Review of Bendigo Bank Broadband Plans

Bendigo Bank are not offering just financial services anymore… We look at their latest offerings of internet plans.

Bendigo Bank may be best known for its financial services, but the company also provides a range of telco products. Founded as a community-focused business to ‘address the lack of local internet service providers’, Bendigo Bank Telco provides both mobile phone plans and home broadband plans, on both ADSL and NBN connections, as well as offering 4G, SIM Only mobile internet using the Optus network.

Bendigo Bank Telco’s broadband plans offer huge amounts of data for you to use, and its reasonable pricing makes it attractive for customers all around Australia. The plans can also be bundled with home phone packages for a complete communications solution for your family. Read on for a full breakdown of Bendigo Bank Telco internet plans and find out how they compare to those from other providers.

Bendigo Bank Internet Plans

Connection Type What’s Included Price Per Month From
NBN Unlimited data, 12/1 speed $59.95°
Unlimited data, 25/5 speed $79.95°
1TB data, 50/20 speed $89.95°
1TB data, 100/40 speed $99.95°
ADSL2+ Unlimited data $49.95*
Unlimited data, home phone pack $79.95*
Mobile Broadband 8GB $30
15GB $45
50GB $60
70GB $80
°Off-net and home phone packs extra *Off-net plans $20 a month extra

All non-mobile plans come with a NetComm wireless router as standard for nothing extra, and there are no set-up fees either. All plans also come with a 24-month contract.

Bendigo Bank NBN Plans

Bendigo Bank’s range of NBN plans is fairly comprehensive, with all speed tiers on offer. There are four naked plans to choose from, meaning you can get broadband only, or bundle the plan with a $20 home phone pack, which includes calls to landlines and mobiles in Australia. This is done using a VoIP service. Currently you get a choice between a fixed-line or fixed wireless connection, with no SkyMuster plans on offer. There is no discrepancy between the two connections. You get a huge amount of data with each plan, however on the fastest two speed tiers you are relegated to 1 terabyte of data, which is a lot but not quite unlimited.

Bendigo Bank ADSL2+ Plans

Bendigo provides two different ADSL plans – one is a naked plan with broadband only and PAYG calls, and the other a bundled plan which includes home phone calls. Both plans are available on a 24 month contract, which comes with zero start-up, installation or equipment fees – the cost of a wireless modem is included in your monthly fee. The details of Bendigo’s two ADSL plans are as follows, keeping in mind that off-net plans will cost extra, but they better service customers living rurally. After all, your location determines what internet is available to you.

Bendigo Bank Mobile Broadband Plans

If you’re on the move a lot but require a stable connection for your tablet or laptop, then Bendigo Bank Telco’s SIM Only mobile broadband plans may be up your alley. Starting at 8GB for $30, you certainly get a healthy amount of data to get you through that commute or for lazy Sundays surfing the internet on your tablet. Being SIM Only, you can either plug it straight into your compatible tablet, or buy a mobile dongle or modem and use it for your laptop for internet on the move. These dongles usually cost extra, so it pays to shop around, but these plans all have a good amount of data, with two being 50GB or over.

How does Bendigo Bank compare to other internet providers?

With its basic ADSL plan starting at less than $50 per month, Bendigo Bank Telco offers one of the best value ADSL connections available. With a wireless router included in all plans and no set-up fees to boot, Bendigo Bank only sweetens the deal. Let’s see how it stacks up.

NBN Plans Compared

If you’re after an NBN plan, Bendigo Bank doesn’t disappoint. On Tier 1 speeds i.e. 12/1, Bendigo Bank compares extremely well against the competition, being priced from about the $60 mark. This is priced extremely competitively, especially when you consider the fact that many other providers charge extra for a wireless router, or charge set-up fees. At this speed, Bendigo Bank competes with Exetel, AusBBS, Barefoot and Mate. It’s hard to separate them all here.

For Tier 2 NBN speeds, you can expect to pay about $10 per month extra with a lot of providers. But Bendigo Bank charges an extra $20. Though, once again it doesn’t fare too badly, with the free modem and no set-up fees packing a punch in the value stakes. Here, you’ll have to keep an eye out for AusBBS, Mate and Barefoot again, as well as Tangerine Telecom, which has a pretty solid range of home phone bundles to pile in as well.

With Tier 3 NBN speeds, Bendigo Bank reduces the data cap to 1,000GB, which is still plenty – but it’s not the safety net of unlimited. Overall with a lot of other providers you can expect to pay around $80 a month, and Bendigo’s plan is touching the $90 mark. Once again keep an eye out for AusBBS, Tangerine and Barefoot, with Teleron also offering a pretty competitive plan, but with a hefty set-up fee if you go for no contract.

For  the fastest speed tier – Tier 4 – you’ll once again be relegated to 1,000GB of data, which if you’re using the plan to its fullest potential, you might find that data cap to be rather annoying! Nonetheless, for a hair under 100 bucks, Bendigo Bank is pretty competitive. However, one provider stands above the rest on price here – and that’s MyRepublic, with a plan costing less than $60! Other familiar faces make an appearance as some of the cheapest plans, with AusBBS and Exetel coming to play. MyNetFone also comes to the game, and also has a range of competitive VoIP plans to bundle in.

ADSL2+ Plans Compared

Bendigo Bank’s ADSL bundle packs less of a punch, with several plans from the likes of Dodo, Inspired, AusBBS and Barefoot beating Bendigo on price, but it still represents a smart choice for customers who dislike equipment and installation fees. Line rental also varies with these low-cost providers, as do home phone bundles, so it pays to shop around. Bendigo Bank Telco stands out for its no-fuss, no-hidden fees approach.

Mobile Broadband Plans Compared

  • Starts at 8GB for $30 a month

Bendigo Bank offers a concise but effective range of mobile broadband plans, but with a bit of hunting around you can potentially find better value elsewhere. For example, you can usually find 10GB or more for about the $30 mark from providers such as Yomojo, OVO Mobile, Jeenee Mobile and Vaya. And this is true across all data points, but Bendigo does offer a pretty good deal of a relatively massive 70GB for $80 a month.

Is Bendigo Bank broadband good value for money?

You may think a bank has no place in competing for your internet services, but Bendigo Bank Telco has a comprehensive range of home broadband plans that offer some seriously competitive value. If you’re in the market for a long-term plan and don’t fancy up-front costs, Bendigo Bank could well be the provider for you.

Can you find more ‘bang for buck’ elsewhere? The answer is probably yes. This is because Bendigo Bank’s broadband plans are not necessarily always the cheapest out there, but getting a free modem with no set-up fees or other hidden fees is a serious kicker. Often, at the cheapest prices, providers like to charge $100 or more just for the privilege of connecting with them. That’s not so with Bendigo, but in any case it can pay to shop around.

Please note that all pricing details in this report are correct at the time of publication. To ensure you’re seeing the latest prices, check the provider’s website.

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