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Your complete guide to SpinTel

Telecommunications provider SpinTel provides a range of internet, home phone and mobile services for residential and business customers.

SpinTel, which has been around since 1996, places emphasis on its customer service and accessibility.

“Our award-winning service is fast and cost-effective, and our sales and support teams are friendly and efficient,” SpinTel states. “We are committed to our customers. At SpinTel, our constant objective is to support our customers.”

What services does SpinTel offer?

SpinTel states that its home broadband and phone plans “are designed to be used by real people”, with the telco putting “serious consideration” into the bundling of its products and the accessibility of its services.

“With adaptable products, friendly service, extensive experience and an ever-present eye on new technologies, SpinTel is geared to exceed your expectations,” SpinTel states.

Home internet and phone

SpinTel offers a range of broadband and NBN bundles, which come with a number of home phone options, with customers able to tailor their bundle to their needs, choosing from a number of different data and speed options.

SpinTel’s broadband bundles are available on a month-to-month or 12-month contract, with its NBN bundles available on a month-to-month, 12-month or 24-month arrangement.

Customers can also opt for auto data blocks, which will apply if they exceed their monthly data limit, with SpinTel automatically topping up data at 10GB per time.

“We’ve called our bundles ‘flexible’ because you get to pick from three broadband options and three phone call options, and you can combine the two options that best suit your needs into one personalised bundle – this means you’ll never have to pay for what you don’t need,” SpinTel states.

“Like to talk? Then go for the Unlimited Phone option. Don’t use that much data? Then combine your Unlimited Phone option with a lower broadband option and if it turns out not to be enough and you reach 100 per cent of your data limit, we add a data block so you maintain a fast internet connection.”

In addition to its bundles, SpinTel also offers standalone broadband options, comprising a number of different data inclusions, on a 12 or 24-month contract. Customers can find out which plans are available at their address by conducting a search via the SpinTel website.

SpinTel additionally offers a standalone home phone service with a number of different call packages catering to different user requirements.


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Mobile services

SpinTel has a number of bring-your-own-mobile mobile plans, with no lock-in contracts, delivered via the Optus 4G Plus network.

SpinTel’s Unlimited mobile plans come with unlimited talk and text to standard Australian numbers, with a range of different data inclusions, with its Flexible plans coming with a range of call and data inclusions and unlimited text to standard Australian numbers.

On its Flexible plans, once a customer has reached their call or data limit, SpinTel automatically bumps them up to the next plan.

“For even better value, if you’re bumped up part-way through the billing month, you’ll receive the full amount of the plan rather than the pro rata amount for that billing month,” SpinTel states. “Bumping up continues in this way until you are bumped to the highest XL plan.”

Consumers can check network coverage via the SpinTel website, searching by both address and area.

Account management

SpinTel’s My Account management service provides customers with a number of tools via which they can monitor and manage their account. Via My Account, customers can:

  • Check their balance
  • Pay their bill
  • Update their payment details
  • Change their plan

Customers can log into My Account via the SpinTel website.

Customer service and bill payment options

Consumers can access a range of information via the SpinTel website’s support page, from guides on configuring and setting up broadband, phone and mobile services to frequently asked questions covering a variety of topics. Consumers can contact SpinTel by phone or email, and can also provide feedback via its Facebook page.

SpinTel customers can pay their invoice by direct debit from their nominated bank account or credit card.

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