Energy Costs of Toasters

How much electricity does a toaster use?

Posted by October 6th 2023

How much electricity does your toaster use to make a piece of toast and what does it cost? Find the answer at Canstar Blue.

Best chocolate fondue sets

Best Chocolate Fondue Sets

Posted by October 12th 2023

Everyone loves chocolate but there are some ways to enjoy it that are a little more fun, like using a chocolate fondue machine! It’s not only a good excuse to scoff down melted chocolate by …

Kettle and Toaster Set Buying Guide

Posted by October 4th 2023

If you’re wanting to add a touch of style to your kitchen without breaking the bank, having a matching toaster and kettle combo is a great start. While this won’t instantly make your kitchen the …

The best milk frothers

Milk Frother Buying Guide

Posted by October 4th 2023

We all love coffee and no matter how you take your coffee, if you take it with milk you’ll want it just the way you like. So why not create perfectly frothed milk at home? …

Is an air fryer or oven better

Air Fryer vs Oven

Posted by September 27th 2023

Everyone is always looking for the best and newest appliance, but does it always pay off? Air fryers are a handy appliance that can whip up your favourite snacks in an instant in comparison to …

Flatbed Microwaves buying guide

Flatbed Microwave Buying Guide

Posted by September 29th 2023

There are few things more annoying than waiting all day to dig into a meal that’s crisp and golden on the outside, only to discover the ice has barely melted on the inside. Flatbed microwaves …

Average grocery bill Australia

What is the average grocery bill?

Posted by May 16th 2024

Buying groceries is one of our biggest living expenses after housing costs, so it makes ‘cents’ Aussies look to reduce their grocery bills whenever possible. For that, it’s important to know exactly what we’re spending …

Oven Symbols and Settings explained

Oven Settings Explained

Posted by August 31st 2023

Burnt out trying to understand how different oven settings work? Learn how you can cook, grill, and bake like a pro at Canstar Blue.

Best Egg Poachers

6 Best Egg Poachers

Posted by September 7th 2023

Eggs are an extremely versatile ingredient. You can have them poached, fried, scrambled or boiled, and can add them to plenty of different cuisines. If you’re an egg enthusiast and looking for an easier way …

Bar Fridges Buying Guide

Bar Fridge Buying Guide

Posted by December 12th 2023

When it comes to entertaining, the bar fridge is one of the most essential appliances a household can have, allowing guests to store and cool their drinks without cluttering up the main fridge. While your kitchen …

Best Food Dehydrators 2021

4 Best Food Dehydrators to Buy (2023)

Posted by September 7th 2023

Dehydrating foods isn’t something many people would think of if they’re preparing snacks or meals for the week. However, it can be an extremely useful way to prepare food to save space and also help …

Pasta Maker Buying Guide

Pasta Maker Buying Guide

Posted by October 4th 2023

Fresh hand-made pasta is delicious, but it’s too much of a hassle to make at home. Or is it? Find out more with Canstar Blue’s buying guide for pasta makers.

What you can and can't cook in an air fryer

Air Fryer Cooking Tips: What you can cook in an air fryer

Posted by October 4th 2023

It’s no doubt that air fryers have taken the appliance and cooking worlds by storm. They’re a simple appliance that make preparing meals much easier, but how do you know what you can and can’t …

Best EOFY deals on air fryers 2020

2023 EOFY Air Fryer Deals

Posted by June 27th 2023

Every kitchen ought to have an air fryer. It’s a nifty appliance that provides a healthy alternative for frying our favourite foods like French fries and meat pies, without the grease. What’s not to love? If …

Best pizza ovens for homemade pizza

Pizza Oven Buying Guide

Posted by July 4th 2023

Want to make perfect pizza at home? It could be easier than you think – you just need to install a pizza oven!