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types of fuel

Which petrol should you use?

Petrol is, at times, very confusing. Each fuel retailing group has its own brand names for the fuels it sells and the petrol itself is available in four different ‘flavours,’ generally: 91, 95, 98 and …

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Maintained car

Five tips to keep your car perfectly maintained

A car is an expensive thing and most of us like to try and keep our cars looking nice to reflect the money we spent (and continue to spend) on them. But it’s easy to …

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writeoff purchase

Buying a repairable write off

If a used car deal seems too good to be true you should make sure you are not buying a repaired write-off, writes John Cadogan from AutoExpert. A repaired write off is, as the name suggests, …

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8 wild colours

8 wild car colours to get you noticed

Are you a bright and exuberant person who wants a car to reflect your personality? Or do you just want to get a little more attention when you are driving around town? Either way, you’ll …

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Winter Road Trips

5 road trips to take in winter

Road trips are an amazing way to explore parts of Australia, so if you have the time, why not take one of these routes this winter? Explorers Highway This trail of the pioneers runs all the way …

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