Review of Belong Broadband plans

Belong is a small broadband provider which is wholly owned by Telstra. However, in contrast to Telstra’s rather complex internet plan range, Belong is taking the opposite approach, offering a simple, easy-to-understand selection of plan options on both ADSL and NBN connections. Belong offers plans on both yearly and monthly contracts, with a focus on good value for money and affordability. So, how do Belong broadband plans stack up compared to other service providers? Read on for a detailed review by Canstar Blue.

Belong ADSL Plans

Belong offers a dead simple approach to selecting a plan – instead of picking one of several packages, you simply pick one of two data, contract and calls options  to create your own plan. Opting for a monthly contract gives you the flexibility to cancel anytime, but requires a $60 modem fee and costs $5 extra each month. Opting for a 12 month contract nets you a Wi-Fi modem for free, saving you a combined $120 over the life of your plan.

Belong’s voice calls use their dedicated app called Belong Voice rather than the traditional phone line rental. The app performs the same way as Skype, Viber and other VoIP services, offering you national or international calls over the internet. You can use it on up to three devices using Wi-Fi or mobile data. Belong’s full plan options are as follows:

Data 100GB 1000GB
Cost per month $55 $70
Contract options Month to month ( +$5/month)

12 months (free Wi-Fi modem)

Voice options National (+$10/month) – unlimited national and mobile calls

International (+$10/month) – unlimited calls to 10 countries

Belong NBN Plans

For those lucky enough to have access to the NBN already, Belong offers a similar range of options for creating your new NBN plan. In addition to the previous options, you can also choose your data speeds. Belong’s Standard speeds are Tier 1 (12/1 Mbps), with Tier 2 and Tier 5 speeds available at extra cost – the fastest speed boost, however, is free for 3 months from when you first sign up. You can choose from the following NBN options:

Data 100GB Unlimited
Cost per month $50 $65
Download speeds 12/1 Mbps (Standard)

25/5 Mbps (+$10/month)

100/40 Mbps (+$30/month)

Contract options Month to month ( +$5/month)

12 months (free Wi-Fi modem)

Voice options National (+$10/month) – unlimited national and mobile calls

International (+$10/month) – unlimited calls to 10 countries

How does Belong compare to other broadband providers?

Belong’s entry-level broadband plan stacks up reasonably in comparison to the competition –providers such as TPG and Southern Phone offer 100GB of data for similar prices, but there are several low-cost ISPs which offer unlimited ADSL downloads at cheaper prices. It’s a similar story for the 1000GB plan, although it offsets this lack of long-term value with zero up-front fees; in comparison, many other providers charge for modems or installation.

By contrast, Belong’s NBN plans provide much more competitive value. The base plan provides 100GB of NBN data for $50/month, similar to the likes of SpinTel, Internode and Exetel – the unlimited plan is also right on the money, with the $65/month price point typical of entry-level unlimited plans. Furthermore, Belong’s offering of national and international call packs – not to mention speed boosts – provide a degree of flexibility not offered by other providers in the segment. It seems that, whilst they present less than stellar value in the ADSL market, Belong is very much leading the way into the new technology of the NBN.

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