Tom Fleming

Tom Fleming Tom Fleming specialises in phone and internet but also covers a host of consumer-related topics - streaming in particular. Tom holds a Bachelor of Journalism at the Queensland University of Technology and has written for a host of local lifestyle publications such as The West End Magazine.

La Liga

How to watch La Liga Football in Australia

Posted by August 23rd 2022

La Liga, or The League if you’re looking for the English translation, may have lost its star-power of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but rest assured that Spain’s top flight of football still deserves to …


Best Samsung Phone in 2022: Which one is right for you?

Posted by October 17th 2022

Samsung has worked its way into not just being a competitor of Apple’s iPhone series, but hosting its own viable smartphone range. Since 2009, the Samsung smartphones have been getting stronger, quicker, as well as …


High-end phones being sold for cheap in Belong sale

Posted by August 17th 2022

The high price of high-end smartphones such as iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy S20/S21 range has long been a major hurdle for users looking to get the best of the best. But Belong is looking to change …


Telstra acquires 51% of Fetch in set-top-box industry shake-up

Posted by August 17th 2022

Australia’s telco giant is set to acquire Fetch TV in a major shake-up for the set-top-box content game.  Telstra has been given the go-ahead  to acquire 51.4% of Media Innovations Holdings Pty Ltd, or Fetch TV, …


Vodafone launches massive $350 discount on iPhone 13

Posted by September 9th 2022

The newest models in the Apple smartphone range have been tricky to find a discount on in recent months, but Vodafone is putting an end to that dry spell.  The telco provider is offering discounts on …

Motorola announces three new smartphones in Australia

Posted by June 20th 2022

The American telecommunications company, which is a subsidiary of Lenovo, has announced a major three additions to its suite of smartphones. The Motorola Edge 30, Moto G82 5G, and the Moto E32 will cover a …


Powerline Adapters: What are they and do you need one?

Posted by June 3rd 2022

Slow internet can rival some of the most frustrating instances on the planet, and with our increased reliance on instant and reliable connection, the stakes are even higher. Ethernet powerline adapters aim to aid this …


ADSL vs NBN – What’s the difference?

Posted by July 20th 2022

The internet space has become increasingly confusing over the recent years, as various different options have entered the fray and given consumers various options to choose from. While there’s a fair few internet options, two …