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Top 6 fridge organisers to spruce up your fridge on a budget

If you’ve got a bag of lettuce rotting away at the back of your fridge and shelves crammed with ingredients you barely use, it may be time to give your kitchen workhorse a little TLC.

Keeping your fridge organised is not only good for your sanity, but it can also help you reduce food waste and save money on groceries by keeping track of what’s in your fridge.

So without further ado, here are some cheap fridge organisers you can buy to spruce up your fridge on a budget.

Top 6 fridge organisers

Here are some of our top picks of fridge organisers based on size, features, and price.

  • Box Sweden 3-Section Organiser & Dividers: $5
  • Kmart Narrow Fridge Organiser With Handle: $5
  • Kmart Under Shelf Fridge Drawer: $6 RRP*
  • Kmart Storage Turntable: $9 RRP*
  • Large Capacity Refrigerator Drawer (Kogan): $26.99 RRP*
  • Reusable Stand-Up Ziplock Leakproof Snack Bags (Six-Pack): $29.39 RRP*

1. Box Sweden 3-Section Organiser & Dividers − $5

1. Box Sweden 3-Section Organiser & Dividers

This Box Sweden three-section fridge organiser is ideal to store all your medium-sized items in one place, including sauces and condiments like jam, mustard, mayonnaise, as well as spreads like Vegemite and pastes (i.e. tomato, garlic, etc.). These items can also be stored in the fridge door if you’ve got space. This storage box is BPA-free and features dividers inside to help organise your items by type or size. It retails for only $5 on

2. Kmart Narrow Fridge Organiser With Handle − $5

Kmart Narrow Fridge Organiser With Handle

Believe it or not, this Kmart narrow fridge organiser with handles is great to store meat trays and packs vertically without taking up too much space in your fridge. It’s also ideal to keep on the middle shelf to store your butter, margarine, and other dairy products like milk and cheese. It comes with top carry handles and is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. It’s on sale at Kmart for $5. You may need to buy two to store all your weekly products.

3. Kmart Under Shelf Fridge Drawer − $6

Under Shelf Fridge Drawer

For small and loose food items in your fridge like garlic cloves, onions, and other herbs and spices, this Kmart under shelf fridge organiser is a game-changer. It can not only help you keep all your loose ingredients in one place but also help you use empty space in your fridge and maximise storage capacity. Just install it under any shelf as an additional drawer. Genius! It retails for just $6.

4. Kmart Storage Turntable − $9

Kmart Turntable

This clear turnable from Kmart is another must-have for your fridge or pantry and is better suited to store seasoning and bottled sauces like ketchup, soy sauce, chilli sauce, and so on. It features a sectioned design and a clear exterior to help you better organise and spot your items in the fridge or pantry. It retails for $9.

5. Large Capacity Refrigerator Drawer (Kogan) − $26.99

Large Capacity Refrigerator Drawer (Kogan)

If your crisper drawer is already at capacity, this large fridge drawer from Kogan is perfect to keep excess fruits and vegetables tucked away under a shelf and prolong the life of your produce. It also has sufficient capacity to store meats, seafood, and cheese. This Kogan buy is easy to clean and use and is on sale for under $30.

6. Reusable Stand-Up Ziplock Leakproof Snack Bags − $29.39

Reusable Stand-Up Ziplock Leakproof Snack Bags

These stand-up ziplock snack bags are the ideal solution to store snacks and cut up meat, fruits, or vegetables in the fridge without the risk of losing freshness. They’re designed with an expandable base, a leakproof ziplock closure, and a transparent PEVA material to allow you to see the contents inside. These snacks bags are sold in a six-pack on for under $30.

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How to organise your fridge

how to organise your fridge

Here’s how to get the most out of your fridge and organise it properly by section.

Upper shelf: The upper shelf is the highest point in your fridge and has the most consistent temperatures. This is where you should store perishable foods that have a shorter shelf life, including leftovers, deli meats, dips, olives, dried herbs, and so on.

Middle shelf: This part of the fridge is slightly cooler and has good air circulation. It’s where you should keep all your dairy products including milk, cheese, yoghurts, and butter as well as eggs.

Bottom shelf: This is the coldest part of your fridge and therefore ideal to store all your uncooked meats and seafood. The cold temperature will keep animal products from going off before their ‘best by’ date. Keeping raw meat at the bottom of the fridge also helps to avoid cross-contamination.

Door shelves: The door shelf is typically the warmest area of your fridge and is more susceptible to temperature fluctuations. Place your foods and drinks that have preservatives there, including sauces, condiments, juice, and soft drinks.

Crisper drawers: This is where you keep all your fruits and vegetables, salads, and other produce like fresh herbs. Crisper drawers sit just above the bottom of the fridge to keep your fresh produce fresher for longer while also avoiding freezing.

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