Kmart bread maker review

Is the Kmart bread maker any good? Review

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If there’s anything better than freshly baked bread, it’s baking fresh bread at home and at the touch of a button with a bread maker. But like any kitchen appliance, you’re not short on options, making the purchasing decision almost as hard as cooking itself. But enter a cheaper option into the mix – the Kmart bread maker. But how does it stack up, and is it worth your dough? Find out in this Canstar Blue guide.

Kmart bread maker review

Kmart $69 bread maker

The Kmart bread maker can be described as a functional, no-frills machine with a budget $69 price tag to boot. It works perfectly and can knead and bake fresh bread in a jiffy thanks to its generous 800g loaf capacity and ultra-fast program. This versatile kitchen appliance also features an LCD screen and 12 pre-set programs to cook everything from basic white bread and mini French baguettes, to gluten-free and fruit and nut bread (with an automatic fruit and nut dispenser). There’s also an adjustable crust control function which offers three degrees of crust to select (light/medium/dark), plus modes for making dough, and baking cakes, and basic pastries like scones.

The Kmart bread maker comes with other nifty specs and functions, including:

  • 13-hour programmable delay timer function: this allows you to delay the start time of baking by up to 13 hours, depending on the length of the baking cycle.
  • 60-minute keep-warm function: this keeps your bread warm for up to an hour after the baking cycle has ended.
  • 10 minutes electric power cut off memory function: if your power supply is temporarily interrupted, the memory recall function will kick in and resume the bread-making process automatically when power is restored.
  • Rectangular bread pan: this allows you to make perfectly shaped bread, and is made from aluminium alloy material, so be sure to use a pan spray with non-stick oil.

Are Kmart’s kitchen appliances any good?

Kmart offers a wide selection of on-trend kitchen and home appliances which are generally considered good quality for the price you pay. The department store also slings some cool retro-style designs, including toasters and kettles similar to premium brand Smeg, and a coffee machine which resemblances Miele’s original coffee maker (for less than half the price). Most Kmart appliances are sold under the official brand name Anko, although there are also some generic branded products, like the $69 Kmart bread maker which bears no brand name.

Here are some other cult Kmart appliances worth checking out:

How do Aussies rate Kmart’s kitchen gadgets?

Kmart’s own brand has previously performed well in some of Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction ratings, namely as one of the top five brands for air fryers. Note that our consumer reviews are based on overall brand satisfaction and not specific product satisfaction. The department store is also often a solid performer in the value for money category of various Canstar Blue appliance ratings including for toasters, kettles, and mixers. If you’re looking for an indication of consumer sentiment towards a particular product like the $69 Kmart bread maker, you could try checking out online reviews of that specific product.

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Is the Kmart $69 bread maker worth it?

Our verdict: Yes! The Kmart bread maker is the complete package, with programs for whipping up all sorts of sweet and savoury loaves, as well as cakes and other pastries. It also comes with all the baking accessories you may need including a kneading blade, a blade removal hook, a measuring spoon, and a measuring cup. The delay-start, keep-warm, and memory functions are also great nifty specs to see on a $69 budget buy. It’s a yes!

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