Hair Dryers Compared

Canstar Blue’s latest hair dryers review has seen VS Sassoon, Remington, Philips, Dyson, ghd, Kmart and BaByliss PRO compared on performance and reliability, weight & size, hair care, value for money and overall satisfaction.

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Most Satisfied Customers | VS Sassoon

Aussies have rated VS Sassoon best in Canstar Blue’s 2021 hair dryer review. It received five stars for most categories, including performance & reliability, weight & size and overall satisfaction.

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VS Sassoon makes waves in hair dryers review

There’s a good chance many of us have stood in front of a fan, imagining we’re stealing the screen of a major Hollywood star with our big, bouncy and beautiful windswept hair. But let’s be real, most people are more likely to resemble something out of The Grudge when we hop out of the shower. Thankfully, there’s the humble hair dryer to save the day. Whether it’s adding volume and shine, or just simply doing a quick dry, there’s plenty of things this little appliance can do. So, which brands will blow you away and which should you brush off?

To find out, we surveyed over 700 Australian consumers for their feedback on the hair dryers they have purchased (or been given) and used within the last three years. Manufacturers were rated on performance & reliability, hair care, weight and size, value for money and overall satisfaction. Those that received the minimum required survey sample size of 30 responses are included in our ratings.

VS Sassoon blew Aussies away in our 2021 hair dryers review, rating best for the majority of categories ─ including overall satisfaction.

Best Hair Dryers

Best hair dryer review

Here are the best hair dryers in Australia, as rated by consumers in Canstar Blue’s 2021 review:

  1. VS Sassoon
  2. Remington
  3. Philips
  4. Dyson
  5. ghd
  6. Kmart
  7. BaByliss PRO

VS Sassoon shined in our latest hair dryers review, receiving the only five-star review for overall satisfaction. Most other brands landed on four stars, except for BaByliss PRO which got three stars for overall satisfaction.

Kmart alternatively stole the spotlight when it came to value for money, rating best with five stars. Philips saw the same result for hair care.

Hair Dryers

VS Sassoon

VS Sassoon hair dryer review

One of the unique products to come out of VS Sassoon is its Digital Sensor Dryer ($249.95 RRP*). Designed and engineered in Italy, the intelligent high-end model is said to contain what they call Hair Protection technology to provide faster and healthier styling. VS Sassoon also offers several travel hair dryers for on the go, such as the Travel Pro ($39.95 RRP*). For a blow-dry that lasts, this model is claimed to be the first AC motor worldwide travel dryer in Australia and is said to last up to three times longer than a standard DC dryer motor.

Most VS Sassoon hair dryers retail for under $100. Here are some models currently available:

  • VS Sassoon Pocket Rocket Dryer (VSD102A): $17.95 RRP*
  • VS Sassoon Pro Dry 2300 (VSD120A): $29.95 RRP*
  • VS Sassoon Super Power 2400 (VSD769A): $59.96 RRP*
  • VS Sassoon Italian Style 2100 (VSD6610DA): $79.95 RRP*
  • VS Sassoon 5Q Brilliance High Performance Dryer (VSP5QA): $129.95 RRP*

Some VS Sassoon hair dryers come with a five-year warranty.

  • VS Sassoon impressed by rating best with five stars for performance and reliability, weight & size and overall satisfaction. It got four stars for value for money and hair care.


Remington hair dryer review

Remington is big on hair, offering a variety of straighteners, hot rollers and hair dryers to choose from. One of its hair-raising products is the Remington AIR3D Plus Hair Dryer ($179.95 RRP*), which apparently utilises a new structure for hair drying. The AIR3D Plus is stated to use a unique 3D airflow path to enhance styling performance and features smooth conditioning technology to minimise frizz and ensure a smooth finish. Remington’s AIR3D hair dryer is additionally described to have a lightweight and balanced design for greater control and comfort.

If you’re looking for a travel buddy, the Remington Jet Setter 2000 ($19.95 RRP*) promises to give you 2000W worth of power, dual voltage and a convenient folding handle.

Some Remington hair dryers include:

  • Remington Compact Pro 2100 Hair Dryer (D2050AU): $24.95 RRP*
  • Remington Curl & Straight Confidence Hair Dryer (D5706AU): $69.95 RRP*
  • Remington Keratin & Argan Oil Nourish Hair Dryer (AC8820AU): $79.95 RRP*
  • Remington Hydraluxe Pro Hair Dryer (E9001AU): $149.95 RRP*

Some Remington hair dryers come with a two-year warranty.

  • Remington maintained a smooth four-star review across the board, including for performance and reliability, weight & size, hair care, value for money and overall satisfaction.


Philips hair dryer review

From electric shavers to clothes irons, and even baby bottles and motorcycle lights, Philips stands out with its wide variety of products to choose from. Its small range of hair dryers is generally priced just under the mid $100 mark, with one of the brand’s top-of-the-range options retailing not far off at $139. The MoistureProtect Philips is claimed to use an infrared sensor to analyse the state of your hair and automatically adjusts the temperature settings on the hair dryer to maintain moisture and prevent your locks from drying out from the heat.

