Review of Aussie Broadband Plans

If you’re looking for an internet plan that’s true blue, dinky-di and fair-dinkum, have you considered saying G’Day to Aussie Broadband? Aussie Broadband has been around since 2008, and its headquarters are in Morwell, Victoria – part of the Gippsland region. Aussie is a comprehensive telco, and offers a range of ADSL, NBN and home wireless broadband plans. While its wireless services really only cover some regional areas in Victoria and South Australia, its other plans are available in a wider variety of areas. So what exactly does Aussie Broadband offer, and how does it compare to other providers?


Aussie Broadband Internet Plans

Aussie Broadband has a pretty wide range of internet plans covering ADSL, the NBN and home wireless connection types. Prices start from just $35 but you’ll pay more if you want any appreciable amounts of data.

  • NBN: Standard Evening Speeds starting from $55 a month
  • ADSL: Prices starting from $45 for 50GB
  • Mobile Broadband: Beginning at $15 for 1GB

Delivered over both fibre and fixed wireless technologies, Aussie’s NBN plans are pretty easy to follow, and you get a choice of three speed tiers.

  • The first plan comes with Standard speeds (25/5) while subsequent plans come with Standard Plus or Premium speeds.
  • The cheapest unlimited plan is just under $80 a month.
  • Aussie Broadband is a ‘congestion free’ network, and its top tier plans typically reach a top ‘evening speed’ of 90Mbps

Beyond that, all NBN plans come with 7-days-a-week local support, and no connection or cancellation fees. All plans are presented on a no-contract basis. There are also no excess data charges; instead your speed is just shaped to 256kbps. You also get a choice of VoIP and NBN Phone plans to choose from, starting at just $5 a month for ‘pay as you go’ rates.

How fast is Aussie Broadband NBN?

Aussie Broadband frequently tops speed tests for having some of the fastest and industry-leading speeds in the NBN game. Aussie has rated its premium evening speed at 90Mbps. During busy periods, this is pretty quick.

  • An ACCC report revealed that Aussie beat out other providers to achieve maximum plan speeds over 88% of the time. This beat out much bigger providers and other providers also fell below 80%.

Aussie Broadband’s ‘no 6pm slowdown’ movement means that occasionally it shuts the door to new customers as it builds more capacity. This can ensure a congestion-free network and a better experience for those all around.

Aussie Broadband Mobile Broadband Plans

If you desire a no-fuss broadband plan without the wires, Aussie Broadband can 4G mobile speeds through the Telstra network. Plug your SIM card into a dongle or pocket Wi-Fi device – or tablet – and away you go. These plans come on a no-contract basis. Plans include:

  • 1GB for $15
  • 5GB for $30
  • 10GB for $45
  • 15GB for $55
  • 20GB for $70
  • 30GB for $95

As you can see, to get maximum convenience, you have to be willing to pay a bit more for the amount of data you receive. While these data limits likely can’t replace your home internet, they can co-exist as a viable and fast 4G backup in case the home connection goes awry.

How Does Aussie Broadband Compare to Other Providers?

Aussie Broadband benefits from having plans with no contracts, cheap NBN speed tier jumps, no price increases from ADSL to naked DSL plans and a 7-day-a-week call centre. However, there are other providers out there offering more competitive plans at lower prices, but you will have to consider Aussie’s provisioning of extra bandwidth to limit the ‘6pm slowdown’.

Aussie Broadband NBN Plans Compared

  • Unlimited data on Standard Plus speeds costs $79 a month.

Unlimited data speeds for less than $80 a month sounds like a good deal, and while it’s certainly not bad, the fact is you can probably find a cheaper plan with unlimited data. The same goes for higher speed tiers too – there are other providers offering very competitive plans.

  • While it’s virtually impossible to really find out how good your internet will be before it’s installed, Aussie’s ‘congestion free’ network may be worth paying extra for.
  • Aussie also benefits from having no lock-in contracts as standard, plus no setup fees.

Providers worth keeping an eye out for include Exetel, Vodafone NBN, and MyRepublic. All offer similarly-priced plans, if not a bit cheaper at the potential expense of the ‘6pm slowdown’ that Aussie claims to avoid.

Aussie Broadband ADSL Plans Compared

  • 1000GB for $85

Once again, Aussie Broadband offers a fair bit of data, but the fact that it has no unlimited plans may be irksome for some. In the ADSL sphere there are a number of providers offering unlimited data, some from as little as $30-odd a month, nearly a third of the price of Aussie. Some leaders in the ADSL space are MyRepublic, Start Broadband and iiNet. However, Aussie benefits from having no lock-in contracts and no activation fees. Can your provider do the same?

If you want to do away with a home phone line, Aussie Broadband allows you to do this at no extra cost with its Naked DSL plans, and you won’t need to purchase a home phone plan. Once again you’ll need to pay $85 a month for 1000GB of data. There are other providers that may be worth a look into.

Aussie Mobile Broadband Plans Compared

  • 5GB for $30

Mobile broadband presents a convenient option looking for those that just want to connect without much fuss. There are a number of providers in this space, including Vodafone, Dodo and Amaysim. 

All providers tend to go toe-to-toe, with similar data allowances for a similar price. All in all, it may be worth considering looking at the network each provider uses. Aussie, as we know, uses Telstra; Vodafone uses Vodafone and Dodo & Amaysim use the Optus network.

Should I say G’Day to Aussie Broadband?

Aussie Broadband a relatively small telco, operating out of regional Victoria. That alone may be enough to sway some Victorians who may want a more localised service. For many people just looking for a cheap price, the price you pay for the amount of data you get may not be satisfactory enough. However, for pundits concerned about the congestion on their network in peak times, Aussie’s aim to curb congestion may be worth paying for.

With that said, there are other, bigger, providers out there offering more data for your dollars across NBN, ADSL and home wireless categories.

  • Before dismissing Aussie based on price alone, you may want to give consideration to its ‘congestion free’ network and how that differs to other providers.

Furthermore, customers may look for a good call centre and easy plans on no contract terms, and Aussie claims to provide that. Though, if you’re looking for a cheap plan with lots of data, other providers may be more up your alley.

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