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Review of Optus internet plans

For more than two decades now, Optus has been the primary competitor to Telstra for the title of Australia’s biggest broadband provider. Whilst competition has stiffened in recent years, Optus still remains a big player in the Australian telecommunications market, as the only company other than Telstra to own its very own internet infrastructure. While Optus still uses the Telstra infrastructure in some locations, Optus is generally considered the cheaper of the two providers.

Optus offers a full range of internet plans, including ADSL and Cable, mobile broadband and NBN connections. It also offers home broadband using the Telstra resale network, named ‘Reach’ plans. We’ve compiled Optus’ current broadband plans, so that you can choose the best plan to suit your needs.

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Optus Broadband Internet Plans

All of Optus’ non-mobile broadband plans come with unlimited data. The bread and butter of the Optus product range is its fixed line broadband plans. Optus offers a range of different bundled internet plans, meaning pretty much all come with a home phone line and have varying levels of call inclusions. Just about everyone has access to ADSL, but you’ll need to check if your home is eligible for either NBN or cable internet.

  • What’s more, you can also receive a $10 per month discount if you also have an Optus mobile plan, bringing the minimum price down to $65 a month.

Generally most plans come with the option of either a 24 month or month to month contract, of which the latter usually incurs a $200 set-up fee. All Optus fixed-line plans also come with a Wi-Fi modem, as well as installation and setup by an Optus technician free of charge.

Yes TV by Fetch

Like with its mobile phone plans, Optus packs its internet bundles with several entertainment features.

  • The set-top box service Yes TV (also known as Fetch) includes live TV recording and rewinding, as well as an on-demand movie store and easy access to all your favourite entertainment apps such as Netflix (subscription required)
  • Optus Sport gives you live and exclusive access to Premier League football and related shows on-demand, as well as Australian Cricket matches over the summer
  • Yes TV also gives you access to Fetch’s entertainment packs starting from just $6 a month, in which you’ll get access to premium channels like ESPN, MTV, E!, National Geographic and the like
  • There are four entertainment packs costing $6 a month each, or you can bundle all four of them for $20 a month
  • The best part is that Yes TV is able to be streamed data-free – not that it matters with your unlimited broadband plan!

Yes TV is generally available on the dearer plans $80 a month or over, and the entertainment packs are available as optional add-ons.

Optus Home Phone Call Rates

As for home phone calling, most plans generally come with ‘pay as you go’ (PAYG) calls, of which the following rates are applied:

  • 28c/minute plus 52c flagfall to Australian mobiles and national lines
  • 30c/call local lines
  • 35c/call 13/1300 numbers
  • A number of bolt-ons are available, starting at $5 a month where you get unlimited standard calls, while $10 a month can get you an ‘International bolt-on’

So let’s dive in with further detail and see how Optus compares to other internet providers.

Optus ADSL Internet Plans

What’s included Price per month
Unlimited data $75
Unlimited data with Yes TV $90

Source: Optus website

If your home is still connected to a copper connection, then you might be pleased to know that Optus has further trimmed the fat on its ADSL plans to deliver prices starting at just $75.

  • You’ll have to check your location though, because not all areas can get access to the $75 plan
  • As mentioned earlier, the Yes TV and $75 plan come with PAYG calls, of which you can add on call packs from $5 a month

Month to month plans are generally available at the same price per month but incur a $200 set-up fee, otherwise you’re on a 24-month plan. Here’s a snippet of what you can expect with an Optus ADSL plan:

Optus Reach Internet Plans

What’s included Price per month
Unlimited data with PAYG calls and optional call packs $115
Unlimited data with PAYG calls and optional call packs and Yes TV $130

Source: Optus website

Optus uses the expansive Telstra network for its ‘Reach’ plans. The clue is in the title. With these plans, rural residents get access to the same great amounts of data and Yes TV as metro-dwelling customers, just at a slightly higher price. Optus Reach plans are basically just resold and wholesaled Telstra network plans, so you’re getting a Telstra connection with Optus branding. This gives a great alternative to Telstra for rural residents, who previously were stuck with only one provider for a long time.

Optus NBN Plans

What’s included Price per month from
Unlimited data, 50/20 speeds $75
Unlimited data with Yes TV, 50/20 speeds $90

Source: Optus website

Optus has grossly simplified its NBN offerings, and now offers plans across two speed tiers – 50/20 and the optional 100/40. This means you get a choice between either a 50Mbps max download speed, which is good for medium households who like to stream, or 100Mbps download speeds, which at its best can support responsive online gaming, multiple streams and much faster downloads.

  • Boosting to Premium 100/40 will cost an extra $30 a month.

While you will pay more per month speeds upwards of 50/20, it should be noted you also get the Fetch TV box and Optus Sport bundled in, which is a serious addition to overall value if you’re a TV or sports fan. With Fetch or ‘Yes TV’ using internet streams to broadcast pay TV, it’s perhaps a necessity for 50/20 speeds and faster to come with it.

Optus Cable Internet Plans

What’s included Price per month
Unlimited data $75
Unlimited data with Yes TV $90

Source: Optus website

Optus’ cable internet plans are generally the same as its ADSL plans, but if your home is lucky enough to be on a cable connection, you should benefit from faster speeds. The downside is you can’t switch your provider – if you have Optus cable in your area, you have to go with Optus. As usual, month to month plans carry an extra $200 set-up fee.

Optus Home Wireless Plan

  • 200GB data included for $70 a month, 10GB for $10 top-up as necessary, with a maximum of five top-ups per month
  • Unlimited data through Vividwireless for $90 a month.

