Zac Kelly

Zac Kelly Zachariah Kelly is a telco content writer for Canstar Blue and consumer news journalist, specialising in all things phone, internet and streaming, with a soft spot for video games. He's fresh out of university with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Social Political Sciences from UTS and has previously written for Nine News, The Daily Mail, Junkee, Kotaku and GOAT. He's passionate about helping people make the right purchase decisions and understanding all things tech.

A man holding a laptop, background is green

Exetel Home Wireless Broadband

Posted by October 20th 2020

Home wireless broadband is a casual internet user's solution to getting a good home WiFi connection, and is a viable alternative to fixed-line internet like ADSL and NBN. Home wireless broadband uses 4G and 3G …

A person sitting excitedly at their desk on their laptop

SpinTel Home Wireless Broadband

Posted by October 20th 2020

If you’re looking for a replacement for your ADSL internet connection, and don’t want to go with the NBN, home wireless broadband might be the solution for you. Home wireless broadband is a type of …

A man excitedly holding a laptop

Yomojo Home Wireless Broadband

Posted by October 20th 2020

If you’ve been looking for a good NBN alternative, home wireless broadband may be the one for you. Home wireless uses 4G and (if you’re lucky) 5G networks to give you home internet without the …

Several colourful iphones in a pattern around eachother

Apple slashes older iPhone prices post iPhone 12 launch

Posted by October 19th 2020

Love iPhones, but don't want to spend tonnes of money on the new line of iPhone 12 devices? Well, Apple is here with price drops across all of its older iPhones, including this year's iPhone …