Review of iPrimus broadband plans

As one of many subsidiaries of Vocus Communications, iPrimus is part of Australia’s third-biggest home internet provider. The brand’s product range consists of traditional bundles and naked plans using ADSL2+ connections, as well as several NBN plans with different speed tiers available. We’ve checked out iPrimus’s product range to determine exactly what their plans include – and how they stack up against similar providers.

Naked ADSL plans from iPrimus

iPrimus offers four different ADSL2+ naked plans, giving you your choice of monthly data allowance and no complicated extras. All four plans are available on monthly, 12 month or 24 month contracts, with the only difference being setup fees – the lattermost also includes a free modem, though you can always bring your existing one to any iPrimus plan. If you sign up online, you’ll also get $50 credit towards your first monthly bill.

The only optional extra is to add a PAYG home phone line rental plan, which costs an extra $29.95 per month, but you’ll also receive a $10 monthly discount. The starting price for these two services combined is much cheaper than even the entry-level ADSL and Home Phone bundles, which makes it a smart option if you don’t make many home phone calls. Check out iPrimus’s plan details below:

Starter          Family Kahuna No Worries Unlimited
Cost per month $39.95 $49.95 $59.95 $99.95
Data 40GB 100GB 300GB Unlimited
Setup Fee per contract length §  1 Month – $199

§  12 Months – $139

§  24 Months – $89

Source: iPrimus website

ADSL bundles from iPrimus

For those after more calls and data, look no further than an iPrimus Platinum broadband bundle. All iPrimus bundles include unlimited standard local and national calls, whilst the Platinum Max plans include unlimited calls to mobiles as well. Bundles are only available on a 24 month contract, with the same setup fee and included modem as the equivalent Naked plan. Check out the plans below:

Platinum plans

No Worries Platinum Home No Worries Platinum Family No Worries Platinum Unlimited
Cost per month $89.95 $99.95 $129.95
Data 200GB 500GB Unlimited
Local + national calls Unlimited
Mobile calls PAYG

Platinum Max plans

No Worries Platinum Max Home No Worries Platinum Max Family No Worries Platinum Max Unlimited
Cost per month $109.95 $119.95 $149.95
Data 200GB 500GB Unlimited
Local + national calls Unlimited
Mobile calls Unlimited

NBN plans from iPrimus

In eligible areas, iPrimus now offers fibre broadband plans on the NBN. The company offers three different plans, all of which include iPrimus VoIP service that comes with unlimited phone calls to local and national numbers over the internet. You also have the option of three different NBN download speeds:

  • Light (12/1 Mbps, NBN Tier 1)
  • Home (25/5 Mbps, NBN Tier 2)
  • Intense (100/40 Mbps, NBN Tier 5)

Prices increase with higher download speeds, although even the most expensive NBN plan is significantly cheaper than iPrimus’s ADSL bundles. Check out the plans below:

No Worries Fibre Max 10 No Worries Fibre Max 50 No Worries Fibre Max Unlimited
Data 10GB 50GB Unlimited
Monthly Cost – Light $39.90 $49.90 $69.90
Monthly Cost – Home $49.90 $59.90 $79.90
Monthly Cost – Intense $69.90 $79.90 $109.90
Local and national calls Unlimited
Mobile calls PAYG

How does iPrimus compare to other internet providers?

iPrimus’s Naked broadband plans are less than competitive on price with many similar competitors. The entry-level plans don’t offer much value due to their low data caps, whilst the unlimited plan is significantly more expensive than other monthly unlimited offerings. The sweet spot, however, is in the mid-range plans, which offer less data but greater contract flexibility than many cheaper naked plans.

iPrimus’s bundled plans tend to lose out in the value stakes – many other providers offer unlimited broadband and unlimited local calls at significantly cheaper price points, and the larger providers at similar prices bring more bonus inclusions such as media streaming. Their NBN plans, however, are more than competitive, offering similar prices and speeds to other NBN service providers.

iPrimus offers a comprehensive range of ADSL and NBN plans, with the latter range in particular representing decent value for money. But you should play the field and keep your eyes open for better offers.

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