Perhaps the most peculiar plan in the Optus line-up is the “Home Wireless” plan, which contains 200GB with 10GB top-ups as necessary for $10 each. This differs from the ADSL plans in that you get a SIM card to plug into your wireless modem.

  • Easy installation – simply ‘plug and play’
  • The wireless modem is free
  • It’s great for renters and those living in dorms for your own easy wireless internet

Once again you’ll be tied into a 24-month contract, but the biggest bonus is you can take this plan wherever you go – simply plug it in to your new place and you get instant internet connection again!

Optus Mobile Broadband Plans

3GB $20
10GB $40
30GB $60
100GB $80

Source: Optus website

All of these plans are available on a postpaid, 24 month contract basis, and come in SIM Only guise. These plans are great options for tablets, and are able to be bundled with the tablet range through Optus.

  • Most plans $35 and over offer data-free music streaming to apps like Spotify, Pandora and the like
  • Tablet bundles are available from an extra $16 a month, or you can choose to go SIM-only as mentioned earlier

Here’s a snippet of how the plans look:

How does Optus compare to other internet providers?

Since the introduction of its streamlined new plan range, comparing Optus plans to the competition has become remarkably simple – all Optus plans now come with unlimited data, which is still a significant advantage over plans offered by many large ISPs. Let’s see how Optus stacks up in a crowded market.

Optus ADSL plans compared

  • Unlimited data from $75/With Fetch from $90

Optus’ cheapest ADSL plan loses out in the value stakes to several smaller competitors – at $75 per month, it just can’t compete with unlimited monthly plans which are nearly half the price. However:

  • Optus is a known entity – you know you’ll get reasonable service and reasonably quick installation.
  • What’s more is Optus’ plans include a home phone line with PAYG calls, while with smaller providers you’ll often have to source your own line, which can be around $20 extra a month!
  • There are discounts if you’re an existing Optus customer.

On price alone, it is beaten out by the likes of Dodo, AusBBS, Mate Communicate and Barefoot Telecom.

It’s the larger entertainment bundles, however, where Optus really shines. The only real competitor to the Fetch + Optus Sport bundle is Foxtel’s Unlimited bundle, which costs a fair bit more starting at $101 but you do get the Sport and Entertainment bundles from $130 a month. When compared to the similar entertainment offerings of Optus’ Yes TV in conjunction with Optus Sport, the two are essentially neck-and-neck, but with Optus’ offering you won’t get NRL or AFL – but you do get EPL – and you’ll be streaming TV, instead of over traditional methods.

Optus Reach plans compared

For rural residents, Optus’ Reach plans provide a good alternative to Telstra for an expansive network. While all plans ‘out bush’ likely use the Telstra wholesale network, the fact is prices can be different across different providers. Keep an eye out for providers like iiNet that offer ‘off-net’ data plans – these are automatically offered if your address qualifies. As you can see in the table below, Telstra does not actually offer ‘unlimited’ broadband, instead offering 1000GB. Telstra’s plans are generally more expensive than Optus’.

Optus NBN plans compared

Optus’ massive streamlining of its NBN plans recently allows customers to more easily compare its plans with other providers. Starting at just $75 for Tier 3 with unlimited data, Optus competes alongside the likes of SpinTel, Exetel, and AusBBS. Optus is very competitive, and while not the cheapest you avoid set-up fees and get a free modem if you sign up for 24 months.

On Tier 4 from $105 a month, Optus does fall behind a little bit based on price alone, but the addition of Yes TV by Fetch is a serious value addition. It competes alongside the likes of AusBBS, Tangerine Telecom, and Barefoot Telecom and is beaten by them on price, but none offer much in the way of entertainment.

Optus Home Wireless plan compared

This is a bit of an interesting plan, as technically it is mobile broadband as it is based off a SIM card, but it’s designed to be used in a wireless router – which is provided for free – and used like any old ADSL plan. Maybe consider it like ‘mobile ADSL’ as it can move when and where you move quite easily. At this stage not many other providers offer similar, but Vividwireless does offer unlimited data in a similar fashion for $90 a month. It does come with a hefty set-up fee though, which is interesting considering with Optus you can just ‘plug and play’.

Optus Mobile Broadband plans compared

When it comes to mobile broadband, Optus’ plans are generally pretty competitive alongside the likes of jeenee Mobile, Yomojo and OVO Mobile. All three uses the resold Optus network anyway, so it might be useful to go straight to the source! That way you have a physical shopfront and Optus’ known quality. However if you’re after strict ‘bang for buck’ these three can and do offer similar amounts of data for cheaper. Optus, does shine through with its data-free Netflix and music streaming if you sign up for 12 months.

Should I buy an Optus internet plan?

Optus’ rejigging and streamlining some of its broadband plans recently makes it hard to say no to one of Australia’s biggest telcos. Optus offers many attractive options across all internet connection types, and with unlimited data starting at just $75 a month – even on NBN – it’s pretty hard to look past it.

While some providers do offer cheaper prices, Optus’ inclusion of Yes TV by Fetch and Optus Sport on plans over $80 make it pretty much a ‘go-to’ when it comes to internet and entertainment. Optus has transformed to offer some very exciting plans, and solidifies its position as one of the blue-chip ISPs of the Australian market.

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What do customers think about Optus ADSL/Broadband plans

In 2017, Australian customers gave Optus 4 out of 5 stars for Overall Customer Satisfaction for ADSL/Broadband plans

Optus ADSL/Broadband plans

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