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Smeg vs Miele Kitchen Appliances

Smeg and Miele are both considered high-market brands, which have capitalised on their European history and style to reinforce the impression of high-quality. Find out how these brands stack up against each other, when it comes to kitchen appliances like ovens, fridges, toasters and coffee machines.

Smeg vs Miele: Ovens

Smeg oven

Smeg stocks single, double, steam and compact ovens, and all feature the brand’s signature Thermoseal system – which controls the atmospheric balance in the oven. In layman’s terms this means that the same air is used throughout the entire cooking process (as opposed to other models which draw ambient air in), to ensure there’s no flavour transference, less temperature fluctuation, less splatter and ultimately, better results whether you’re cooking a roast or baking a cake. Smeg also offers genuine design in models, with its Classic, Linear and Newson range.

Miele oven

In terms of ovens, Miele definitely offers more variety, but that of course, comes at a price. Its ovens range includes classic 60cm and 90cm-wide ovens, combination, steam and microwave ovens, with prices starting from $1,800 for a single 60cm built-in oven. With that said, you do pay for what you get, in this case – an appliance with an arsenal of nifty features and functions. The standout feature is by far the Miele@home which allows you to control and monitor your oven from your smartphone or tablet, via the Miele@home system. Other features include the PerfectClean finish (exclusive to Miele), which is a patented finish with non-stick properties that you’ll find on all trays and racks inside the oven. The brand’s steam ovens also come with DualSteam technology which ensures the steam spreads evenly and rapidly during the cooking process. Other features to look out for include Moisture Plus and EasySensor.

Brand Smeg Miele
Price range $1,200 – $14,000* $1,800 – $16,000*
Standard features Thermoseal technology

Pyrolytic cleaning function

(selected models)

Sabbath Mode

DualSteam technology



Intuitive touch operation

Variety Good variety of sizes and models Large selection of different ovens, sizes and models

Our verdict: If we’re strictly speaking ovens, Miele takes the cake over Smeg. Miele models are a little pricier, but you get bang for your buck in terms of added features, functionally and there are more sizes and models available to choose from. However, Smeg does offer more designs within its range.

Here’s our top pick for a Miele oven:

Miele 60cm Pyrolytic Oven − $2,999 RRP*

Miele 60cm Pyrolytic Oven

This Miele 60cm oven (H 2860 BP) offers a seamless design and pyrolytic cleaning (self-cleaning). It comes with a 76L cooking capacity, five cooking levels, a seven-segment display with retractable controls and a touch-cool front to avoid burns. It comes in four colours, including clean steel, graphite grey, obsidian black and brilliant white.

Smeg vs Miele: Fridges

Smeg fridge

In the refrigerator space, Smeg is best-known for its coloured FAB line of 50s retro-style fridges. A standard single-door 270L model will set you back about $2,490 RRP*, but that’s simply the price to pay for a timeless appliance that’ll style up your kitchen. The brand also offers a small section of stainless-steel side-by-side and French door fridges. Smeg fridges have tropical grade performance, which means they can operate effectively in the high-temperature Australian climate. Other standard features you’ll find in Smeg fridges, include turbo cooling, automatic defrost, quick chill crystal glass shelves, vegetable crispers and chrome wine racks. Some newer models also feature an Active Fresh Blue Light, which helps to preserve fruit and vegetables for longer.

Miele fridge

Miele offers a decent selection of integrated and freestanding fridges, as well as fridge freezers under its MasterCool range. Some highlights to look out for include the MasterFresh feature which maintains the ideal temperature setting and humidity inside the unit, to help keep your food fresh for up to three times longer, according to Miele. Some models also come with Push2open which allows you to open the fridge door with a press, instead of pulling; and a NoFrost system which prevents ice build-up, so that you don’t have to defrost your fridge – ever.

Brand Smeg Miele
Price range $2,490 – $10,999* $2,199 – $14,999*
Standard features


Active Fresh Blue Light

Turbo cooling

Automatic defrost

Quick chill





Variety Modest selection of sizes and models Good selection of sizes and models

Our verdict: Smeg fridges can be the centrepiece of any stylish kitchen, but as far as features and functionally goes, they don’t beat Miele fridges. If you value aesthetics over technology, then that’s fine, but if you actually want a fridge that comes with all the latest bells and whistles, then Miele is your go-to.

