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How to clean your oven

Cleaning your oven is one of those items on your cleaning list that is often pushed back again and again, only making matters worse when you do get round to it. But it really is a simple task that would take you no more than an hour (give or take). So, if it’s coming up to that time and you need help figuring out how to clean your oven or what products to use, read on with this Canstar Blue guide.  

Best oven cleaning products

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Popular brands which Aussies have rated highly in Canstar Blue’s oven cleaners review over the years include Selleys, Oven Power (OzKleen), Jif, Mr Muscle, Easy Off and ALDI Power Force. There are many other widely available brands on the market though, so do take your time to shop around.

How often should you clean your oven?

This will entirely depend on how often you use your oven. If you’re a regular cook or baker aim to clean your oven monthly to avoid massive grease build-ups. If you use your oven only a few times a week, you can stretch it to every two to three months. In any case, you should wipe down the oven door at least once a week.

How to clean the inside of an oven?

Before you go ahead and start cleaning, firstly check your oven is switched off and cool to the touch. Have all your cleaning gear – gloves, sponges and other cleaning products – ready to go before you begin. 

  1. Pull all loose trays, racks and grills out from the oven and set them aside to clean later. 
  2. Spray or spread your oven cleaner throughout the inside of the oven and leave it to get into the grease for a few hours. 
  3. Once it has had time to get into the leftover grease, use a sponge or cloth to wipe out the cleaning product, scrubbing at any areas that are still dirty. You can also use a plastic spatula to scrape off any really tough spots. 

Cleaning your oven is fairly simple but does require a little bit of time. Always read the instructions of cleaning products before using them to avoid any hazards and to get the best finish out of the product.

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How to clean oven racks

Remove your oven racks from the main unit and soak them in hot, soapy water overnight − using 1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid or 3/4 cup of laundry detergent. This should ‘soften’ and dissolve baked on grease and grime enough for you to start scrubbing it. Use a scrubby sponge and some oven cleaner to scrub off the remaining grease. For dislodging sticky grime between the prods, use an old toothbrush.

  • Oven cleaning hack: You can also soak your oven racks in hot water with some Napisan or dryer sheets which works a treat at removing grease.

How to clean oven glass

Spray the inside of the oven glass door with some oven cleaner or baking soda to dissolve grease and food stains. Wipe the excess off with a sponge or damp cloth.. To remove streaking, use a commercial-grade glass cleaner like Windex to give the glass one last wipe both inside and outside for a shiny finish.

  • Oven cleaning hack: Another way to get gunk off the glass door is to dip a dishwashing tablet into warm water and rub it along the glass of the oven. As the tablet starts to disintegrate, so will a lot of grime.

How to clean oven trays

Follow the same process as you would with oven racks. Soak the trays in hot, soapy water (using dishwashing soap or laundry detergent) for at least an hour. If you can’t fully submerge the tray in the sink, turn it over after a while to cover all surfaces. Once your tray is soaked, you can scrub until the grease is all gone. Alternatively, you can use oven cleaning soaking bags which contain a solution to lift and peel the grease.

  • Oven cleaning hack: You can also soak your oven trays and racks in an unused bin bag with 1/2 cup of ammonia and seal it overnight.

Is it worth investing in a self-cleaning oven?

Self-cleaning, or pyrolytic ovens, can do all the work for you when it comes time to clean your oven. They use extreme heat or steam to loosen any grease and grime built up in the oven leaving very little elbow grease from you. One of these ovens will set you back between $1,000 and upwards of $5,000, so there’s variety from a price perspective, but it could be a small price to pay to save you doing the cleaning!  

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