.

It’s a similar story at the next level, with Exetel’s 500MB plan undercutting most of its rivals with the same data allowance. Their top-level unlimited plan rounds off the range by providing decent (if unexceptional) value in a more saturated market segment, but it’s Exetel’s budget and mid-range NBN plans which offer near-unbeatable value. Check out a sample comparison of Exetel’s plans below:

Mobile broadband

Thanks to their new bonus data inclusions, Exetel also offers competitive value in the mobile broadband market. The budget 5GB plan starts at just under $20/month, undercutting most rivals such as Optus and Vaya which start at $25/month. In the mid-range, their 15GB plan is right on the money at around $45/month, offering a similar deal to competitors such as Bendigo Bank Telco and Virgin. Exetel loses out in the value equation with their top-level plans, with other providers offering similar or greater amounts of data at lower price points, but it’s an impressive range overall.

Exetel offers a comprehensive range of fixed home broadband to suit all households, as well as wireless mobile broadband for when you’re out and about. With impressive value propositions across all segments, particularly in entry-level and mid-range plans, Exetel’s reputation for low prices and customer satisfaction seems to be well-deserved. To find out more about Exetel and other broadband providers, check out our Canstar Blue star ratings for customer satisfaction.

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