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Kambrook Portable Heaters Review & Guide

From blenders and pressure cookers to vacuum cleaners and electric blankets, Kambrook seems to have it all. The same goes for its selection of portable heaters, offering different styles of oil column, ceramic, radiant, fan and micathermic heaters. But with most models offering basic functionality and a power output range between 1800W and 2400W – the question remains – is this budget-friendly brand worth buying? We check out the different products and features available.

Kambrook Portable Heaters

Kambrook produces a variety of portable heaters to suit most needs and households. It typically offers several styles of oil column, ceramic, fan and radiant heaters to choose from. However, the availability can change throughout the year ─ so, make sure to keep an eye out, as a model you’re lusting over for winter might no longer be in stock when sale season hits a few months later.

Kambrook ceramic heaters

For a portable heater that is a little more compact, you may like to try out Kambrook ceramic heaters. This type of electric heater uses ceramic plates which absorb heat and release it into the air. It’s better suited towards spot heating, rather than circulating warmth around the entire room. Prices usually start just at $99.95 and reach up to just over $200.

Kambrook’s ceramic portable heater range includes:

  • Kambrook Personal Ceramic Heater (KCE85)
  • Kambrook Ceramic Tower Heater (KCE340)
  • Kambrook All-Round Stylish Ceramic Heater (KCE460)

Kambrook Personal Ceramic Heater review

Kambrook Personal Ceramic Heater

The Kambrook Personal Ceramic Heater (KCE85) provides 1800W worth of heating and contains two heat settings plus a fan-only setting. It also offers a carry handle for convenience, power indicator light and safety functions including a safety tip-over switch and ThermoGuard overheat protection.

This Kambrook portable heater has a 12-month warranty and measures (L x W x H) 141mm x 201mm x 261mm.

Kambrook Ceramic Tower Heater review

Kambrook Ceramic Tower Heater

The Kambrook Ceramic Tower Heater (KCE340) boasts two heat settings (low and high), an auto mode and a fan-only setting. It additionally has variable thermostat control, oscillation function to distribute heat around the room, eight-hour programmable and auto-off timer, LCD digital display panel as well as ThermoGuard and safety tip-over switch.

This 2000W portable heater has a 12-month warranty and measures (L x W x H) 205mm x 210mm x 620 mm.

Kambrook Heater

Kambrook All-Round Stylish Ceramic Heater

This 2200W Kambrook ceramic heater (KCE460) provides 60° oscillation to provide up to 140° of heat coverage. The model also has two manual heating settings, an auto mode, variable temperature control and an LCD screen with a temperature display.

As with all Kambrook portable heaters, the All-Round Stylish Ceramic Heater includes ThermoGuard protection, safety tip-over and cut-out switch, and a one-year replacement guarantee. It measures (L x W x H) 380mm x 178mm x 178mm.

Kambrook fan heaters

Another option to make your bedroom toasty on a chilly morning is Kambrook’s fan heaters. Fan heaters use a standard metal-coil element to distribute heat. It has dual functionality allowing the fan to run in both warm and cold seasons. A downfall is that fan heaters take slightly longer to cool down compared to ceramic heaters. However, these are more affordable and usually cost between $60 and $80.

A couple of Kambrook fan heaters include:

  • Kambrook Upright Fan Heater (KFH700GRY)
  • Kambrook 2400W Oscillating Fan Heater (KFH770)

Kambrook Upright Fan Heater review

Kambrook Upright Fan Heater

The Upright Fan Heater (KFH700GRY) is a 2400W basic portable heater model, featuring two heat settings and a fan-only setting. It’s said to provide instant and direct heat, ideal for warming up cold spots in the room. The Kambrook fan heater also offers a carry handle, safety tip-over switch and cut-out switch, ThermoGuard overheat protection and a power indicator light.

This Kambrook portable heater comes with a 12-month warranty. It has a plastic build and measures (L x W x H) 160mm x 220mm x 275mm.

Kambrook 2400W Oscillating Fan Heater review

Kambrook 2400W Oscillating Fan Heater

The 2400W Kambrook portable heater (KFH770) shares many similarities with the brand’s Upright Fan Heater, but provides extra versatility with two heat settings and variable thermostat controls in addition to the fan-only function. While ceramic heaters are good for heating cold spots, the oscillation function on this model is said to help circulate heat throughout the room so you can enjoy more widespread warmth. You can also expect safety features including ThermoGuard overheat protection and safety-tip over switch.

The Kambrook 2400W Oscillating Fan Heater has a one-year replacement warranty and measures (H x W x L) 322mm x 222mm x 164mm.

Are Kambrook portable heaters worth the money?

Kambrook portable heaters are worth purchasing, especially if you’re simply after a budget-friendly model with basic functions to help get you through the chilly months. Prices for its portable heaters start from as little as just over $60 for a small fan heater and go up to $200 for a ceramic model. If you’re on a budget, Kambrook’s range does remain affordable compared to most other brands but doesn’t provide extensive design features.

To help keep your energy bills low, it’s a good idea to consider how much wattage a heater uses, because the higher the wattage, the more power it will need to run it – and the more you will pay in energy bills. This is particularly useful considering portable heaters don’t have energy star ratings, which help give you some frame of reference when it comes to judging a model’s energy efficiency. Most other appliances, like fridges and washing machines do come with an energy star rating.

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