Fridge sizes guide

Fridge Sizes Guide

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Finding the right fridge for your home can feel like a hefty task given the different types available on the market. If you’re looking to buy based on size itself, Canstar Blue have put together a handy guide to help you determine which fridge may be the right one for you. 

What size fridge do I need?

There are a number of factors that impact what size fridge you may need for your home. Two main factors to consider are the space you have in your kitchen and the size of your household, i.e., how many people live in the home, and how much they eat!  

If you live in a smaller place like an apartment or a townhouse, you may not have the space to house a double door or French door fridge and so a top or bottom mount fridge may suit better. Assuming that you’re a family of four – two adults and two children let’s say – you would possibly be living in a home that has a little more space and requires a larger fridge. What size fridge you want may also come down to personal preference based on entertaining, cooking habits and so on, with your average grocery shop a major factor into how much space you need.   

Standard fridge size in Australia

Each fridge type comes with its own dimensions. Below is a useful fridge size guide to use as a reference for different fridge sizes. It is ideal to measure your space before purchasing a fridge to be 100% certain it will fit.

Fridge type Standard width Standard height Standard depth
Top/bottom mount 54 cm – 80 cm 130 cm – 180 cm 59 cm – 75 cm
Side-by-side 76 cm – 91 cm 170 cm – 178 cm 85 cm – 94 cm
Four-door 92 cm – 96 cm 170 cm – 180 cm 90 cm – 96 cm
French door 92 cm – 96 cm 170 cm – 180 cm 90 cm – 96 cm

It’s important to also note that a fridge’s capacity is measured in litres, and depending on how many people in the home the necessary capacity may change. As a general guide, two to four people in a household may need up to 400 litres, three to four people may need up to 600 litres and five or more may need up to 800 litres. 

Types of fridges

It can be good to understand each type of fridge’s features and functions so you know that you’re not only choosing the correct size but getting the best use out of your appliance.

Top-mount fridge

Top mount fridge size and type

A top-mount fridge is a more traditional design, with a freezer on top of the fridge compartment. This layout is popular because it’s compact without compromising on shelf and freezer space. It’s a cheaper option, often retailing from $700 to $2,000,  and would fit into most average-sized fridge cavity spaces in a kitchen, with most top-mount fridges coming with a capacity between 200 to 500 litres.

Bottom-mount fridge

Bottom mount fridge size and type

This is one of the most common options in Aussie households and the opposite of a top-mount fridge design, with the fridge compartment on top and the freezer on the bottom. This is also the most convenient option saving your back so you aren’t bending over to reach for frequently used items. Bottom-mount fridges retail for around the same as top-mount fridges at $700 to $2,000, and are  about the same size as top-mount units at 200 to 500 litres.

Side-by-side fridge

side by side fridge size and type

Side-by-side fridges has a vertical freezer and fridge compartment that sit side-by-side, as opposed to the traditional horizontal design of top and bottom-mount models. This provides easy access to both the fridge and freezer with minimal effort. The centrally opening doors also take up less depth, making it an ideal choice if have a long and narrow kitchen with limited space. These fridges generally retail between $1,000 and $5,000, and are generally 500 to 700 litres.

French door fridge

French door fridge size and type

A French door fridge features two side-by-side fridge doors on top (at eye level), with a freezer compartment at the bottom, either as a large single freezer drawer, two freezer drawers or with two additional doors containing easy-access freezer drawers. These fridges have extra width which is useful for storing larger items such as trays, pizzas and platters. French door fridges will retail between $2,000 and $8,000 for mid-level models and generally have a capacity between 600 to 800 litres. 

Four-door fridge

four door fridge size and type

Four-door fridges are most popular for their flexible storage space. These feature two waist-high central opening doors and a two-door freezer at the bottom. They also come with wide shelving and ample storage space, ideal for platters, cakes and trays, with some models coming with customisable freezer space. These fridges retail for $3,000 to $10,000 and are generally 500 to 800 litres. 

Which type of fridge should I buy?

When looking to buy a new fridge or upgrade to a larger size, which type you choose will ultimately come down to personal preference and your lifestyle. For larger families a fridge with a larger capacity would be an ideal choice, and for smaller households of two people a top or bottom mounted fridge could be the right choice. If you’re still uncertain, compare fridge brands below to help set you on the right track. 

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