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Posted by Canstar Blue August 23rd 2016

iPrimus, the residential services division of Primus Telecom, offers a range of services, from home broadband to home phone and mobile services.

The first telecommunications carrier to be granted a licence upon the introduction of full deregulation and competition in Australia in 1997, Primus had prior to this operated as a service provider to business markets (having done so since 1993).

“Since then, Primus has grown to become one of Australia’s leading communications providers, offering broadband, phone, mobile and data services for businesses and consumers,” Primus states.

What services does iPrimus offer?

Primus states that its “network provides nationwide coverage through its own backbone network with facilities in 66 cities across Australia”.

“The network enables the company to provide nationwide long-distance services and local call internet access,” Primus states.

“Primus operates its own fibre network in the five major capital cities, delivering a range of business direct-connect services, including ISDN, frame relay, ATM, telephone line and broadband DSL, as well as telephone line and broadband DSL services direct to residential customers.”

Primus was acquired by M2 Telecommunications Group in 2012 (with M2 having merged with Vocus Communications in 2016).

“We use an extensive global network of owned and leased transmission facilities, and have ownership interests in around 40 undersea fibre optic cable systems, 23 international gateway switches, a satellite earth station and a variety of operating relationships that deliver traffic worldwide,” Primus states.

Home internet and phone

iPrimus’ home internet and phone offerings range from NBN and broadband plans to home phone and voice over internet protocol (VoIP), with bundle deals also available, while consumers can check NBN availability via its website.

Its NBN and broadband plans are available with a range of data inclusions up to unlimited data, with its NBN plans paired with a variety of speeds, and are available on one-month, 12-month and 24-month contracts.

iPrimus’ bundle deals, meanwhile, combine internet and home phone, and come with a variety of different data and call inclusions. iPrimus additionally offers a range of broadband TopUps for users in need of extra data on top of their plan allowance.

“Broadband TopUps allow you to buy additional data allowance for your broadband service as and when you need it,” iPrimus states.

“For example, if you’ve just used up your current data allowance, but don’t want to slow down to dial-up speed, you can simply buy extra data TopUps to retain your fast connection. iPrimus TopUps are also handy when you know in advance that you’ll be downloading more than usual.”

iPrimus’ home phone plan can be taken up as a standalone plan with no minimum contract term or bundled with a broadband plan, with call pack add-ons available, catering to local mobile and international landline and mobile calls. iPrimus’ Lingo VoIP plans, meanwhile, are available with a variety of different inclusions, and are available on either a one-month, six-month, 12-month or 24-month plan.

“A Lingo VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service is the easy way to catch up with family and friends around Australia and overseas,” iPrimus states.

“Sometimes called broadband phone or internet phone, VoIP enables phone calls to be made over the internet, using your broadband connection.”

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Mobile services

iPrimus’ mobile offerings comprise both mobile plans and mobile broadband plans.

iPrimus’ ‘No Worries’ mobile plans are available with a range of call, text and data allowances, on either a 24-month contract with a smartphone, or as a bring-your-own mobile SIM-only plan on a month-to-month basis, providing 4G coverage delivered via the Optus 4G Plus network.

iPrimus’ Speedster mobile broadband plans, meanwhile, provide a range of different data inclusions, and are available on either a 12 or 24-month contract, providing coverage over the Optus 3G/HSDPA network, with users needing to purchase a mobile broadband modem.

Consumers can access a mobile network coverage map via the iPrimus website, and can search for coverage by address and by area.

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Account management

iPrimus provides customers a range of online tools, designed to help with account monitoring and management, via its My Account service.
Via My Account’s Account Toolbox, iPrimus customers can:
• View current and previous bills
• Check their account balance
• See future charges not yet billed
• Look at their internet usage summary
• Go over information about their plan
• Edit options
• Record payment receipts
• Make payments via credit card

Customers can login to My Account via the iPrimus website.

Customer service and bill payment options

iPrimus’ support page provides a range of information, including set-up guides and technical information, with its frequently asked questions section covering a variety of potential queries about products and services.

iPrimus can be contacted by phone and by email, with consumers also able to send iPrimus an online contact request via its website.

iPrimus offers a range of different bill payments methods, including by:
• Direct debit from a saving or cheque account, or from a credit card
• Online by credit card via the iPrimus website
• By credit card via phone
• BPay
• Online or by phone via Australia Post’s Post Billpay service
• In person at an Australia Post office
• Via mail by cheque or money order

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