Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito

Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito is a Canstar Blue journalist looking to make ‘cents’ of all things retail. She’s also passionate about making everyone’s day a little brighter, bringing light to as much good news and other useful tips and tricks when it comes to home & lifestyle. Armed with a Double Degree of Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the Queensland University of Technology, Tahnee-Jae aims to help Aussies create better-informed decisions and avoid suffering costly disasters.

Is it better to rent or buy appliances?

Is it better to rent or buy appliances?

Posted by May 4th 2021

For the price of a few takeaway coffees per week, renting instead of buying an appliance may seem like a sweet deal. Plus, you won’t need to hire a moving truck to lug around your …

Average food delivery costs

What’s the Average Spend on Food Delivery Apps?

Posted by April 27th 2021

Many of us are happy to fork out a little extra for convenience, especially if it means staying in the comfort of our jammies ‘just this once’. We all deserve to treat ourselves to a …

Are washing machines with agitators good or bad?

Posted by February 24th 2021

Many brands continue to bring in the traditional agitator to their new top loaders to ensure an effective clean, despite the device being known for having a rough handle on garments. Fortunately, these days you’ll …

Smartphone Batteries Compared

Posted by March 22nd 2021

Some might say they experience true horror when a low battery causes their phone to suddenly blackout during a Netflix binge. But if brands are constantly claiming their devices can survive all day, why do …

Coles Healthier Living Promo

Where you can get double Flybuys points and half price fruit & veg

Posted by February 10th 2021

Coles is steering Aussie families away from cheap, fast food joints by offering daily incentives and discounts to help make eating healthy more affordable. The supermarket’s new 28-day ‘Healthier Living’ program (in partnership with the Heart …

Flatbed Microwaves buying guide

Flatbed Microwaves Buying Guide

Posted by May 4th 2021

There are a few things more annoying than waiting all day to dig into a dish that’s crisp and golden on the outside, only to discover the ice has barely melted on the inside. Flatbed …

Vacuums with Bags Buying Guide

Posted by February 10th 2021

Getting down and dirty with pet fur, long hair and dust is a mess we’d rather sweep under the rug. Fortunately, vacuum cleaners with bags offer an allergy-friendly alternative. This type of vacuum simply involves …

kmart steam mops review

Kmart Steam Mops Review

Posted by February 12th 2021

For a cleaning appliance that won’t clear out your wallet, it’s hard to beat Kmart where you can sweep up a steam cleaner for under $50. Meanwhile, steam mops from brands such as Bissell and …

Drawer fridges buying guide

Drawer Fridges Buying Guide

Posted by February 1st 2021

Refrigerators don’t need to be large, usually freestanding, appliances that take up a meaty chunk of the kitchen. Drawer fridges can offer a cool, compact food storage solution - especially if you’re looking to add …