Samsung announces new watches, earbuds, and smartphones

The smartphone isn’t the only device doing smartphone things – Canstar Blue dives into Samsung’s new smartwatch, along with the company’s earbuds and new smartphones.

Samsung continues to diversify its range of products, unveiling a range of smartwatches, earbuds, and even a pair of new smartphones that will be sure to get fists pumping. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4, the Galaxy Buds range, and the Watch 5 range were all unveiled by Samsung as additions to their existing respective ranges.

Read on with Canstar Blue to unpack what’s new in the Galaxy Z Series, as well as the offers that are being announced from major telcos.

What accessories are Samsung releasing?

Samsung is releasing two new accessories for the Australian market, including a new smartwatch and new earbuds. 

Galaxy Watch 5 range


The Galaxy Watch5 series is a wearable device intended for both the sporty, performance-minded individual, as well as for everyday connection. The Watch5 is the latter of those, with a modest but fair upgrade to the Galaxy Watch4 justifying its $499 starting price. Available in 40mm and 44mm, the base model of the Watch5 Series looks to be strong. The Watch5 Pro comes in at 45mm and a price starting from $799, and promises an astonishing 80-hour battery life. 

Galaxy Buds2 Pro


Samsung is also releasing the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, which retail for $349, and are available in purple, white, and graphite variants. The wireless earphones provide an upgrade to the sound quality of their predecessor with 24-bit hi-fi sound – essentially a crystal-clear sound experience. 

360-sound is a nice touch to the Buds2 Pro, working similarly to Apple’s spatial audio. The Buds2 Pro are a major progression in the range, and getting them may be easier than you think. 

What deals are available for the Samsung accessories among the telcos?

There are a variety of deals for each of the three major telcos, each offering different savings on a variety of products. 

Telstra’s Samsung Deals

Telstra customers will be able to receive a free pair of Buds Live with both the standard Watch5 and Watch5 Pro. Buds Live are the predecessor to the Galaxy Buds Pro series, but still offer serious value in the wireless audio world. 

Optus’ Samsung Deals

Optus will be offering the Galaxy Buds2 for customers who purchase the standard Watch5 or the Watch5 Pro.

Vodafone’s Samsung Deals 

Vodafone is serving up the same offers as Optus, with the Galaxy Buds2 thrown in for customers who purchase a Watch5 or Watch5 Pro. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Hanging up on a phone call just got a whole lot cooler. 

Samsung is bringing back the glory days of mobile phones with its 2022 Z Series. What sets these phones apart from the rest of the pack is its flip-phone callback, with a screen that folds in two. While this is a model of phone that has been essentially left in the past, Samsung is reaping the success of the early 2000s tech-boom once again.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 flips upwards as a smartphone – reminiscent of the 2000s phone technology. The Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip is a slight improvement on its predecessor, as well the Flip 4 employing a much-improved camera system, and a bigger battery compared to the Flip 3. 

The display of the Flip 4 is approximately 6.7 inches, which is a sizeable one for a smartphone. The ‘flippability’ of the device means this can obviously get a lot smaller to fit in pockets and small bags. The 12MP main camera is fairly low for a smartphone of its quality, however the selfie camera holds strong at 10MP.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4, which is available from 128GB, comes in two model types, including base and Bespoke versions, and will retail from $1499. 


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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

fold4If you like the look of the Flip 4 but wish it folds instead of flips, you’re in luck with the Galaxy Z Fold 4. This years’ variant of the Galaxy Z Fold is a bit more expensive than the Flip 4, coming in at $2499 and starting at 256GB and going up to 1TB in storage options. 

The main draw of the Galaxy Fold 4 that really sets it apart from its competitors is its sheer size – 7.4 inches, making it a behemoth of a smartphone. 

The Fold 4 is once again only a small upgrade on its predecessor, but is another move in the right direction for flipping and folding phones.

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