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The difference between the cheapest and most expensive fridges can be huge. You could spend just a couple of hundred bucks on one of the basic budget options, or splash out thousands of dollars on one of the best new fridges around with all the bells and whistles. In this guide, we’ll be looking at different types of fridges, including top mount, bottom mount, side by side, French door, upright/freezerless and bar fridges. We’ll highlight the prices you can expect from each range to help you find the best fridge for your household and budget.

top mount fridge example

Top Mount Fridge Prices

Most top mount fridges that offer around 400L of capacity can be had for under $1,000. However, larger-sized units are priced $1,000 and up. One of the cheapest top mount models costs about $500, while one of the most expensive fridges within this range costs around $2,000. Nevertheless, size is not the only factor that influences price, with retro top mount fridges, for example, priced at around $4,000 despite being small in capacity at around 460L.

Model Price
Esatto 207L Top Mount Fridge ETM207W $479 RRP*
Hisense 460L Top Mount Fridge HR6TFF459 $899 RRP*
Kelvinator 460L Top Mount Fridge KTM4602AA $1,349 RRP*
Westinghouse 536L Top Mount Fridge WTB5400WBL $1,599 RRP*
Electrolux 460L Top Mount Fridge ETE4607SB-L $2,049 RRP*

*Prices taken from Appliances Online and respective retailer websites, correct as of January 2020

bottom mount fridge example

Bottom Mount Fridge Prices

Bottom mount fridges can cost anything from $500 way up to $10,000. The more expensive models are generally the ‘integrated’ units that are designed to ‘blend in’ with your kitchen cupboards. Below is an example of prices you can expect to pay for bottom mount fridges:

Model Price
Seiki 172L Bottom Mount Fridge SC-172AU7BM $549 RRP*
LG 454L Bottom Mount Fridge GB-455BTL $1,499 RRP*
Fisher & Paykel 442L Bottom Mount Fridge RF442BRGX6 $1,948 RRP*
Smeg FAB32RBLNA1 326L Retro Style Bottom Mount Fridge $4,606 RRP*
Liebherr 473L Bottom Mount Fridge CBNES5167RH $7,790 RRP*

*Prices taken from Appliances Online and respective retailer websites, correct as of January 2020

side by side fridge example

Side by Side Fridge Prices

Side by side fridges are generally larger than top or bottom mount fridges. These offer 600L and up in terms of their capacity, and in turn you should expect prices from $1,000 and up. The brand Liebherr is somewhat of an exception to this as some of its side by side fridges cost more than $10,000. However, it’s a high-end appliance brand and most others only going up to around $5,000.

Model Price
Hisense 624L Side by Side Fridge HR6SBSFF624SW $1,349 RRP*
Westinghouse WSE6200WA 620L Side by Side Fridge $1,849 RRP*
Bosch 652L Serie 4 Side by Side Fridge KAN92VI30A $2,849 RRP*
Smeg SR611N 604L Side by Side Fridge $4,390 RRP*
Liebherr 728L Side by Side Fridge SBSES8683 $10,080 RRP*

*Prices taken from Appliances Online and respective retailer websites, correct as of January 2020

french door fridge example

French Door Fridge Prices

Again, similarly to side by side models, French Door fridges offer large capacities. Generally, the smallest you can find is about 500L, so in terms of price, expect $1,000 and up. The more advanced models can go up to $8,000. These generally offer more than 700L of capacity and include additional features such as Wi-Fi connectivity. Here’s what you can expect for French door fridges:

Model Price
Haier 514L French Door Fridge HRF516YS $1,499 RRP*
Fisher & Paykel 519L ActiveSmart French Door Fridge RF522ADUX5 $2,499 RRP*
Mitsubishi Electric 630L LX Series 4 French Door Fridge MR-LX630EM-GSL-A $3,799 RRP*
LG 910L InstaView French Door Fridge GF-V910MBSL $5,699 RRP*
Samsung 751L French Door Fridge SRF751CCSS $7,999 RRP*

*Prices taken from Appliances Online and respective retailer websites, correct as of January 2020

upright fridge example

Upright Fridge Prices

Upright fridges don’t have any freezer space and are generally paired with separate upright freezers to offer consumers large capacity. In terms of price, upright fridges cost around $500 to $5,000, depending on the brand and size. Here are some examples:

Model Price
Esatto 237L Upright Fridge EUL237S $529 RRP*
Fisher & Paykel 373L Upright Fridge RF373SRDW1 $1,449 RRP*
Smeg FAB28RPK3 281L 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Upright Fridge $2,490 RRP*
Electrolux 501L Upright Fridge ERE5047SB $3,199 RRP*
Liebherr 413L Upright Fridge SKBES4360RH $5,290 RRP*

*Prices taken from Appliances Online and respective retailer websites, correct as of January 2020

bar fridge example

Bar Fridge Prices

Bar fridges are generally small and portable, and in turn you shouldn’t expect to pay the same price as a fully-sized fridge for these. While you can buy a bar fridge for around $200, there are bar fridges that are feature packed and you could be paying more than $1,000 for these. Here are some examples:

Model Price
Palsonic 46 Litre Single Door Bar fridge PW46SBF $199 RRP*
Esatto 46L Bar Fridge EBF46W $299 RRP*
Euro Appliances 115L Bar Fridge E115FW $305 RRP*
Haier 115L Bar Fridge HRZ-113SS $369 RRP*
Husky 110L Bar Fridge HUS-RETRO110WHT $749 RRP*

*Prices taken from Appliances Online and respective retailer websites, correct as of January 2020

How much should I spend on a new fridge?

Ultimately, the amount of money you’re willing to spend on a new fridge will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the fridge needed for your home, and your budget. There are plenty of fridges you can buy on services such as Afterpay to give you a helping hand in paying off a fridge in smaller instalements, so that you don’t feel restricted by price.

Think about whether your new fridge is a long-term investment in your home – in which case, you’d be better off going with a pricier model that’s likely to last you a decade or two! But if you’re only buying a fridge for your share house and don’t expect to keep it for long, one of the cheap and cheerful options should be fine.

There are a number of different types of fridges, some more expensive than others. So, depending on your needs, you can choose accordingly. We hope this guide has been helpful in giving you an overview of what prices you can expect from each range.

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