Amaysim vs Boost Mobile: Which telco has the best phone plans?

While the big three networks regularly fight it out to gain your business, there is just as much competition between smaller Aussie telcos. Not only do these providers need to offer plans with enough value for money to lure you away from the likes of Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, but they also need to compete against each other for your business.

Often with these Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), the most competition tends to be how much data can be packed in for the lowest prices. Whether the MVNOs offer prepaid or postpaid phone plans, there is some fierce competition out there.

Two such MVNOs are Amaysim and Boost Mobile. Both of these telcos specialise in prepaid phone plans and are generally known for offering good value for money, with both providers having won Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers for Prepaid Plans. (Amaysim in 2019 and Boost Mobile in 2018). Still, there are a couple differences between these telcos – let’s take a look to see how Amaysim and Boost Mobile compare.

Amaysim vs Boost Mobile: a quick glance

Amaysim operates on the Optus 3G and 4G network while Boost Mobile operates on the Telstra 3G and 4G network. Boost Mobile is actually the only MVNO to have full access to the Telstra network through a special arrangement, although you’ll only have access to the 3G and 4G network, not the super-fast 4GX service. Currently, there is no news as to whether Telstra will give Boost access to its growing 5G network.

As already mentioned, both Amaysim and Boost Mobile offer prepaid phone plans, and all plans from both telcos include unlimited standard national calls and SMS. One of the biggest differences is the suite of plans on offer. Amaysim offers five plans which all run on a 28-day expiry period along with a short-term seven-day plan, and long-term six-month and 12-month plans, while Boost offers seven plans across different expiry periods — 28 days and 12 months. Both telcos also offer some international call value, but that varies between plans.

Both telcos also have additional offerings beyond the prepaid phone plans. Amaysim offers a range of mobile broadband plans, as well as energy plans. Boost Mobile offers refurbished mobile phones that can be bought outright, with a free $30 SIM card included. Boost also offers an international roaming plan that you can add on to your existing plan.

The best phone plans from Amaysim and Boost Mobile

When comparing these two telcos, the price points for these plans are fairly similar — both telcos have plans at $20, $30, $40 and $50 price points, but data is where they differ. While Amaysim does offer more data at these price points, Boost Mobile is still quite generous with what it is offering. It’s also worth noting that Amaysim offers two cheap plans — a $12 plan is across a 28-day expiry and a $10 plan across a seven-day expiry period.

You can also pick up deals like bonus data and discounts on plan fees from time to time, so keep an eye out for what is currently on offer from both telcos.

Let’s take a look at some plans side-by-side to see how they compare. The following table includes a selection of Amaysim and Boost Mobile 28-day prepaid phone plans from Canstar Blue’s database with a minimum of 10GB of data, listed in order of advertised cost from lowest to highest and then data allowance, largest to smallest. Use our comparison tool to see a wider range of plans from other providers. These are products with links to referral partners.

Amaysim Prepaid Plans

Amaysim keeps things fairly straightforward, with a range of five plans all across 28-day expiries. All plans include unlimited standard national calls and SMS. The $30 plan includes unlimited standard international calls to 28 countries including Canada, China, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, the UK and USA, while $40 and $50 plans include calls to 42 countries.

As for data, inclusions start from 2GB and go all the way up to 80GB, which is plenty if you like to do a lot of web browsing, or video and music streaming. Video streaming will use about 1GB of data per one hour of standard-definition streaming: so if you’re watching several hours per week, 80GB should be enough, but keep in mind that high-definition video streaming uses about 3GB of data per hour.

If you’d prefer to ‘set and forget’ your prepaid plan, there are two long-expiry plans available. The six-month plan is $150 with 125GB of data (around 20GB of data per month), while the 12-month plan is $200 with 120GB of data (around 10GB data per month). There is also a super-simple pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plan on offer from Amaysim with $10 of credit to start with, which your calls, SMS, MMS and data usage will be taken from. You’ll be charged 15c per minute of standard national talk and SMS, 49c per standard national MMS and 15.4c per MB of data.

