Where to buy cheap exercise bikes

Cheap exercise bikes and where to buy them

If you’re looking to ride your way to fitness without stepping outside, an exercise bike can be a great option to burn calories from the comfort of your home. It’s a versatile piece of workout equipment that can help you up your cardio and get the legs of your dreams with less stress on your joints. Plus, you can ride and watch your favourite Netflix shows at the same time. What more could you want?

But like most workout equipment, a stationary bike is a considerable investment, so a little model and price research wouldn’t go astray. But, don’t worry we’ve done the yards for you and narrowed down some recommendations.

Cheap Exercise Bikes

Here are some of the cheapest exercise bikes from Australian retailers currently available.

  • Fortis Variable Resistance Exercise Cardio Bike – RRP $119.99*
  • Fortis 13kg Flywheel Exercise Spin Bike – RRP $199.99*
  • Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100 – RRP $349*
  • York Performance Recumbent Exercise Bike – RRP $398*
  • ProForm 90 Exercise Bike – RRP $399*
  • Best Fitness Chain Drive Indoor Cycling Bike – RRP $477*
  • BH Fitness H286 Astra Program Bike – RRP $499*

All prices are correct as of April 2020.

Fortis Variable Resistance Exercise Cardio Bike – $119.99*

Cheap Kogan exercise bike

This resistance bike from Kogan can make you feel the burn from the comfort of your home, without burning a hole in your wallet. It comes with everything you’ll need to ride your way into sexy legs, including several adjustable resistance levels, an LED display monitor to keep track of your speed, distance and calorie count and an adjustable saddle and handlebars. It’s also got a sturdy frame with anti-slide feet, with a weight capacity of up to 100kg. This machine comes with a one-year warranty.

Fortis 13kg Flywheel Exercise Spin Bike – $199.99*

Cheap exercise bike from Dick Smith

This heavy-duty cast iron flywheel exercise bike from Dick Smith can give you a gym-grade workout from your own lounge room. It offers standard features including eight levels of adjustable resistance with a press down brake system, a built-in LCD display monitor to keep you up to speed and track distance, vitals and calories and an adjustable handlebar and saddle. It also has a belt drive system for smoother pedalling and a weight capacity of up to 150kg. This model also comes with a one-year warranty.

Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100 – $349*

Cheap exercise bike from Target

This Target magnetic resistance exercise bike is designed to help you maximise your cardio workout and build muscle strength. It features seven programs – manual, fat burn, maximum fat burn, aerobic, hill, mountain and plateau, as well as eight levels of magnetic resistance. It also has a large InTouch display monitor that tracks time, speed, distance, calories, programs, pulse and scans with just one button. Extra features that come with this model include fingertip pulse on handrails, levelling stabilizer caps and a drink bottle is included for the water bottle holder. This model has a 136kg weight capacity and comes with a one-year warranty.

York Performance Recumbent Exercise Bike – $398*

Cheap exercise bike Big W

This one-crank flywheel recumbent exercise bike from Big W strikes a good balance between comfortability and affordability. It’s fitted with eight manual resistance levels, adjustable stabilisers for uneven surfaces, like your garage floor for example; and an LCD computer display monitor to track your time, speed, distance, calories and vitals, as well as an odometer. It also has a large cushioned seat for extra comfort and soft handle bars (perfect for exercising in front of the TV). This model has a 100kg weight capacity and comes with a one-year warranty.

ProForm 90 Exercise Bike – $399*

Cheap exercise bike Rebel Sport

This flywheel exercise bike from Rebel Sport can help you push your limits in the comfort of your home. It comes with eight levels of manual resistance, a window LCD display console for your scan, speed, time, calorie and distance count, as well as a horizontal and vertical seat adjustment to help you find your feet on the bike. It also has adjustable pedal straps, a 100kg weight capacity and comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and two-year warranty for other parts.

Best Fitness Chain Drive Indoor Cycling Bike – $477*

Cheap exercise bike on Amazon

This Best Fitness resistance bike from Amazon has a chain drive system to give you the feel of road biking from the comfort of home. It comes with an 18kg flywheel to offer resistance to advanced and novice riders alike, and an updated braking system. It also features your standard adjustable seat and handlebars, suited for all heights. This model has a 150kg weight capacity and is built to last with a five-year frame warranty and one-year parts warranty.

BH Fitness H286 Astra Program Bike – $499*

Cheap exercise bike Appliances Online

This BH Fitness exercise bike from Appliances Online can help you make the most out of your cardio workout and monitor your progress overtime. It comes with four custom training profiles, eight pre-set programs and 14 intensity levels to customise your workout to your fitness goals. It’s also fitted with an LCD monitor display to track your numbers, handgrips with pulse measurement function and a heart rate control program which allows you to target your heart rate zone during your workout. Additionally, it has a Body Fat Test & Recovery Test to monitor your progress and all other standard functions and features you’d expect including an adjustable seat and handlebars, bottle holder and wheels for easy transportation. This model has a maximum weight capacity of 100kg and comes with a one-year warranty.

What to look for in an exercise bike?

What to look for in exercise bike

Different bikes offer separate benefits and features, so your choice will ultimately depend on your fitness goals (and budget). Because not all resistance bikes are created equal, there are a few things you should consider before buying one. Here’s a quick summary below.

  • Bike type: Exercise bikes come in all forms. First, choose whether you want an upright or recumbent bike. The former is best for cardio, endurance and toning, while the latter is more suited to low impact workouts and injury recovery. Then, you’ll need to consider how your bike is powered. Generally, there are three types of resistance mechanisms: flywheel, magnetic resistance and fan-based resistance with a few hybrid models scattered around the market.
  • Programming: You’ll want a bike with a decent screen display and basic program functions that will allow you to adjust your workouts according to your goals and monitor important numbers like your speed, distance, calories burned and pulse. This is important to keep track of your progress. Some machines also have special programs for body fat testing, heart-rate control, although may cost a bit extra. But if you’re looking to take a deep dive into analytics, it may be worth the price tag.
  • Resistance: Look for a machine with multiple resistance and workout levels so that you can adjust your pace and intensity as your progress. Resistance is either generated electronically by pedalling the bike or externally controlled through resistance settings.
  • Price: This is arguably one of the most important considerations. Prices for exercise bikes range widely, from $100 and up to $4,000 or more. Unless you’re a professional athlete or an avid cyclist, sticking to mid-range models with standard functions and features can help you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Warranty: Exercise bikes don’t come cheap and repairing them doesn’t either. Make sure your machine comes with at least a two-year frame warranty and one-year parts warranty. If you want extra piece of mind, consider purchasing an extended warranty, or the proper maintenance equipment and cleaning gear to help take care of your purchase.

Is an exercise bike worth buying?

If you’re not keen on the gym and prefer to workout at home, an exercise bike is ideal. It can help improve your cardiovascular endurance and it’s an excellent option for burning calories quickly (up to 600 calories per hour) depending on the resistance level. Who wouldn’t dream of burning fat while binge watching your favourite shows? Plus, it’s a machine that provides enough resistance to build lean muscle, at least in the lower body, without putting pressure on the joints, compared to running and/or skipping. Another major upside is that stationary bikes are available at all different price points and with various workout functions, so you can easily find one that will suit your fitness goals and budget.

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