Canstar Blue reviews yoghurt brands Gippsland Dairy, ALDI, Chobani, Dairy Farmers, Danone, Farmers Union, Five:AM, Jalna, Tamar Valley, Activia, Coles, Pauls, Ski, Vaalia, Woolworths and Yoplait based on taste, texture/consistency, value for money, variety/range, packaging appeal & overall customer satisfaction.

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2017 award for yoghurt

Most Satisfied Customers | Gippsland Dairy

In our inaugural yoghurt ratings, Gippsland Dairy has won our award for overall satisfaction. Gippsland Dairy received five-star reviews for taste, texture/consistency, variety/range, packaging appeal and overall customer satisfaction.

Gippsland Dairy yoghurt tops our first customer ratings

Yoghurt seems to hit the sweet spot between healthy and tasty. We have yoghurt for breakfast with fresh fruit and muesli, as an afternoon snack, and even as a dessert. Good healthy yoghurt is full of calcium, protein, vitamin D and probiotics as well as being low in sugar. That’s a matter of choosing the right one though – supermarket fridges are also well stocked with sugar-laden yoghurts that may seem a healthy choice, but are more a dessert than a nutritious breakfast.

We rated a long list of yoghurt brands – 18 in total – by surveying more than 2,000 Australian adults who have bought and eaten yoghurt in the last three months. We have not rated them based on their nutritional goodness – or otherwise – but by customer satisfaction, with brands reviewed on their taste, texture/consistency, variety/range, packaging appeal, value for money and overall customer satisfaction in 2017.

In our inaugural yoghurt brand ratings, Gippsland Dairy has come out on top of the huge number of contenders fighting to make it into your shopping basket. Gippsland Dairy achieved five stars in every category except value for money, for which it received three stars. It’s an expensive brand, but according to our survey respondents, it’s good stuff.

It seems that us Aussies are picky about our yoghurt. Five-star ratings were sparse, despite a whopping 18 brands receiving sufficient sample size to make it into the final ratings. Only two brands – apart from our overall winner, Gippsland Dairy – received five stars in any category – those being Five:AM and ALDI Lyttos.

Every year, Canstar Blue surveys thousands of people across the country to find out how they rate several dairy products based on factors such as taste, variety/range and value for money. You may also be interested in our ratings for:

What’s your favourite yoghurt flavour?

Australians are arguably a bit bland when it comes to flavour. The favourite yoghurt flavour of our 2,000+ survey respondents was found to be a tie between vanilla and natural, followed by strawberry in third place. However, a universal flavour makes yoghurt more versatile – it can be eaten with fresh fruit and muesli, mixed into a smoothie, or used as an ingredient in cooking both sweet and savoury dishes.

Taste was the biggest driver of overall customer satisfaction identified in our survey, followed by texture/consistency. It makes sense – yoghurt is all about being tasty, and there’s nothing worse than yoghurt that doesn’t taste quite right, or even worse yoghurt with an inconsistent, lumpy and clumpy texture.

What even is yoghurt?

There is a little bit of debate over what makes a yoghurt, as opposed to some other dairy products that are sometimes mistaken for yoghurt. We’re looking at you ‘chocolate dairy dessert’. The definition of yoghurt is a milk product fermented with yoghurt cultures – bacteria which ferment sugars in the milk product (e.g. lactose in animal milks) into acids (e.g. lactic acid). These acids then react with the proteins in the milk to create yoghurt’s texture and distinct tang.

Yoghurt or yogurt?

You may have noticed that yoghurt has two spellings (the other being ‘yogurt’). These are due to regional spelling differences. While most of Australia uses the British ‘h’ version, you will see both spellings in use across different yoghurt brands in Australian supermarkets. There’s even a ‘yoghourt’ spelling on Jalna product labels!

Yoghurt brands

Want to know more about the 18 yoghurt brands in our review? You got it!

Gippsland Dairy

With the slogan ‘made slower to taste better’, Gippsland Dairy’s list of flavours sure do look tasty. As well as traditional fruit yoghurts such as blueberry and raspberry, Gippsland Dairy also offers caramel latte, toffee & honeycomb, mango & blood orange, and many more sweet combinations to get your tastebuds excited. The brand makes two organic yoghurt options, in natural and vanilla bean varieties. Our overall winner for customer satisfaction received five stars in every category except value for money, for which it received three stars.

