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Away from the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy fanfare is a smaller consumer fanbase dedicated to OPPO phones. OPPO has been manufacturing mobile phones for some time, but it’s only in recent years that the brand has started to create a real buzz. This all came with the ‘R’ series in 2015 when OPPO phones looked remarkably like Apple iPhones, and the layperson probably didn’t know any different. The main difference, however, is that OPPO phones operate on the Android operating system, and are generally much cheaper to buy outright than the top iPhones.

What if you want to bundle an OPPO phone in with a plan? Canstar Blue compares OPPO R9s and R11 mobile phone plans from providers such as Optus, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone and Woolworths Mobile, with the notable exception being Telstra.

OPPO Mobile Phone Plans

The hottest OPPO phones to reach our shores have been the R11 and the R9s series. The R9s comes in two forms – the standard size and the ‘Plus’ size. Plans start at about $40 per month, including both the phone and plan, which is a good deal cheaper than iPhone and Galaxy plans, which start at about $60 a month. Let’s see how these phones look bundled in with a plan below.

OPPO R11 Mobile Phone Plans

If you want to bundle in a plan with what could be considered OPPO’s flagship phone, you can expect to pay at least $38 a month over 24 months. This phone plan comes from Virgin Mobile, which operates on the Optus network. For nearly $40 a month, you get $300 call value and 500MB data. International calls come out of your allowance, so that credit could be eaten up pretty quickly. The cheapest unlimited plan here costs $45 a month – also from Virgin Mobile – and you also get 2GB data. Woolworths Mobile and Vodafone feature here, but Optus does not.

OPPO R9s Mobile Phone Plans

OPPO’s popular R9s phone also comes in at a fairly hot price, starting again at just $38 per month from Virgin Mobile. To get unlimited calls and texts you’ll need to be willing to spend about $40 a month. For the R9s, Optus comes into the game with a fairly competitive plan, costing $40 in total over 24 months, as does Woolworths. The notable exception here is Vodafone. We’re sensing a theme here in that while the iPhone is ready to be bundled with pretty much every provider, smaller phone companies like OPPO come bundled with more select carriers. This means there are fewer service providers to choose from, but OPPO plans are evidently fairly cheap in the first place.

OPPO R9s Plus Mobile Phone Plans

If you want your R9 a bit higher-brow with a bigger screen, the R9s Plus boasts a 6-inch screen size, which is comparatively huge. As a more ‘premium’ phone, you can naturally expect to pay a bit more, with a minimum of around $50 per month. Luckily at this price unlimited calls and texts comes pretty much as standard. However, the list of telco providers it is available with is comparatively small – only Woolworths Mobile provides the phone on a plan, whereas Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin do not. As mentioned, the minimum you can expect to pay is $50 a month, while if you want more data you can get 8GB for about $75 per month. The bonus with humble Woolies is by bundling you stand to get some tasty extra perks like bonus rewards points and the like.

How do OPPO phone plans compare to iPhones and Samsung Galaxies?

iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone plans are generally available with a lot broader choice of providers, but the plans themselves generally cost a fair bit more. While the cheapest OPPO plans start at around $40, the cheapest you can expect with an iPhone 7 or a Galaxy S8 is about $60 a month. See what you can get for your money below.

iPhone 7 Plans Compared

As it stands, the cheapest prices you can expect to pay for an iPhone 7 32GB plan is about $60 a month. The cheapest plan comes from Bendigo Bank Telco, which operates on the Optus network. Out of the three carriers, Optus usually comes out on top with cheaper plans and other perks like data-free music streaming and the like. For these comparatively low prices you can expect only about 1GB data. Plans can easily exceed $100 a month if you desire something with a bit more ‘go’.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plans Compared

Another brand operating on the Android operating system, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has been met with much fanfare and it has plan price tags to match. Again the cheapest plans are generally around the $60 per month mark, and Bendigo Bank and Optus generally come out as the cheapest. Southern Phone also makes an appearance, and operates on both the Optus and Telstra networks. It’s evident that with an Android-based phone plan, with OPPO phones you could potentially save a few bucks per month.

Is an OPPO phone plan worth the money?

OPPO is a challenger to the traditional stalwarts of the mobile phone race – Apple and Samsung. OPPO’s phones can be had from around $500 but customers may find merit in bundling with a telco. In this case, bundling starts at around $40 per month, and most plans seem to be around $60 a month. Contrast this with iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 plans, which start at about $60 and quickly escalate to over $100 a month.

OPPO’s R11 and R9s series are arguably its most exciting, with unlimited calls and texts, and 1GB of data costing $50 a month or less. If you’re after a cheap phone on a plan, OPPO’s range does compete well as far as flagship smartphones go, but be aware that it is on the Android operating system. If you’re an iOS fanboy, nothing replaces the iPhone. In any case, it always pays to shop around – chances are you’ll find a phone that suits your needs perfectly.

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