For quick drying, Philips alternatively offers the Philips Hair Dryer Prestige Pro ($149 RRP*). This product can apparently reach up to 170km/h, supposedly making it 50% faster than the previous SalonDry Pro.

Philips hair dryers currently available include:

  • Philips MoistureProtect Hair Dryer (HP8280): $139 RRP*
  • Philips Prestige Pro Hair (HPS920/00): $149 RRP*

Most Philips hair dryers come with a two-year warranty, although certain models including the Prestige Pro Hair Dryer ($149 RRP*) have a longer five-year warranty.

  • Philips rated best for hair care with five stars, before ending on four stars for overall satisfaction and the remaining research categories.


Dyson hair dryer review

Dyson has attracted a cult following for its vacuum cleaners, although recent hype around the Airwrap styler is proving the brand can do just about anything. Dyson is fairly new to the world of hair tools, at least compared to many manufacturers mentioned in this year’s ratings, offering a small range of hair dryers, straighteners and stylers, each available in a variety of designs.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is currently the only hair dryer available from Dyson. It comes with a diffuser to reduce frizz and define curls and waves, plus a styling concentrator to help you direct airflow towards a specific area on your head, so that you can style your hair in sections without messing up everything else. This model also features three speed settings, four heat settings and a 28°C cold shot to supposedly set your hair once you’ve finished styling.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer retails for $549 and is available in the following colours:

  • Iron/Fuchsia
  • Black/Purple
  • Black/Nickel

Similar to Dyson’s line of stick vacs, these hair care gadgets have a larger price tag compared to some other brands.

  • Dyson achieved four-star reviews in most research categories, such as performance and reliability, weight & size and overall satisfaction. It got three stars for value for money.


ghd hair dryer review

Short for ‘good hair day’, ghd produces a variety of feature-packed styling tools to help you brush up your hair game. Aside from hair dryers, the brand offers hair straighteners, hot brushes, hair curlers and crimpers, as well as a variety of hair care products such as heat protectant sprays. ghd also has its own range of salon-exclusive items.

Its range of hair dryers includes the ghd Helios Professional Hair Dryer, available in a variety of colours, including black, white, plum, ink blue and neo-mint. It features Aeroprecis technology, which supposedly uses both advanced internal aerodynamics and a contoured precision nozzle to provide a powerful and even heat distribution. But, how powerful exactly? The brand claims the brushless motor creates airflow with a speed of up to a whopping 120km/h for fast drying. These typically retail for $290, or $310 for the model in ombre chrome.

Here are some models from the ghd range:

  • ghd Flight Travel Hair Dryer: $99 RRP*
  • ghd Air Hair Dryer: $230 RRP*
  • ghd Helios Professional Hair Dryer (Plum): $290 RRP*
  • ghd Helios Hair Dryer (Ombre Chrome): $310 RRP*
  • ghd Gold Styler & Flight Bundle (includes ghd Flight Travel Hair Dryer & ghd Gold Hair Straightener): $350 RRP*

ghd hair dryers usually come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • ghd scored a sleek four stars in most categories, such as performance and reliability, weight & size and overall satisfaction. It scored three stars for value for money.


Kmart hair dryer review

Don’t want a hair dryer that ends up drying out your wallet? Kmart has plenty of affordable hair-styling tools available, with prices ranging between $10 and $25 for hair dryers. The cheapest is a travel-friendly option that features a foldable handle, two-speed settings and a cool shot function.

The more expensive Kmart 2200W Hair Dryer similarly provides three heat settings and a cool shot function. It additionally includes a design featuring ceramic and tourmaline to supposedly keep your hair healthy and shiny, while the ionic airflow technology apparently reduces frizz. This budget model also comes with a long-life AC motor and diffuser.

Here are some models you can expect to find at Kmart:

  • Kmart Travel Hair Dryer: $10 RRP*
  • Kmart 2000W Hair Dryer: $20 RRP*
  • Kmart 2200W Hair Dryer $25 RRP*

Kmart hair dryers are available in-store or online via the retailer’s website.

  • Kmart was rated the best value for money, earning five stars, before ending on four stars for overall satisfaction and in the remaining categories.

BaByliss PRO

BaByliss PRO hair dryer review

BaByliss PRO has been supplying salons and homes with high-end appliances for more than 50 years, selling different styling tools such as curlers, hot air brushes and straighteners, plus hair clippers, trimmers and hair treatment tools. It also produces a Moroccan argan oil range, featuring products like masks, leave-in treatment, thermal protector sprays, styling creams, shampoo and conditioning sprays.

One option to pick from is the ItaliaBrava, a hair dryer that’s said to contain a unique brushless engine designed by Ferrari. It produces 2400W worth of power, and has six heat and speed settings, plus nano titanium technology claimed to help hair dry faster and with less damage. The BaByliss PRO line-up also boasts several lightweight dryers, compact dryers, travel dryers and high-performance dryers.