ALDI Dairy Dream

The value supermarket powerhouse produces three brands of yoghurt. ALDI Dairy Dream covers Greek style yoghurts in three flavours – two flavours (blueberry & peach, mango & passionfruit) in 720g tubs, and the third (lime yoghurt with strawberry layer) in a pack of four 125g pots. ALDI Dairy Dream received four stars for overall satisfaction in our review as well as for taste, texture/consistency and value for money. It received three stars for variety/range and packaging appeal.

ALDI Lyttos

The other ALDI brand of Greek style yoghurts, ALDI Lyttos is a pot set natural yoghurt in a choice of regular and litre varieties. These are a bigger buy, with a choice of 1kg tubs or 2kg buckets (with a handy handle). Lyttos performed similarly to Dairy Dream, except for an outstanding five stars on value for money and solid four stars for packaging appeal.


An American brand that became very trendy very quickly, Chobani creates Greek yoghurt in a huge range of flavours and packages. The most recent introduction is Chobani Flip – tubs with a flip-in section for crunchy add-ins such as Almond Coco Loco (honey roasted salted almonds and dark chocolate) and Apple Crisp Twist (pie crust pieces, spiced walnuts and cinnamon crunch). There are also single-serve pots in twelve different flavours, pouches in 10 different flavours, and plain yoghurt tubs (regular or low-fat). In our ratings, Chobani picked up a solid four stars across most ratings categories, with three stars on value for money (it’s a bit pricey) and packaging appeal.

Dairy Farmers

Australian-grown milk brand Dairy Farmers produces three lines of yoghurt products. Its traditional Thick & Creamy range comes in 150g single-serve or 600g tubs in eight different fruit and dessert flavours. Cheeky Cow, a newer range, comes in three varieties of layered fruit and yoghurt in 500g tubs. There’s also a Greek style yoghurt, coming in 1kg tubs. Dairy Farmers achieved the same results as Chobani in our ratings – four stars across most categories, with three stars on value for money and packaging appeal.


While Danone has a number of subsidiary brands, the two most prominently Danone brands are Danone Ultimate and Danone YoPRO. Danone Ultimate is a Greek style yoghurt sold in single serve tubs, four packs, and large 850g tubs, in a range of fruit and dessert flavours. Danone YoPRO are high-protein yoghurts, with 15g protein per serve and no added sugar. These come in plain, vanilla, and four different fruit flavours. Danone achieved a solid four stars all-round in our ratings.


Ice Cream Tubs

Farmers Union

The Greek style yoghurt brand covers both natural and flavoured ranges. Natural varieties (regular, light, and pot set) come in sizes ranging across 1kg, 500g, and 200g tubs, as well as packets of four 160g pots. Two large containers of flavoured yoghurt (honey and vanilla bean) are available, as well as four fruity flavours in single-serve 140g pots. Farmers Union received four stars for overall satisfaction and across most categories, but for three stars in variety/range and packaging appeal.


An Australian Certified Organic yoghurt brand, Five:AM offers 170g small tubs (in coffee bean and vanilla bean flavours), and 700g big tubs (in coffee bean, vanilla bean, honey cinnamon, natural, and Greek style varieties), as well as pouches. The yoghurt pouches targeted towards kids – called Squeezies – come in a choice of mixed berry, strawberry, and vanilla bean, while portable yoghurt snacks for adults, called Powerpacks, come in a choice of honey or raspberry flavours, combined with protein and ‘superfoods’. Five:AM stands out most for its five-stars for texture/consistency. It received four stars overall as well as for taste and packaging appeal, with three stars apiece for value for money and variety/range.


Said to be made by the McLaren family in Victoria for more than 35 years, Jalna is a pot set yoghurt brand covering a wide range of types. Pure yoghurt and fruit tubs (200g) come in coconut, blueberries, passionfruit, and raspberry varieties, while Jalna Premium comes in café latte, vanilla, and natural flavours across sizes from 200g up to 2kg. Greek style yoghurts are available in sweet & creamy, natural, and natural low fat varieties. There’s also fat free natural yoghurt, biodynamic organic yoghurt, and A2 protein wholemilk yoghurt. Jalna received four stars overall and across most categories, with three stars for value for money and packaging appeal.

