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Review of Bosch Washing Machines

Washing machine shopping is neither particularly exciting nor interesting. However, it’s still important you get the right one for your needs. Front loaders are generally the top choice these days, as compared to top loaders they use less water. Luckily, German manufacturer Bosch – in its huge array of appliances and tools – makes some advanced front loader washing machines that potentially could make washing clothes not such a bore.

What washing machines does Bosch offer?

When it comes to washing machines, Bosch deals exclusively in front loaders. However, the brand is also a household name when it comes to appliances like dishwashers and ovens. Like other leading brands of home appliances, Bosch originates from Germany, but unlike some of its compatriots – including Miele – its washing machines don’t bring the same premium price tag. What you can generally expect is quality at a reasonable price.

Bosch front loaders under $1,000

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Bosch has two models falling under the retail price of $1,000.

  • WAE22464AU for about $950
  • WAE22466AU for $999

At this price range, expect four-star WELS-rated water consumption, as well as four-star energy consumption. You’ll also get capacities of about 7kg and more than 10 programmable functions. The dearer model also features ‘SuperQuick’ functions – 15, 30 and 60 minute wash cycles designed for a quick and easy rinse. For the 15 minute cycle, Bosch claims you can wash 2kg of ‘lightly-soiled’ laundry. These washers seem ideal for a small household needing quick washing to suit their busy lifestyles.

Bosch front loaders under $1,500

There are four models in this price range, falling under the ‘Serie 4’ and ‘Serie 6’ model specifications. Expect more features at this price range, like an increase in programmable functions, and heavier capacities of over 7kg. Even with these increased capacities, expect efficiency to remain the same.

  • The WAK24160AU has a WELS rating of four-stars and four for energy too.
  • This model consumes 72L of water and 264kWh energy on the ‘Cotton 60C EcoPerfect’ cycle
  • Expect water consumption to increase with more intense cycles, but this still trumps top loaders

Bosch front loaders over $2,000

bosch front loader washing machine

There are two models in this price bracket. Indeed, this is where the Bosch range tops out.

  • WAW32640AU 8.5kg for a hair over $2000
  • ‘Home Professional’ WAY32890AU 8.5kg for about $2600

Expect these models to be the ‘flagships’ of Bosch’s line-up. These models include features like:

  • ‘EcoSilence Drive’, which is a super-efficient and quiet cycle with a ten-year motor warranty
  • ‘VarioPerfect’ high-performance programs that allow you to get in and get out of the laundry with expending 50 per cent less energy, and cleaning time by 65 per cent – so claims Bosch
  • ‘AntiStain’ system that adjusts water temperature and spin speed to automatically remove common stains
  • ‘iDos’ liquid detergent that automatically calculates the ideal amount of detergent for the water used so you get a crisp wash every time.

These are just some of the features that make Bosch stand out in a crowd.

Why buy a Bosch washing machine?

Beyond just solid clothes washing, Bosch has a series of features that help make washing as painless as possible. These key features are:

  • New “XxtraSanitary” technology that uses thermostat-controlled heating to raise the water to 170-190°C to kill 99.9% of common bacteria in clothes.
  • “i-DOS” detergent dose dispensing technology. This times detergent release and calculates how much you need based on the load size and the amount of water you are using. This helps to cut wastage and dial-in a better quality wash free of stains and detergent streaks.
  • “EcoSilence Drive uses powerful, permanent magnets instead of carbon brushes, making the front loader washing machine quieter than ever before. This is a common issue with front loaders, in that they can spin quite loudly.
  • “LoadSensor” technology means you don’t need to wait for a full load in order to be energy efficient. The washer senses how much laundry is in the machine and only uses as much detergent, water and energy as it needs for that specific amount.
  • “VarioPerfect” programs that allow you to customise wash times using 50 per cent less energy. These programs can reduce cleaning time by 65 per cent. This is another common gripe with front loader washers in that the cycle time is too long compared to top loaders.
  • “SuperQuick” and “PowerWash” cycle times, enabling quick washes in times of 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
  • “AntiVibration” side walls regulate vibration, and provide stability, so even at full speeds on a spin cycle noise is minimised.

With its German focus on engineering, techy features and ingenuity, Bosch make some solid washing machines. Its smart features dedicated towards water efficiency and intelligent detergent dispensing ensure you’re getting a great wash that won’t kill the earth. What’s more is that its prices – while slightly higher than some of the bargain basement brands – are accessible for many shoppers. While Bosch has moved much of its manufacturing away from Germany, its quality control ensures you’re getting a solid washing machine at a fair price.

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