Here are several models currently up for grabs from BaByliss PRO:

  • BaByliss Bambino Dual Voltage Travel Dryer (BABNT5510A): $59.95 RRP*
  • BaByliss Powerlite Dryer (BAB5589A): $99.95 RRP*
  • BaByliss PRO Attitude Professional Dryer (BAB6350A): $129.95 RRP*
  • BaByliss Torino 6100 Dryer (BABNT6160NA): $189 RRP*
  • BaByliss PRO ItaliaBrava Professional Dryer (BABFB1BA): $299.95 RRP*

BaByliss Pro hair dryers come with either a one or two-year warranty, depending on the model.

  • BaByliss PRO rounded up the scores on three stars for overall satisfaction and most of the remaining research categories. The sole exception was value for money, where it got two stars.

Other Hair Dryer Brands

While the brands reviewed above received the minimum sample size to be included in the ratings, that doesn’t mean other brands should be brushed off. Here are a couple more popular brands you may want to consider:


ALDI hair dryer review

If the price of high-end hair dryers is causing you grey hairs, ALDI’s got your back with its budget model. The German discount supermarket chain is known for having some of the cheapest dupes in its Special Buys, even when it comes to appliances. One hair dryer that has previously featured in the seasonal sales is the Professional Hair Dryer for $24.99 RRP*. This ALDI hair dryer features three heat settings, two-speed settings, and a cool shot button and boost function. It’s also boasted to have 2000W-2400W drying power. Plus, it comes with a styling nozzle and diffuser.


Parlux hair dryer review

Another brand you might come across in the hair care aisle is Parlux. This high-end brand offers a fairly long list of hair dryers to choose from, many of which are available in a variety of designs. One of the models is the Parlux Alyon Hair Dryer ($325 RRP*), the brand’s ‘new power player’ producing 2250W worth of power to help style your hair. Described as lightweight and ergonomic, this model comes with four temperature settings, two-speed settings and a cold shot function. The Parlux Alyon additionally boasts a hair catcher system and anti-heating front body for those who want to use the whole body of the hair dryer, just like in the salon!

Many Parlux hair dryers are said to be made in Italy and usually include a two-year warranty. Some hair dryers currently available include:

  • Parlux Ardent Barber Tech Ionic Hair Dryer: $225 RRP*
  • Parlux 385 Power Light Ionic & Ceramic Hair Dryer: $285 RRP*
  • Parlux Advance Light Ionic & Ceramic Hair Dryer: $295 RRP*
  • Parlux 3200 Plus Hair Dryer: $235 RRP*
  • Parlux 3800 Eco-Friendly Ceramic & Ionic Hair Dryer: $262 RRP*

What is the best hair dryer to buy?

Canstar Blue’s latest hair dryer ratings suggest VS Sassoon is the full package, being the only brand to receive five-star reviews for performance and reliability, weight & size and overall satisfaction. Otherwise, Kmart seemed to offer the best bang for buck, with value for money being the biggest driver of satisfaction for consumers buying a hair dryer (32%).

Prices for hair dryers can start from just $10 and reach over $500. Our survey shows models in the mid to high-end price range tend to hit the sweet spot for plenty of consumers, with Aussies spending an average of $93 on a new dryer. People also seem to be making the most out of their purchase by ditching the hotel’s complimentary hair dryer and traveling with their own (26%).

Otherwise, if you’re like the 27% of people who use hair products to minimise heat damage, then you might appreciate brands like Philips that have succeeded on the hair care front, at least according to our ratings. Some try to get around this hairy problem by switching on the ‘cool’ setting (26%) on their dryer or applying heat protectant spray.

But whatever you choose ultimately depends on what you need. This means considering factors like hair type and thickness, budget, whether you need any attachments and how much time you have to dry your hair. These things can influence the different settings, features and power levels you’ll need as well as the price.

About the author of this page

This report was written by Canstar Blue’s home & lifestyle journalist, Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito. She’s an expert on household appliances, grooming products and all things grocery and shopping. In addition to translating our expert research into consumer-friendly ratings reports, Tahnee spends her time helping consumers make better-informed purchase decisions on all manner of consumer goods and services, while highlighting the best deals and anything you need to be aware of.

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*Prices taken from respective retailers and correct as of June 2021. 

More About Hair Dryers

Our latest hair dryers review saw VS Sassoon rated best in most categories:

  • Best overall satisfaction: VS Sassoon rated best for overall satisfaction, followed by Remington and Philips.
  • Best performance and reliability: VS Sassoon also ranked number one for performance and reliability, ahead of Remington and Philips.
  • Best weight and size: VS Sassoon additionally offered the best weight and size, followed by Philips and Dyson.
  • Best value for money: Kmart placed best in value for money, with VS Sassoon and Remington not far behind.
  • Best hair care: Philips took the lead for hair care, beating Dyson and Remington.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canstar Blue surveyed more than 6,000 Australian adults across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction, via ISO 26362 accredited research panels managed by Qualtrics. The outcomes reported are the results from customers within the survey group who have purchased (or been given) and used a new hair dryer in the last three years – in this case, 775 people.

Brands must have received at least 30 responses to be included. Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands receiving three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10. Not all brands available in the market have been compared in this survey. The ratings table is first sorted by star ratings and then by mean overall satisfaction. A rated brand may receive a ‘N/A’ (Not Applicable) rating if it does not receive the minimum number of responses for that criteria.

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