Tamar Valley

Producing both natural and Greek style yoghurts, Tamar Valley covers natural, no fat, light and no added sugar varieties in both plain, flavoured and fruit mixes. There are also natural yoghurts in pouches for kids, with no added sugar, in strawberry, tropical and vanilla flavours. Tamar Valley received a solid four stars for overall satisfaction and across all ratings categories.

ALDI Brooklea

ALDI’s brand of regular yoghurts, the Brooklea line includes a natural ‘lite’ low fat yoghurt in 1kg tubs, as well as the Brooklei Joi range of flavoured tubs, in a choice of vanilla or peach & mango. ALDI Brooklea received three stars for overall satisfaction in 2017 and across all other categories, except for value for money in which it received a solid four stars.


The yoghurt marketed based on its claim to help improve digestive health, Activia is a Danone brand sold exclusively in multi-packs. They’re sold in packs of four 125g pots, so you can keep a stash in the fridge for a snack. Activia received three stars across all categories.


The Coles yoghurt range  covers Greek style, natural pot set, fruit flavoured, and kids varieties, from 70g squeeze pouches up to 1kg tubs. As an affordable private label, it should come as no surprise that Coles achieved four stars for value for money. It received three stars overall and for the rest of the ratings categories.


One of the biggest names in milk, Pauls creates yoghurts in natural plain, natural 99.8% fat free, and Zymil (lactose free) varieties, plus a line of more premium flavoured tubs and two types of kids’ yoghurts. Pauls received three stars overall and for variety/range, but picked up a solid four stars across taste, texture/consistency, and value for money.

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Covering a range of fruity flavours as well as sweet honey and vanilla varieties, Ski comes mostly in single-serve pots sold in multipacks from twin packs up to twelve-packs, plus 1kg tubs and squeeze pouches. Ski received three stars overall and for packaging appeal, with four stars across the rest of the ratings categories.


There are three tiers of private label yoghurts by Woolworths. The standard line covers pot set Greek style yoghurts (natural or 99% fat free, in 500g and 1kg tubs) and 98% fat free vanilla yoghurt (1kg tubs). Next up in the more ‘premium’ range is Woolworths Thick & Creamy, with dessert-like flavour combinations in 700g tubs. Woolworths Macro includes certified organic yoghurt, in a choice of natural or vanilla bean, in 1kg tubs. Woolworths received three stars overall and across all categories except for a solid four-star value for money rating.


The range of probiotic low fat yoghurts by Vaalia covers all kinds of fruit flavours in single-serve tubs and multipack pots, as well as 900g tubs. Vaalia also offers breakfast packs with toasted muesli and oat clusters, and several kid-friendly yoghurts in squeeze pouches and small tubs. The lactose-intolerant can choose from several flavours of lactose free yoghurts. Vaalia has received three stars overall and for most categories, but picked up four stars apiece for taste and texture/consistency.


Founded in France, Yoplait yoghurts sold in Australia are said to be locally manufactured. The Yoplait range includes traditional fruit fixes as well as Yoplait Zero with no added sugar, Fruche European-style fromage frais (a type of cheese containing live cultures), and Petit Miam kids’ yoghurts with fruit flavours, plus more unusual varieties such as beetroot & strawberry, sweet potato & pear and pumpkin & apple. Yoplait received three stars overall in our review and also three stars across all categories but for taste, in which it received a solid four stars.


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Frequently asked questions

Canstar Blue surveyed 3,000 Australian adults across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. Data was collected using Qualtrics’ online sample aggregation from ISO accredited panels. The outcomes reported are the results from customers within the survey group who have purchased and eaten fresh yoghurt in the last 3 months – in this case, 2,400 people.

Brands must have received at least 30 responses to be included. Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands receiving three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10. Not all brands available in the market have been compared in this survey. The ratings table is first sorted by star ratings and then alphabetically. A rated brand may receive a ‘N/A’ (Not Applicable) rating if it does not receive the minimum number of responses for that criteria.

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