Tom Fleming

Tom Fleming Tom Fleming is a Canstar Blue content producer and sporting guru. While he's a cricket fanatic, Tom loves reporting on every code and league, while also being an impassioned music buff. Recently graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism from the Queensland University of Technology, Tom prides himself on writing with the consumer in mind, while producing articles that are engaging and informative.

Screencasting phone

How to screencast from your phone

Posted by July 19th 2021

As the world becomes increasingly entertainment-focused and sharing what you see is the new wave, screencasting is a crucial asset to have in your technological arsenal. But what is screencasting, and how can you do …

2020 Paralympics

How to watch the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in Australia

Posted by July 14th 2021

As the world’s elite athletes prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, elite athletes with disabilities are also preparing to compete, with the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics set to get underway in August and September. With ‘para’ …

X Games

How to watch the Summer X Games in Australia

Posted by July 12th 2021

Two wheels. Four wheels. And in unfortunate circumstances, no wheels. That’s the long and short of the Summer X Games, where the world’s adrenaline junkies battle it out to be crowned the extreme sports champion. …

Group of people watching sports

The top sports streaming services in Australia | 2021

Posted by July 13th 2021

Gone are the days of a TV remote being the only thing standing between you and thousands of sporting events. As the amount of sporting competitions has blown up, so too has the sheer amount …

Euro 2020

How to watch the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship in Australia

Posted by July 8th 2021

There’s nothing like the big-stage to get a football fan’s blood pumping, with stages not coming much bigger the UEFA European Championship. Known simply as ‘The Euros’, the European Championship pits the best European countries …

Ronaldo Juventus Stan Sport

Stan Sport secures exclusive UEFA broadcasting rights

Posted by June 29th 2021

New-boy to the streaming game Stan Sport has collected another pawn in its commercial game of rights, and it’s sure to come with a few bragging rights too. The platform has snagged the broadcasting rights for …

People watching sport

Upcoming sports events and broadcasts – July 2021

Posted by July 8th 2021

The world of sport is a vast and tricky one to navigate, with fans bombarded by hundreds of options to choose from every day. Even for fans who know what they’re looking for, working out …

British Open Golf

How to watch the British Open in Australia

Posted by June 22nd 2021

The world’s most hand-eye coordinated will be putting on a show in Sandwich this year, as the British Open - simply known as 'The Open' - rolls around once again. Featuring a field of 156 …