So, lets take a look at Amaysim’s five 28-day prepaid plans to give you an idea of what you’ll get for your money. The following table lists Amaysim’s prepaid plans from Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost, lowest to highest. This table includes products with links to a referral partner.

Boost Mobile Prepaid Plans

Boost Mobile does have a more diverse prepaid phone plan offering, with the inclusion of a couple of long-term plans available. There are also a few more advantages to selecting this telco, including the option to buy a refurbished phone outright (including a range of older iPhone models) with a $30 SIM card thrown in for free.

All plans, excluding the $20 plan,  also include unlimited standard international call and SMS to 20 countries, along with a set number of minutes and SMS to an additional 30 countries.

Boost’s cheapest plan is the $20 plan with 5GB over a 28-day expiry period. You won’t get any of the international calls or SMS included on this plan, but if you need the international calls, you’ll need to pay a minimum of $30 per 28-day expiry, with 20GB of included data.

The following table includes Boost Mobile’s 28-day prepaid plans from Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost from lowest to highest.

Long-term plans compared

Both telcos offer long-expiry plans, but prices and data inclusions do vary greatly between the two telcos. Amaysim’s six-month plan is $150 with 150GB of data to use, while the 12-month plans are $120 with 60GB of data and $200 with 165GB of data. Boost offers a $200 12-month plan with 100GB of data included, while the $300 comes with 240GB of data included. While Amaysim offers the cheaper 12-month plan, while Boost offers a more expensive 12-month plan, so how much data you’ll need over those 12 months could determine which provider’s plan is better suited to you.

If a long-term plan sounds like the right option for you, a good way to choose between the two providers might be the data inclusion. Amaysim’s six-month plan works out to be around $25 a month for around 25GB of data, while the $200 12-month plan is around $16 per month for around 13GB of data. Boost’s $200 plan works out to be $17 per month with 11GB, while the $300 plan is $22 per month for 25GB of data.

The following table includes Boost Mobile’s long-term prepaid plans from Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost from lowest to highest. This table includes links to a referral partner.

Amaysim vs Boost Mobile — the final word

Now that we’ve compared plans from both telcos, you can see that there is really very little difference between the two in terms of price – the biggest difference could come down to the networks each telco uses. While we’ve provided a snapshot of how these two telcos compare, there are plenty of others offering prepaid plans, along with postpaid providers and telcos with phones available on a plan, so there is plenty of choice out there.

  • Price: There is very little difference between the two telcos when it comes to price — there are $20, $30, $40 and $50 plans from both, however the biggest point of difference is that Amaysim offers cheaper plans, with one over a seven-day expiry and the over over 28 days. If you want a cheap $10-$12 plan as your regular day-to-day phone plan over a long period of time, you’ll probably find the Amaysim offer more appealing.
  • Data: Once again, the differences in data offerings are fairly small. While Amaysim does offer more data at comparable price points, both providers offer data rollover.
  • Expiry periods: Amaysim offers plans on seven-day, 28-day, six-month and 12-month expiry periods, while Boost Mobile offers 28-day and 12-month expiries. The 7-day expiry could work if you’re after a temporary plan for a couple of weeks, if you’re interested in trying out Amaysim before committing, or for travellers looking for a plan to use for the duration of their trip. It’s also worth noting that a 28-day expiry period will require you to recharge a minimum of 13 times a year.

All in all, there is no saying which of these two telcos is better — it all comes down to what you want from your prepaid plan. If you want lots of data, you might find Amaysim has some better options, while Boost Mobile could be a stronger option if you want a longer expiry period. Both telcos have their strong points, and it could even come down to choosing the Telstra network or Optus network. However, it’s still worth comparing phone plans from a wide range of mobile phone providers to help you find the phone plan that is right for your needs.

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