Coles Healthier Living Promo

Where you can get double Flybuys points and half price fruit & veg

Posted by February 10th 2021

Coles is steering Aussie families away from cheap, fast food joints by offering daily incentives and discounts to help make eating healthy more affordable. The supermarket’s new 28-day ‘Healthier Living’ program (in partnership with the Heart …

Flatbed Microwaves buying guide

Flatbed Microwaves Buying Guide

Posted by May 4th 2021

There are a few things more annoying than waiting all day to dig into a dish that’s crisp and golden on the outside, only to discover the ice has barely melted on the inside. Flatbed …

Woolworths Discovery Garden Returns

Woolworths’ Garden Discovery includes bee-attracting seedlings!

Posted by February 8th 2021

Woolworths' Discovery Garden is back this week (February 10), offering 24 new varieties of seedling kits for shoppers to collect with every $30 spent in-store or online. The supermarket revealed 21 of these will attract bees …

Golden Gaytime Popcorn

Golden Gaytime popcorn is a thing and here’s where to buy it

Posted by February 4th 2021

It's been a classic Aussie ice cream for yonks and now Golden Gaytime comes in a rather unexpected form − popcorn! Streets (the brand behind Golden Gaytime) has confirmed the new Golden Gaytime flavoured popcorn will …


Woolworths’ Discovery Garden promo is back!

Posted by February 3rd 2021

Months after sending Aussie shoppers wild over Disney+ ooshies, Woolworths is now bringing back its hugely popular Discovery Garden promo. From February 10, shoppers will be able to receive a free plant and seedling kit for …

A box with "Boost Mobile" written on the top, being bought from a Coles supermarket

Coles now selling the iPhone 8 over the counter

Posted by January 27th 2021

Looking for an affordable and reliable new phone for yourself, your child or a budget-conscious relative? Coles is now selling the iPhone 8 over the checkout from just $359, perfect for the casual consumer that …

Ben & Jerry's snackable dough chunks

Ben & Jerry’s launches snackable cookie dough chunks!

Posted by January 18th 2021

You can now buy bags of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough chunks! Yes, it's true (finally). Gone are the days of tunneling through the tub to get to the good bits. The iconic ice cream maker …

Nutella B-ready bars

It’s nuts! Nutella now comes in a bar!

Posted by January 6th 2021

Oh.Em.Gee. Nutella now comes in a chocolate bar format. And it's available in local supermarkets and convenience stores from this week. Aptly named the 'Nutella B-ready' (because we've been ready for ages), the Kinder Bueno style …

Woolworths Plant-based Christmas range

Woolies selling plant-based roast and vegan Christmas meals!

Posted by December 1st 2020

Vegans can finally join the Christmas table without having to settle for the side salad, with Woolies launching a meat-free roast as part of its new plant-based Christmas range. Woolworths is also dishing out six gluten-free …