Dodo Power & Gas Review and Rates

Remember Dodo? The internet company with the flying blue dodo bird as a mascot? Well it’s still around and it offers more services than ever before, including internet, phone, mobile, TV, insurance and… power and gas.

Dodo Power & Gas is the division of the Dodo brand responsible for energy retail. It sells electricity in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, as well as natural gas in Victoria and parts of New South Wales. This review focuses solely on Dodo Power & Gas, looking at its prices and products, and assessing the value its deals offer. If you’re interested in other products offered by Dodo, you can read more via the links below:

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Dodo Electricity Plans

Dodo Power & Gas likes to keep things simple, with only one electricity market offer available in each state, in addition to the standing offers it is also required to have. In order to be eligible for this deal, customers must pay their bills via an automatic payment plan (credit or direct debit). Provided there’s sufficient funds in the nominated account so that the payment is processed on time, customers will receive a generous discount on electricity usage charges. The value of this discount varies across the states:

Discount 25% 30% 40% 25%

The Dodo Power & Gas market offer is a variable rate contract with no fixed term, meaning the discount won’t simply disappear a year or two after signing up, like with most energy companies. No term also means there are no exit fees if you decide to switch providers at any time.

If you’re not comfortable with paying your bills via an automatic payment setup, there’s also the Dodo Power & Gas standing offer. A standing offer is a default, regulated energy contract. Standing offers also come with no contract term or exit fees, but do not provide the opportunity to safe through conditional discounts.

Dodo Power & Gas Rates

To give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for electricity with Dodo Power & Gas, we have calculated the expect cost for households on Dodo’s market offer across the states that it serves. We have also estimated the average cost of Dodo’s standing offers for the sake of completeness. The below figures assume average electricity consumption habits for a three person household on a single rate tariff and account for the bonus discount on usage costs. The figures are based on selected postcodes in each state. For a specific quote in your area, use our energy comparison tool above.

Dodo Electricity Prices Victoria

Electricity Plan Discount Annual cost
Market Offer 40% $1,124.43
Standing Offer N/A $1,519.61

Costs based on annual usage calculations using statistics from AER for a three person household on the Citipower network, August 2018.

Dodo’s prices are fairly competitive on the Citipower network in Melbourne, however keep in mind that prices vary across different distributors. To see how other retailers compare to Dodo, check out our full price comparison report for Victoria.

Dodo Electricity Prices NSW

Electricity Plan Discount Annual cost
Market Offer 30% $1,563.00
Standing Offer N/A $1,979.94

Costs based on annual usage calculations using statistics from AER for a three person household on the Ausgrid network, August 2018.

Our detailed comparison of electricity prices in NSW shows that Dodo is currently one of the cheapest options in the state. These prices are only for the Ausgrid network in Sydney and northern NSW. If you live on another distribution network, your rates may be different.

Dodo Electricity Prices Queensland

Electricity Plan Discount Annual cost
Market Offer 25% $1,554.44
Standing Offer N/A $2,012.50

Costs based on annual usage calculations using statistics from AER for a three person household on the Energex network, August 2018.

Dodo Power & Gas is typically a competitively priced electricity retailer in our Queensland price comparison. These prices are for the Energex network in South-East Queensland. If you live outside of this area, then you’re on the Ergon Energy network and are charged different rates.

Dodo Electricity Prices South Australia

Electricity Plan Discount Annual cost
Market Offer 25% $2,166.36
Standing Offer N/A $2,812.46

Costs based on annual usage calculations using statistics from AER for a three person household on the SA Power network, August 2018.

In a state where electricity prices are the subject of much debate, Dodo currently stack up fairly well compared to most other retailers. See for yourself with our SA price comparison report. These rates apply to all households across Adelaide and the rest of SA.

Dodo Power & Gas – Natural Gas

Dodo Power & Gas retails natural gas in Victoria, once again providing a single market offer with reasonable rates and a comparatively large 25% discount on gas usage charges when customers pay their bills on time. Natural gas is also available in New South Wales, however, this is only a standing offer. While standing offers have a few extra customer protections, the rates are slightly higher than market offers and there are no discounts.

Dodo Power & Gas Renewable Energy

Dodo Power & Gas offers a 10% or 100% GreenPower option for customers on its electricity market offer. Customers who sign up will have 10 or 100 per cent of their electricity usage matched by Dodo with the purchase of renewable energy that’s exported to the grid. This costs the customer an additional $0.0099 per kWh.

Unfortunately, customers with solar panels won’t find exceptional value with Dodo. This retailer doesn’t offer any special solar deals, however, its solar feed-in tariff are at least moderately competitive – either 8.5 or 11.6 cents per kWh, depending on your network.

Is Dodo Power & Gas right for me?

Dodo Power & Gas is certainly a competitive electricity retailer, with our calculations showing it is usually one of the cheapest providers in most states, provided that customers stick to the conditions of their discount. Keep in mind that our price figures assume the property doesn’t have solar panels. Dodo’s fairly ordinary feed-in tariffs mean that if you have a solar system installed, you could potentially find lower prices elsewhere.

Another drawback of Dodo Power & Gas is that, unlike many energy retailers, it doesn’t have an online platform for customers to manage their bills or monitor their energy usage. Dodo does have an edge over its competitors in terms of convenience however, by offering several different services all in one place. But be sure to compare services from a wide range of retailers before assuming this bundled approach is the best move.

Overall, Dodo offers a comparatively cheap and basic electricity and gas service. Does this bring its own problems? You will only really know how good or bad an energy company is after you’ve signed up, but to help you along the way, we suggest taking a look at our customer satisfaction ratings for electricity providers in your state.

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What do customers think about Dodo Power & Gas?

In 2017, electricity customers in New South Wales gave Dodo Power & Gas 4 out of 5 stars for Overall Customer Satisfaction in our electricity provider ratings.

Dodo Power & Gas Electricity New South Wales

Canstar Blue
Award: Overall Satisfaction