Kmart 9L double air fryer

Kmart launches 9L double air fryer for family meals

Kmart has just solved the biggest pet peeve when it comes to air fryers − their limited capacity to cook meals for an entire family. The cult department store just launched a massive 9L twin air fryer with two independent drawers which allow you to cook separate foods (like crispy fries and nuggets) in one go! So, is it worth it?

Kmart 9L Twin Air Fryer review

9L Twin Air Fryer

Kmart’s twin air fryer (pictured) can be described as convenient and efficient. It can cook separate foods − even dinner and dessert − at the same time, thanks to its twin drawers (4.5L each) with independently adjustable temperature controls up to 200°C. The box-shaped cooking appliance retails for just $129 and also features all the bells and whistles of a standard air fryer, including removable frying pans with oil drip trays for a mess-free meal prep, an LED control panel with 11 pre-set functions, a 60-minute automatic shut-off function, and overheat protection for extra peace of mind. So, is it worth buying? Yes − especially if you often find yourself having to cook different meals for the kids. It could be the time-saver you’ve been looking for, and the sleek design also matches most modern kitchens. Win-win.

How do Aussies rate Kmart air fryers?

Kmart’s air fryers are often rated five stars for value for money and ease of use in our consumer ratings, although Aussies typically rate the department store lower on overall customer satisfaction, compared to brands like Breville or Target’s Bellini. Note that our consumer review is based on overall brand satisfaction and not specific product satisfaction. Be sure to check out online reviews for an indication of consumer sentiment towards a particular product like the Kmart 9L Twin Air Fryer.

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Are Kmart’s kitchen appliances any good?

Kmart’s kitchen appliances are generally considered good quality for the price you pay and if you like vintage designs, the department store has you covered. It stocks retro-style toasters and kettles similar to premium brand Smeg, and a coffee machine that looks a lot like Miele’s original coffee maker (for less than half the price). Kmart also sells a smokeless grill for all your indoor barbeque needs. Most Kmart appliances are sold under the official brand name Anko, although there are also some generic branded products with no brand name.

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