A Guide to ALDI Expressi Coffee Capsules


As the supermarket chain that comes from the heart of Europe, you’d hope that ALDI knows a thing or two about good coffee. Its ‘Expressi’ coffee range apparently focuses on offering high-quality coffee at affordable prices. Alongside Expressi Coffee Machines, ALDI sells a wide variety of fancy-looking coffee pods and other milk-based drinks in its stores across Australia. But do they strike the perfect balance between quality and value? Read on as we explore the blends on offer.

ALDI Expressi Coffee Capsules

Here is a list of the coffee flavours available from ALDI stores:

Read on for a description of each coffee flavour, followed by pricing details and information on other hot drinks available from ALDI.

Expressi Organic

ALDI offers a wide range of products said to be organic, including pasta sauce, tea, milk, yoghurt and indeed, coffee. Its Expressi Organic coffee capsules are certified Fairtrade and are claimed to support fairer trading conditions and opportunities for producers in developing countries to invest in their business and communities for a sustainable future.

  • Intensity Rating: 8

Expressi Calabrese

Expressi Calabrese is ALDI’s most intense coffee capsule flavour. It’s stated to be a rich, dark roasted coffee with notes of dark chocolate – and a hint of pepper. It also has a creamy, smooth texture and unique intense body that have been created with carefully selected Robusta from Asia and Arabica from South America, according to ALDI.

  • Intensity Rating: 13

Expressi Abruzzo

Still in the high intensity coffee range, Expressi Abruzzo is said to be a robust, dark roast coffee with smoky cocoa and roasted notes. It’s also boasted to offer a full, creamy body. It’s blended from Asian and South American Arabicas and premium washed Robusta.

  • Intensity Rating: 12

Expressi La Spezia

This flavour offers a rich, dark-roast coffee with sweet berry and herbal, spicy notes, according to ALDI. Its full body, pleasant roasted tones and its medium acidity are stated to be made with premium Arabica and Robusta beans from Africa, Asia and South America.

  • Intensity Rating: 11

Expressi Torino

Expressi Torino is described as a creamy, full-bodied coffee with intense dark chocolate notes and pleasant acidity. It’s dark-roasted with Arabica beans from South and Central America and Asia.

  • Intensity Rating: 11

Expressi Milano

To send your tastebuds to Italy, Expressi Milano is said to deliver a full-bodied intense Italian-style espresso with mild smoky and rich chocolate notes. An espresso is the most common shot of coffee and while it can be enjoyed straight, it’s can also be used as the base for a cappuccino, latte and mocha. At approximately 40ml, it offers a thicker consistency and higher concentration of crema than a ristretto, which is a short shot and half the volume of a standard espresso. Similar to the Torino, it’s dark-roasted using premium Arabica beans from South and Central America and Asia.

  • Intensity Rating: 10

Expressi Reggio

For a fruitier flavour, you might like to try ALDI’s Expressi Reggio with an intensity level of nine. It’s described as an elegant medium-dark roast espresso with a creamy body, fruity blueberry notes and a pleasant acidity. This coffee is blended using beans from South and Central America and Africa.

  • Intensity Rating: 9

Expressi Renzo

Expressi Renzo is another medium-dark roast coffee stated to have a medium acidity and delicate rich red berry notes. It has a smooth body with fruity sweetness, according to ALDI, and is made of Arabica beans sourced from Africa, Asia, the highlands of Central America and South America.

  • Intensity Rating: 8

Expressi Decaffi

For a decaffeinated option, the Expressi Decaffi is said to be a medium roast coffee with a rich, full body and fine acidity. It’s boasted to combine the intensity of a fruity cassis with the pleasant spicy notes created from South American Arabica beans.

  • Intensity Rating: 7

Expressi Valletta

This one is also a medium roasted coffee but with a lower intensity level of just six. It’s stated to offer a well-balanced body, smooth acidity – and notes of nuts and caramel. Expressi Valletta coffee capsules have been created with premium South American Arabica Beans.

  • Intensity Rating: 6

Expressi Tauro

ALDI offers just two flavours with an intensity level of five – the Expressi Tauro and the Expressi Perugio. Expressi Taura is a medium roast coffee boasted to have a pleasant sweetness with balanced malty and nutty tones. It’s created with premium South American Arabica beans.

  • Intensity Rating: 5

Expressi Perugio

ALDI’s final coffee capsule flavour, at the time or writing, is the Expressi Perugio. It’s a medium roast coffee claimed to have refreshing tangerine notes with a prominent zesty acidity. This is a coffee blend made from South and Central American Arabica beans and washed Robusta beans from Asia.

  • Intensity Rating: 5

Expressi Milk-Based Drinks

Aside from coffee capsules, ALDI also offers a few non-coffee capsule flavours, including hot chocolate.

Expressi Rich Hot Chocolate

Expressi Rich Hot Chocolate capsules are boasted to offer the finest blend of cocoa beans, roasted to perfection for a rich chocolate taste. It can be served with water, milk, or both depending on your own preference. For a large hot chocolate, it recommends inserting one Expressi Hot Chocolate capsule and selecting the large cup button (110mL). For a thick hot chocolate, it states to select the small cup button (40mL) instead and add warm milk to taste.

Expressi Caramel Flavoured Hot Chocolate

ALDI on occasion offers limited edition capsules that are said to contain the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the world. Its limited-edition flavours include a caramel flavoured hot chocolate said to deliver a creamy and indulgent caramel flavoured hot chocolate drink. Plus, it’s claimed to have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and is 98.5% fat free (if you’re counting those calories!).

How much do ALDI coffee pods cost?

Typically, each Expressi coffee pack contains 16 pods. For the 16 capsules, you can expect to pay $5.99, which equates to about 37c per capsule.

What capsules fit ALDI’s Expressi coffee machine?

ALDI states that all capsules with a K-fee System logo will fit into an Expressi coffee machine, regardless of whether or not it’s sold under the brand name of its retail partners or under the name Kruger.

It’s advised, however, that using other branded capsules can be harmful to the machine and does void your warranty.

Can ALDI coffee capsules be used several times?

K-fee System capsules are intended for just one cup, according to ALDI, and should therefore not be used more than once. If you prefer to brew a large cup of coffee, it’s advised that you follow the ‘cup programming’ instructions in the machine manual to extend the large cup pour to at least 200ml, or simply top your coffee with hot water from the machine by raising the lever.

Can I recycle ALDI Expressi coffee capsules?

ALDI previously offered a recycling program in partnership with TerraCycle, however the program reached capacity earlier than expected and is currently not available. ALDI is exploring options to expand its recycling program and has said that it will update customers once the program has been finalised. Alternatively, the supermarket recommends you check with your local recycling authorities to ensure that the capsules meet their standards. You’ll need to thoroughly remove all traces of coffee before recycling the pods.

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