panel heaters guide review compare models prices

Panel Heaters Buying Guide

Posted by May 16th 2022

Low temperatures don’t always have to mean high purchase costs. Panel heaters are usually a relatively inexpensive option to buy for some basic winter heating during the colder months, with prices starting from around the …

Best cheap oil column heaters to buy Australia prices models

Oil Column Heaters Buying Guide

Posted by May 16th 2022

Looking to beat the winter chills without spending big bucks? If you're low on cash, but still want to keep things hot at home, an oil column heater may be just what you need. This is …

Kmart heaters review

Are Kmart heaters a hot buy? Review

Posted by May 16th 2022

Looking to Kmart for a cheap heater to keep you warm in the cooler months? Find out which models pass the pub test in this Canstar Blue review. Does Kmart sell heaters? Yes, Kmart stocks a small, …

Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor Heaters Buying Guide

Posted by May 18th 2022

Find out what type of patio heater is the best fit for your entertaining area when the nights get a little chilly with this Canstar Blue guide.

ALDI sells dual air fryer

ALDI’s 9L twin air fryer is hitting shelves THIS WEEKEND!

Posted by May 3rd 2022

Bargain hunters will be seeing double at ALDI this weekend, with the discount supermarket slinging a 9L Ambiano Professional Dual Basket Air Fryer for $129 in Special Buys this Saturday (from 7 May). It will …

Energy companies that no longer exist

The energy brands that no longer exist

Posted by May 5th 2022

Canstar Blue reveals what happened to energy brands that no longer exist, such as Integral Energy, TRUenergy and Country Energy.

Woman staring into fridge, looking for something to eat

How much power does a fridge use?

Posted by April 28th 2022

Is your refrigerator running? Then you better catch a glimpse at these usage costs before your next energy bill arrives! As a household staple, the low hum of a fridge is never far off, and …