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You may not have heard the name ‘Exetel’ bandied about when it comes to mobile phone plans – probably because it was founded as a technology consulting company in the 1990s, before making its way into the world of fixed and mobile broadband. However, Exetel is now a serious player in the mobile market and prides itself on being a low-cost provider of simple, easy to understand SIM-only plans that represent great value for money.

What does Exetel offer?

Utilising the Optus 4G network, Exetel’s three mobile plans are a concise, well-thought out offering, which provide something accessible for most budget levels. All products are SIM-only and available on a month-to-month basis, with absolutely no upfront fees.

Exetel Plan Price Per Month Included Value
ExeSim Saver $19.99 ($9.99 for first six months) $600 worth of calls and texts, plus 2GB of data
ExeSim Value $29.99 Unlimited calls and texts, plus 3GB of data
ExeSim Plus $39.99 Unlimited calls and texts, plus 6GB of data

ExeSim Saver – $19.99

The basic Saver plan costs $19.99 per month and brings a solid 2GB of data, along with $600 of included calls and texts. Calls are charged at $1.10 per minute, and texts are at 25c each. Excess data is charged at $10 per gigabyte, which is pretty standard across the board. Additionally, for six months you can receive the plan at $10 off. Overall this is a great deal that is sure to entice some customers to think about Exetel when switching providers.

ExeSim Value – $29.99

This one isn’t called ‘Value’ for nothing. For those thinking about the Saver plan who are put off by the low included value, Exetel have designed this plan for those willing to make the jump. The Value plan ups the ante to unlimited national calls, SMS and MMS, as well as 3GB of mobile data. For an extra 10 dollars at $29.99 per month, it makes sense that a lot of users will go for this one over the Saver plan as they’re unbounded by limited calls and texts. This plan offers extreme ‘Value’.

ExeSim Plus – $39.99

Finally, the most expensive plan Exetel offers is the Plus plan, costing $39.99 per month. For that price you get the same unlimited calls and texts, plus a massive 6GB of mobile data. If 6GB doesn’t see you through the month, you can also top up your data for an extra $10 per GB, like the other Exetel plans. This plan is sure to make any commuter happy. And if you have friends or family overseas, you’ll be interested to know that international calls and texts operate on a PAYG basis, ensuring you don’t spend any more than you need for inclusions you’re unlikely to use. The Plus plan can certainly add a plus to your day with a generous data offering.

How does Exetel compare to other providers?

Exetel stacks up well against its main rivals in what is an increasingly crowded segment of the market. A common theme with mobile service providers these days is that competition is a lot of ‘tit-for-tat’. So much competition could actually make it a bit confusing for the consumer, with data being the main sticking point for a lot of us. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ kind of plan, so it’s helpful to look at a range of different providers and find one that’s right for you. This is amplified at the price ranges Exetel sits in.

Saver – $19.99 plan

The basic $19.99 Saver plan ticks all the boxes in terms of data and call credit at the sub-$20 price point, with many others offering similar plans. The Saver competes with the likes of Dodo, Jeenee Mobile and TeleChoice, who are all pretty neck and neck.

It’s worth noting that the Jeenee $18 plan has unlimited texts and a specified 200 minutes of calls. Depending on how you often you text and call, this plan could work out to be good value. However, Exetel’s $10 discount for the first six months is a serious cherry on top, and something that’s tough to beat.

Value – $29.99 plan

As we move up into the sub-$30 range, the market becomes a little more crowded, and there has been a lot of jostling among providers. Here we see that Exetel now competes with Amaysim, who topped our customer satisfaction ratings for SIM-only postpaid service providers. The Value plan also competes with Vaya, TeleChoice and Dodo.

Vaya’s offering of $23 for the first three months is an enticing prospect. It’s also worth noting that the only reason the Telechoice $28 plan reaches this segment is because of their 2GB bonus data offer – ordinarily the plan would have 1.5GB included.

Plus – $39.99 plan

The Plus plan is also jostling well with the other providers. As you can see, Exetel’s data seems low for the price range against the opposition, though the reason these competitors’ data limits are so high is because of bonus offers, which aren’t permanent. In this segment, Exetel competes with the likes of Jeenee Mobile, Vaya and Amaysim – the latter of which is proving to be a bit of a thorn in Exetel’s side.

Is Exetel right for me?

Exetel’s offerings are appealing because they are simple, reliable and usually sit square in the middle of the competition, with – barring the Saver plan – no bonuses that make it seem the plan is better than it actually is. Exetel is the ‘gentle giant’ of the smaller mobile providers, and since the 1990s it has proven it can compete with the big boys.

One most noteworthy thing about Exetel is that their plans have no setup fees. Often from other providers you’ll see that they have a $10 setup fee, or for the first month their plan involves a higher cost. From the jump, with Exetel, what you see is what you get.

Ultimately, Exetel’s offerings are generally swayed to the light-medium users of mobile phones. Another noteworthy feature is that Exetel have no offering in the data-heavy segment. Their plans are capped at 6GB and no more. However, their data is charged at $10 per gigabyte. It could be worth doing the maths to see if an Exetel plan with a couple of data packs is good value for you.

Exetel’s strength is its transparent and simple plans. It competes in a heavily saturated segment of the mobile plan market, and it holds itself well. It’s worth comparing a range of different providers to see if Exetel is right for you.

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