Here’s our top pick for a Miele fridge:

Miele 405L Clean Steel Refrigerator − $3,199 RRP*

Miele 405L Clean Steel Refrigerator

This Miele model (K14820SDEDCS) is sleek and functional, which is ideal for households short on kitchen space. It comes with touch controls, a precise electronic temperature control and temperature regulator to help keep your food fresh, five adjustable shelves and a SoftClose anti-slam door system. It also has an AirClean filter to keep the air inside the unit as pure as possible and a DynamicCooling system to distribute cold air evenly in the refrigerator zone.

Smeg vs Miele: Toasters

In the way of toasters, Smeg dominates the game for the simple fact that it’s the only brand of the two that actually makes them. Smeg is renowned for its iconic range of 50s-style toasters which feature enamelled-coated stainless steel, a retro logo and chrome detailing. Options available include two-slice, four-slice and four-slot toasters which come in a variety of fun colours and patterns, including one with the Union Jack. All units come with six toasting levels, three pre-set programs including − reheat, defrost and bagel/crumpet, a cancel button, a removable stainless-steel crumb tray and anti-slip feet.

While Miele doesn’t deal in toasters, it does have a small range of microwave ovens which feature a defrost, toast and grill function, ideal for households short on bench space. The cheapest freestanding model from the range will set you back a hefty $1,299 RRP* though.

Our verdict: Smeg toasters are kitted with standard features and programs, designed to take pride of place in any kitchen. Since there’s only so much functionally a toaster can offer, these can be a worthy investment if you want to spruce up your kitchen. Smeg’s classic-style toasters retail for $199 RRP* for a two-slice model and $279 RRP* for a four-slot model.

Here’s our top pick for a Smeg toaster:

Smeg 50s Style Series 2 Slice Toaster − $199 RRP*

Smeg 50s Style Series 2 Slice Toaster

This Smeg toaster combines old-world styling and modern technology. It comes with six browning levels, three pre-set programs, and two extra wide slots to toast bagels, crumpets and even pastries. It also has illuminated controls, perfect for making toast in the early morning dim light. It features a classic 50s-style design and comes in a variety of colours, including red, pale blue, pastel green, pink and more.

Smeg vs Miele: Coffee machines

Smeg coffee machine

Smeg deals exclusively in espresso and drip filter coffee machines. As you’d expect, all coffee makers are also 50s vintage-inspired, like the rest of the brand’s line-up. Prices start from $299 RRP* for drip filter machines and from $499 RRP* for an espresso machine, which is not too shabby for this luxurious brand. If you love Italian coffee (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t), the Smeg espresso coffee machine can use both ground coffee and coffee pods, so that you can pick your favourite roast and experience that espresso bar taste at home. Other standout features include the thermoblock heating system that gets the machine coffee-ready in just 40 seconds, the 15-bar professional pressure pump and the three-button operation function.

Miele built-in coffee maker

Miele offers a wider selection of coffee makers, namely benchtop and built-in coffee machines, but its prices are a little heftier, starting from $1,499. All models come with DirectSensor controls, a OneTouch for two function which allows you to prepare two coffees at a time and an AromaticSystem which mixes the water and coffee in a way that supposedly unlocks more aroma.

Brand Smeg Miele
Price range $299 – $499* $1,499 – $7,049*
Standard features Thermoblock heating system

15 bar professional pressure pump

Flow stop function

Removable drip tray

DirectSensor touch controls

OneTouch for two


Automatic rinsing

Variety Wider selection of colours and designs Wider selection of models

Our verdict: When it comes to coffee machines, Smeg takes the cake – in ergonomics, design and price. Its coffee makers seem fairly simple to set-up and use, stylish and compact, and come with all your standard functionalities. Smeg coffee machines are also pretty low maintenance, compared to similar models out there.

Here’s our top pick for a Smeg coffee machine:

Smeg 50s Retro Style Coffee Machine − $499 RRP*

Smeg 50s Retro Style Coffee Machine

This model combines modern coffee-making technology and functionality, with an impeccable 50s retro design in a range of funky of colours. It features a fast heat-up function for brewing cuppas at an optimal temperature and a simple three-button operation, to make single and double-cup espressos, and a steam wand to make cappuccinos. It also has a flow stop function to help you get the right espresso volume.

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