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MATE Communicate is an Australian telco which claims to be committed to providing top-quality customer service. In fact, it wants to be your ‘best mate’. The telco’s branding involves numerous colourful graphics and social media references, painting them as a truly 21st century business that understands their clientele. MATE was formerly known as Barefoot Telecom, a brand which has since spun off, and the two providers now offer near-identical plans. MATE offers NBN and ADSL broadband plans to Australian customers, and provides a swathe of customer-friendly services.

MATE Communicate says it assigns you your very own customer service representative when you sign up, who will be the one to help you with any problems or questions. You just have to hope they don’t go on holiday! The company’s customer service is fully Australian-owned and operated, using multiple channels of communication to give you the best possible experience, apparently. Read on for a full rundown of MATE Communicate’s broadband plans and how they stack up when compared to those from other providers.

What does MATE offer?

MATE Communicate provides connections on the National Broadband Network and traditional ADSL, with each connection type divided into naked internet plans and home phone bundles. All of MATE’s plans and bundles include unlimited data and conveniently all come on a month to month basis as part of the company’s ‘No Contracts Between MATES’ policy.

Bundles add home phone line rental along with unlimited local and national calls, with mobile calls costing 40c per minute on a PAYG basis. MATE charges absolutely nothing for activation or to change between different plans. MATE does not include a wireless modem but you can bring your own, or purchase one for an additional $149. The ADSL plan options are as follows:

ADSL plans and bundles

Standalone plans

Plan #citymates #countrymates
Cost per month $49 $59
Included data Unlimited Unlimited

Bundled plans

Plan #citymates #countrymates
Cost per month $69 $99
Included data Unlimited Unlimited
Local and national calls Unlimited Unlimited

NBN plans and bundles

MATE provides NBN plans to homes with all types of connections, including Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fixed Wireless, Fibre to the Node (FTTN) and Fibre to the Basement (FTTB). There are four different plans to choose from, each of which has different download and upload speeds.

For an extra $9/month, you can turn your NBN plan into a bundle. This includes a VoIP NBN phone with unlimited local, national and mobile phone calls. Just like on the ADSL plans, you can purchase a modem from Barefoot for $169 up front. In this case, your modem needs to be compatible with both the NBN and with a VoIP Voice Port, so it’s often better to buy a new one. MATE’s NBN plan options are:

Plan #goodmates #greatmates #bestmates #soulmates
Cost per month $59 $69 $89 $99
Data speeds 12/1 Mbps 25/5 Mbps 50/20 Mbps 100/40 Mbps
Included data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

How does MATE plans compare to other providers?

ADSL plans compared

MATE offers some of the most competitively-priced broadband plans on the market – their basic #citymates ADSL plan costs just $49/month. This is beaten by only three other providers, each is around $10/month cheaper, but all require you to pay a significant activation fee, making MATE much cheaper in the short term.  Their #citymates bundled plan is also an extremely good value proposition, with only $5 per month separating it from the cheapest plan on the market. Check out a comparison of plans below:

NBN plans compared

MATE’s low prices continue with their NBN offerings – the basic #goodmates plan with Tier 1 speeds costs $59/month, and again is only $5 per month away from being level with the cheapest plans on the market. MATE’s big advantage once again is their lack of up-front costs, with the majority of cheaper competitors charging setup or router fees in the first month.

MATE’s NBN plans and bundles remain amongst the five cheapest plans available as prices and speeds increase, with only a handful of providers such as MyRepublic, Activ8Me and Exetel providing cheaper plans – especially at maximum Tier 5 speeds. Check out a comparison of entry-level NBN plans below:

MATE Communicate sets out to become the friendliest telco you’ve ever dealt with, but their products reflect something better – the great value offered by their ADSL and NBN plans is nearly unmatched in the Australian broadband market. If you’re in the market for a new internet connection, there are few better places to go.

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